Wednesday 30 June 2021

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David Thompson takes us where lesser men fear to tread:

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Once again, DumbJon shines with this from his post on Kier Starmer's supoert for the release of Colin Pitchfork:
First things first: you'd think a former prosecutor would know that life terms have a minimum tariff, not a maximum one.
Equally, isn't this the guy who wants to ban 'conversion therapies'?
Yep, apparently, sexual orientation is fixed (when it's one liberals approve of) but also fluid (when it's one they don't).
So, you know, you can tell it's all totally based on hard science.
Tony Blair had the 'People's Princess', now his successor has the 'People's Paedo'.

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Fahrenheit211 speaks for us all on the subject of John Bercow.

Keeping It In The Family...

Jones has 12 convictions for 23 offences including assault against his own parents.
He was handed 30 weeks custody suspended for two years after pleading guilty to causing actual bodily harm and criminal damage at a previous hearing.

I guess this time it wasn't so serious? 

The judge told Jones, who has been on remand following his arrest in February, the assault was “sustained abuse.”
“The police attended at the address following three calls including two abandoned 999 calls,”
Recorder Allison Russell said. “As your mother tried calling the police you took her phone, squared up to her and subjected her to further abuse, saying: ‘what are you going to do now? You are nothing.
“You forcibly pulled out the catheter, an assault causing her great pain.”
“This was a sustained assault with repeated occasions of verbal and physical abuse.”

What does it take to put this worthless scum where he belongs? 

Tuesday 29 June 2021

We Need To Be More Czech...

Human rights organisations are leading calls for an urgent investigation into the death of a Czech man who died after being restrained by police, after footage of the incident went viral on social media.

Did the Czech police reflexively cringe before the assault and apologise to all and sundry? Reader, they did not! 

Eyewitnesses told the Guardian that Tomáš was arrested after attempting to stop a car being vandalised, but the Czech police and authorities have rejected this narrative. The regional police spokesman, Daniel Vítek, said the police received a complaint on Saturday, shortly before 3pm, regarding two men fighting and damaging cars on Dubská street in Teplice.
The police later tweeted a video titled “No Czech Floyd ...” to show what had preceded their intervention. The footage shows two shirtless figures running around the street, shouting and punching cars.

You can see the footage here and make up your own mind. 

Czech interior minister Jan Hamáček backed the police, saying on Twitter: “The police has my full support. If someone under the influence of drugs breaks the law, they have to count on the Czech police intervening. Thanks to the work of police officers, we are one of the top 10 safest countries in the world.”

And because the man in question belonged to a community known for its lawlessness and violence, the usual suspects are whining like a 747's engines on takeoff: 

Jonathan Lee from the European Roma Rights Centre believes Tomáš’s death is emblematic of the discrimination of Roma in the Czech Republic and Europe. “Police violence is the most common and visible human rights abuse Roma face across all of Europe,” he said.

Which has absolutely nothing to do with their actions, eh? 

“Whether it is lack of training, negligence or wilful discrimination, Czech authorities should be held accountable after an impartial investigation is conducted,” said Lee.

But Lee, if it's truly impartial, it may conclude they have nothing to be held accountable for, couldn't it? 

"It's All Granny's Fault!"

The court heard Brembah, of Rosper Close, Cricklewood, London, has 13 convictions including ones for robbery.
Anthony Abell, mitigating, said: “When he was a very young man, his grandmother was the victim of a murder.
That he believes is what affected him and shortly after that as a juvenile he committed crimes.
“Life dealt him a very poor hand indeed.
“He has suffered from anxiety and depression for some time.
“He would self medicate sometimes with cannabis and sometimes Class A drugs.
“He accrued a debt, and this party dug his claws in and he was assaulted seriously.
“In 2013 he was stabbed over the matter and as a result of that he moved areas.”

But didn't give up the life of crime? No. Of course not. 

Recorder Noel Casey said Brembah had some expectation of how much he would gain from the drugs, and jailed him for three and a half years for being concerned in supplying Class A drugs.

Thank god he wasn't up before Sob Story Samantha, she'd probably have given him £100 from the poor box.... 

Monday 28 June 2021

And Whose Fault Is This?

A headmaster has warned that teachers are becoming 'incredibly anxious' of being pounced on by pupils over micro-aggressions.
Nicholas Hewlett, head of St Dunstan's College private school in southeast London, said staff were worried by a 'righteous generation' of children who were looking for their teachers to 'trip up' on even 'small, persistent slights'.

Because I'm sure it's actually yours, and those of your fellow teachers who have instilled this in their pupils by pandering to their every whim instead of buckling down and teaching. Like you're paid to do.  

Mr Hewlett made headlines earlier this year when he announced he was 'happily gay and in a same-sex relationship' during a school assembly.

See? What possible reason would you have for this announcement? What business is it of the pupils how you conduct your private life? 

The school leader also recently appeared in a webinar he titled 'Woke Independent Schools - Why are we so afraid?' that looked out how debate over cultural issues had changed between the 1980s and today.

I guess now you know why. And whose fault it is.  

Strange Headline...

Should Uber Eats people not be subject to arrest when working if it's warranted? Black or otherwise?

Levi Scott, 25, from Sydenham, was setting off from Morleys, on Deptford High Street, to complete the final job of his 12-hour shift on Saturday, June 19, when he was approached by two officers who said they had seen him cycling on the pavement.

So, apologise and you'll be on your way, won't you? 

After he began filming the interaction, Levi claims his phone was slapped out of his hand, before he was wrestled to the ground, pinned, and handcuffed by four officers.
Levi, who works full-time for Uber Eats, believes he was targeted because of his race.

Sure he was, thet's the only conclusion to draw, isn't it? 

Levi is lodging an official complaint with the Met, alleging officers profiled him.

As a black man, or a cyclist? 

The Met's Directorate of Professional Standards, which reviewed officers' body-cam footage, did not identify any concerns with their conduct.

I can't be bothered to watch the video, so what do those who have say about it? 



Saturday 26 June 2021

But Flick, We All Know Why It's Happening...

A local MP has slammed Winchester City Council for ‘a total lack of duty and care’ towards residents living near travellers who are allegedly breaking planning rules.
Flick Drummond says that despite multiple breaches, the council has taken no enforcement action at World’s End and The Paddock in Durley.

Who's surprised? Not me, Reader! 

“The rules are there for a reason. The council has a duty to enforce them and I cannot understand why this is not happening. The fact the leader of the city council hasn’t even replied to the residents’ MP speaks volumes and shows a complete lack of leadership and a total lack of regard for those who live in the southern parishes by this Liberal Democrat administration.
“I am angry on behalf of my constituents whose lives are being made intolerable by a minority who have no respect for the law and I am angry the council’s political masters seemingly want to do nothing to help.”

And what do they say to this?  

When contacted by the Chronicle, a spokesperson for Winchester City Council said: "“The land at Worlds End, Denmead, has planning permission for use as a travellers’ site and is being occupied for this purpose. This has not expanded outside the property boundary of the approved consents that were awarded by the Planning Inspector on appeal in October 2019 and a further permission issued by the council in 2020.
“The council carefully assesses complaints and will take enforcement action where the breach in question is causing significant harm in planning terms, following our adopted Local Enforcement Policy and national planning guidance. Enforcement notices served in 2018 were overturned by appeal in 2019. We are aware of alleged on-going breaches regarding the terms of the planning permissions granted primarily relating to lighting, size of the day room, drainage connection and landscaping, which we have been investigating, including making a number of visits to the site.
“In addition, we have also looked into issues relating to allegations around the noise generated at the site and animal welfare. Our investigations have not resulted in formal action being taken.”

See? They spit in your face and don't even bother to tell you it's raining. 

H/T: i r jackson via email

"I'm From The Government And I'm Here To Help..." Pt 47825

Tough new restrictions on keeping monkeys as pets could see rescue centres swamped and the alarming possibility of animals being put down, experts warned last night.

But surely the government took this into account when they proposed the legislation? 

Their concerns come as a senior Government source admitted that officials have yet to work out how to deal with primates confiscated under legislation aimed at ending the 'immense suffering' caused by the domestic monkey trade.
I guess Carrie and her cat's paw feel the details are for the little people to worry about... 

Still, we can't be talking about many animals, can we?
There are thought to be about 5,000 marmosets, tamarins, capuchins, squirrel monkeys, lemurs and other species being kept as pets in the UK.


A Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs spokesman declined to comment on what would happen to confiscated monkeys, but said: 'It is important we take action to prevent the suffering caused when they are kept as pets.'

By killing them. Say, did you used to work for the NHS, spokesman? 

Friday 25 June 2021

Should've Done It Via The Medium Of Rap, Mr Collins...

A geography teacher is being investigated after using the N-word to demonstrate to pupils the pitfalls of pronouncing Niger, the West African country.
They wouldn't have been able to touch you then.
One pupil is said to have walked out of the lesson last week at Chestnut Grove Academy in Balham, South-West London, in disgust. Mr Collins, described as highly regarded and conscientious, later apologised to the class.

For what? The student in question should have faced detention. But no doubt he or she didn't.  

But the matter then escalated as teachers, parents and other students complained, with some apparently not realising the context in which the word was used.

Or not caring, so long as they have a chance to get their outrage on? 

In a letter to parents, headteacher Christian Kingsley admitted that ‘a member of staff used racist language in a Year 9 lesson’ and promised to ‘robustly’ investigate the matter, adding: ‘The language was not directed at a student. However, we understand that students and their families have, justifiably, taken great offence to this and that there was no reason for the term being used.’

Stop reflexively cringing before these crybullies, or you'll forever be beholden to th... 

It is particularly embarrassing for the school because it prides itself on diversity and a ‘decolonised curriculum’ that highlights the effects of British imperialism.

Oh. Never mind. You've already signalled your surrender. 

This Is Why Dog Attacks Will Continue...

A married couple have avoided jail after their dog attacked a woman and left her needing skin graft surgery to her leg.

...because there's simply no justice for the victims. 

Lee and Natalie Williamson appeared for sentence at Ipswich Crown Court after their cross breed dog, named Evie, launched into a "vicious attack" on a woman in Ridgeville, Carlton Colville on November 24, 2019.

First time? No. It almost never is...

The court heard that Evie had attacked two other people previously, in 2016 and 2018, and Lee and Natalie Williamson were given guidance regarding ownership.

That 'advice' should have been 'get the thing put down now'. It never is.  

The dog was signed over to police in December 2019, and has since been put down, the court heard.

That's like letting off a drunk driver because the police have crushed his car! 

Steven Dyble, representing Natalie Williamson, of Ridgeville, Carlton Colville, said his client had expressed "appropriate remorse for what happened that day".
Marc Brown, for Lee Williamson, now of Copper Beech, Carlton Colville, said his client has health problems and accepted the incident was "extremely unpleasant".

How good of her! 

The pair were both sentenced to six months' imprisonment, suspended for two years, and were banned from owning a dog for 15 years.
They must also pay £150 each towards kennel and destruction costs.

Which won't come anywhere even close to the true costs, will it? 

Thursday 24 June 2021

Other Police Farces, Take Good Note...

Significant resources have been allocated to the area to manage this, and officers have been given special powers to disperse any gathering in the area.
Officers will deal with any offences, and will be capturing evidence to enable them to follow up with any incidents not dealt with at the time. can be done, if you get enough kicks up the backside and thus get the impetus to do your job right. 

Chief Superintendent Paul Bartolomeo said: “Racing on public road networks is an offence, and will result in us taking enforcement action.
“These activities can be conducted lawfully elsewhere, such as on private land, and we will not be tolerating the use of Hampshire’s roads for an illegal sporting event.”

You forgot the words 'any more', didn't you? 

“We will deal with offences robustly, and take action wherever we have a power in law to do so.
“A Section 35 dispersal order has been authorised from 12pm on Friday 18 June until 12pm on Sunday 20 June, and will be in place across the whole of the county.
“This gives officers the power to disperse people under Section 35 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014; they can also seize any items used in the commission of anti-social behaviour.
“We appreciate the support of our partners in managing this situation, as well as the patience of the communities we serve.”

That ran out long ago. You had to be nagged and chivvied and ordered to do your job. Other communities blighted by these sorts of lawbreaking should take notice. 

And then take similar action when their local farce prove slothful... 

H/T: i r jackson via email

"Hey, What's The Worst That Could Happen?"

A keeper has been mauled to death by a tiger at a predator park in South Africa after the electric fence to its enclosure was turned off for maintenance.

Oh. Yeah. Right... 

The testosterone fuelled tiger then scaled another fence where the power was also off to get at a rival male Siberian tiger called Judah which it killed in a ferocious big-cat fight.

Wouldn't you expect that the power supply to the electric fences would have a very big 'Do NOT turn off under any circumstances' sign on it? 

Wednesday 23 June 2021

If You Won't Listen To The Public, Will You Listen To The Experts?

A feminist artist has been cancelled by the Royal Academy after trans activists complained about her 2019 blog in which she called a woman 'an adult human female' and criticised LGBT charity Stonewall.

That's the charity that's being dropped like a hot potato by government. 

She had also warned that the 'ideology' of gender politics enforced censorship akin to that found in her birthplace - the East German police state - and had a detrimental impact on the rights of women and girls.

A warning from personal history of the victim's own country? That sounds rather familiar, doesn't it? 

In a statement published on Instagram today, the RA said it had received complaints for selling works 'by an artist expressing transphobic views' and said that Miss de Wahls's work 'will not be stocked in future'.
The academy added: 'The RA is committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and does not knowingly support artists who act in conflict with these values. We would like to reiterate that we stand with the LGBTQ+ community'.

No, you're standing with a tiny minority who shout the loudest and who are now finding that cancel culture can be used against them, as well as by them. 

That Doesn't Usually Concern You...

A police firearms unit arrived at the horrific scene but none of their three weapons were powerful enough to dispatch the animal.

And indeed, it didn't this time either. Realising they didn't also didn't have the right calibre police van either, they just went ahead anyway: 

Firearms officer Robert Gunney told the hearing: 'We called for a specialist rifle from a police station 15 minutes away.
'While waiting I instructed two PCs with lightweight weapons to shoot at the bull which was standing over Mr Jump staring at his body.
'We shot the bull in the head knowing it would not have much of an effect and it ran offset (sic) of sight.'

Isn't it lucky that it didn't enrage it further? That it ran in the other direction and not straight at you? Or further gored the victim at its feet?

The bull was later shot dead after a helicopter was used to flush it back into the field.

One wonders why a farm keeping such potentially dangerous animals doesn't have the wherewithal to despatch them - humanely! - on the premises in emergencies?   

The inquest heard work systems at the family-run smallholding fell 'far below' guidelines for farmers handling cattle.

That's not really a surprise, is it? 

Tuesday 22 June 2021

This Is The Great British 'Justice System' In Action...

A woman who lost both her legs after being crushed by a drunk driver has died it has now been confirmed.
Rebecca Hodgson, 38, appeared in Liverpool Crown Court after admitting causing serious injury by dangerous driving.
She had to be arrested and brought into court by police after failing to appear for her sentencing, which was due to take place in the morning.

The offence was horrendous.... 

Hodgson sped down the road in a black Renault Megane, with an expert report concluding that she was travelling between 50-55mph on a 30mph road prior to the crash.
.... a roadside breath test put her close to twice the legal limit.

But that's no bar to today's barristers! 

Defencing Hodgson, Ms Rebecca Smith explained she suffers with ADHD and is on the autism spectrum.
Ms Smith said: "It's very difficult for her to control her behaviour, simply she doesn't have the coping mechanisms to deal with it." 

Then maybe freedom to do as she pleases isn't the safest thing? 

Hodgson had pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing and was yesterday sentenced to serve three years in prison - reduced from four and a half years due to her early guilty plea.
She was also disqualified from driving for five years and was ordered to pay a victim surcharge.

Does anyone think she'll be cured after 5 years, and therefore safe to drive again? 

How's The Enrichment Going?

This is the face of 19-year-old Mazin Abdelmonim who has been sentenced to life over the cold-blooded killing of a musician who had been minding his own business outside Nottingham's Victoria Centre.
Abdelmonim was convicted this afternoon (Friday, June 4) of the murder of Keany Kristal Kissingou-Mabiala, 20, of St Ann’s.
That well, eh?
Abdelmonim was ordered to serve the life sentence with a minimum term of 20 years before parole can be considered.
Will he? I wonder...

Monday 21 June 2021

Happy Non-Nominative Parent Figure Day...

Karla said: 'When I picked her up in the afternoon, I had no idea they were doing Father's Day cards, she just came out with it.
'When I looked at it and it said Happy Special's Day, it angered me.
'I was told [by the nursery] that it was not fair for children without dads to make Father's Day cards. Last year she did a Father's Day card, what's new this year?'

What's new is probably the nursery deciding that they were missing out on all that wonderful praise for virtue signalling... 

'For Mother's Day, I got a card which had photos of her inside it and it said clearly on it 'Happy Mother's Day'. A big fuss was made of it.'

There's a lot less chance of a child not having a mother than a father, I suppose. Or they didn't want to incur the wrath of Mumsnet.

Still, no-one could possibly think that this was OK? 

One social media user said: 'I'm saddened by how many people on this thread lack the compassion or imagination to understand what it must be like to be a child without a father when everyone is celebrating their dads.
'This isn't the only way to deal with Father's Day - and certainly the same approach could be taken with Mother's Day.
'But to be so dismissive or angry at teachers trying to be considerate and inclusive of children seems bizarre to me.'

Oh, maybe they could. 

If You Don't Like The Views Of A Senior Politician On Anti-Semitism...

Sir Keir Starmer is heading for a by-election defeat that could end his leadership amid claims his tough stance on antisemitism has cost him the trust of Muslim voters.
...then kindly fuck off out of this country and go and live in one that suits you better. You won't be missed.
He faces a bitter backlash from Muslim communities in Labour-held Batley and Spen, with even his wife Victoria's Jewish heritage apparently being cited as one reason not to vote Labour.

Well, Kier, I hope you've learned a lesson from this. That lesson being if you court the votes of repellent people, you find that you're beholden to them as a result. And that having them in the party is a mistake.

Oh. I see you haven't

Saturday 19 June 2021

Advice 'For Protection' Is, I Feel, A Bit Lacking...

An elderly woman has been left with facial injuries after being attacked outside her home by a dog.
The victim required hospital treatment following the shocking incident, which happened outside Wimborne House retirement housing complex in Marine Parade, Dovercourt.
It is understood that the victim approached the dog to pet it after it went up to her gate, but the dog turned and launched the vicious attack on her.

A daft thing to do, but people of her generation probably aren't used to today's weapon dogs owned by scum... 

Essex Police has launched an investigation to the incident, which happened on Saturday at about 12.45pm.
A spokesman for the force said: “We are investigating following an incident in Harwich where it was reported a woman had been injured by a dog.
“It was reported the woman had sustained injuries to her face and neck which required hospital treatment.
Our enquiries are ongoing.”

Well, at least they say they are looking into it. Though with Essex Police, one always wonders just how hard...

But step forward, local 'expert', to give her words of wisdom (and promote herself into the bargain, naturally!): 

Joe Nutkins, a dog trainer based in Ardleigh, explained there are unwritten rules to dog ownership.
“This is, of course, a terrible incident and you really have to feel for the poor lady,” she said.

Do you? Seems more like you feel for the poor little confued doggy-woggy... 

Mrs Nutkins explained there are three main factors which invite a dog onto you which can lead to them getting carried away - eye contact, speech and touch.
She added: “If you can cross your arms and look up to the sky it will usually slow them down and make them double think what they’re doing.”

I guess whether you can do this depends on whether your arms are free of Fido hanging off one... 

“It removes the green light. Tucking hands your hands in will stop them getting bitten and stops us flapping our arms about and making the situation worse.”

Won't it just mean Fido goes for your legs instead? 

“If we look away from them it makes them think we are boring, and shows we’re not trying to play or make a challenge to them.”

So, folks, there you are; the next time some inbred's savage mutt is charging at you, slaver dripping from its jaws, just look away! I'm sure it'll work like a charm. 

'Angels'...? Of Death, Perhaps...

Judge Nicola Jones said ... 'The very fact you have had to appear before the court and have to live with the knowledge of what you have caused, and the suffering you caused, is sufficient punishment.'

Not even close, judge! 

Bethan Mair Williams, 29, took her eyes off the road to sign a life insurance document on her phone while she was at the wheel on the A487 in November last year. She crashed into moped rider Mujahid Rasul during heavy rain after a 12-hour shift at Ysbyty Gwynedd hospital in Bangor, North Wales.

The end of her nursing career? Far from it! 

Pregnant Williams admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving following the crash and the court heard her employers were keen to keep her in her job.

Because a woman who disobeys the standard rules of driving will never disobey the standard rules of nursing, surely? 

Defending Elen Owen said: 'It was a terrible error of judgement. This business about life insurance had been something playing on her mind. The error was perhaps contributed to by tiredness.'

Then she shouldn't have driven. Would a police officer be shown such lenience? A supermarket supervisor? A telecoms engineer?

No, I suspect they wouldn't. So why a nurse? 

Williams, of Caernarfon, was handed a two-year suspended sentence and ordered to £5,000 compensation. She was also given a two-year driving ban with an extended test.

And now she's free to treat your elderly relative, or child. Makes you think, doesn't it? 

Friday 18 June 2021

The Charity, The Police Commissioner And The Local People...

The charity:
Proposals to create a transit site for travellers in Bearwood have been supported by a Dorset charity dedicated to raising awareness of the Gypsy, Traveller, Romany and Roma communities.
Kushti Bok chair Betty Smith-Billington said the plans for land off Magna Road would be a positive step given there are no existing sites across the BCP Council area.
The commissioner:
An urgent review has been carried out into the Hampshire police’s response to horse and trap racing on the A33 near Micheldever.
Hampshire’s new Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones has sought assurances from the force’s chief constable that plans are in place to prevent further disruption.
The people:
A village that is often subject to illegal traveller encampments is stepping up its prevention methods.
Colden Common Parish Council is seeking quotations for ground works at the Recreation Ground, Main Road.This will make it difficult for vehicles to enter the premises.

It's noticable, isn't it, that only one of these groups is actually doing something effective about the problem? 

H/T: i r jackson via email 

Tell Us Again How 'Modern Toryism' Is A Vote Winner, Boris...

The Liberal Democrats secured a historic by-election win in Chesham and Amersham this morning, overturning a majority of more than 16,000 to snatch the previously safe Tory seat.
Liberal Democrat Sarah Green won with a majority of 8,028 over Conservative David Fleet, gaining 21,517 votes - nearly 57% of the total - to his 13,489, 35.5%, on a turnout of just over 52%.
A Tory source told the Press Association: 'By-elections are always difficult for the governing party, particularly 11 years into government, but there is no getting away from the fact this is a very disappointing result.
'The work of regaining the support of the people of Chesham and Amersham starts now.'

Given it's a safe Conservative seat that's never been lost, why have they lost faith? 

Lib Dem activists on the ground had insisted the race for the seat looked “neck and neck”, with former Tory voters on the doorsteps complaining they felt neglected by the governing party.
The Lib Dems said the government’s proposed planning reforms had also featured heavily in the campaign.

Boris should really have looked across at the opposite benches and thought: "That could happen to me..." 

Thursday 17 June 2021

What 'Urgent Work' Means To Local Government...

Travellers who moved onto an open space in Medway have claimed to council officials they have Covid-19.

Well, of course they have! But surely that won't fool our dedicated 

Cllr Adrian Gulvin (Con) ...

So often these days, descriptive of more than simple party allegience. 

...who represents Walderslade, explained Medway Council and police had visited the encampment to complete welfare checks.

The travellers' welfare, that is! 

He added: "Officials were told a couple of them have Covid. The ward councillors have been in contact with the Director of Public Health to arrange for testing and inoculations for them.
"Until it is proven they haven't got the virus we cannot move them on, where it could be spread throughout different locations. That would be totally irresponsible.
"The first stage of the legal process on eviction is the welfare checks, but everything has to go on hold until we can determine the Covid status. That's why urgent work is happening with the public health department."

Really? You seem to have a very different view of what, exactly, constitutes urgency. 

But one resident claims to have seen some people at the site continue to come and go and raised fears that this could still potentially spread any Covid-19.
The resident, who asked not to be named, added: "I haven't seen much evidence of social isolation. It surely must be easy to get lateral flow tests delivered as soon as possible as we're worried about the risks to health of people nearby."

Given the government has been foisting them on absolutely everyone it can, you'd think so, wouldn't you? 

He added: "We've experienced noise with people arguing among themselves and local dog walkers who use the field for recreational purposes.
"Their dog is attacking local dogs and the field is no longer available to use without feeling intimidated. We are concerned more will join them, making even more noise and mess."

Post an armed officer near the park, and if the traveller's dog starts a fight, shoot it.  

Vile Dangerous Beasts...

And their dogs...
A blind family dog has died after it was ‘mauled by illegal Pit Bull Terriers’ in a park attack that left a dad injured and a mum and child traumatised.
Sonia Faleiro was allegedly told ‘get over it mate’ after her beloved Jack Russell Terrier Zoey was left covered in blood with her ear hanging off in the attack in Norwood Park, south London.
Her husband Ulrik was also bit (sic) by one of the three unmuzzled dogs when he tried to help Zoey and their four-year-old daughter was chased.

Typical dogs, typical owners... 

Sonia asked the owners to wait as she called 999 – but was told to ‘get over it mate’ by one, while another told the family ‘it was their fault for being in the park’.
The owners allegedly fled the scene, despite Sonia’s efforts to make them stay.

Typical situation too... 

After posting about her horrifying experience online, Sonia claims to have been contacted by locals who say they and their dogs have suffered non-serious injuries after being attacked by the same animals in the past.

And what are the people who are supposed to keep us safe doing about it? 

A statement from the Met Police said: ‘Police were called at 5.30pm on Monday, 7 June to Norwood Park SE27 after a woman reported that her dog had been attacked by two other dogs.
‘The dogs were then allegedly placed on leads by a man who left the scene with a woman and two children.
‘The woman’s dog later died. There have been no arrests at this time. Enquiries continue.’

Thought so. Ignoring the fact a person was injured, so they can continue their policy of lying that 'we can't do anything about dog on dog attacks'... 

Wednesday 16 June 2021

Well, Remember Brandon, It's 'Along', Not 'Across'...

A homophobic man who beat a gay couple unconscious has a 'compassionate' side and has become 'suicidal' in jail, says his advocate.

...and make sure you cut deep enough. 

Brandon Taylor, previously of Newtown Road, Worcester, was detained in a Young Offender Institution for nine and a half years at Worcester Crown Court last Friday. This followed a spate of violence which rendered the couple unconscious, one suffering a broken nose and the other a broken jaw and with an open gash on his temple.
Both victims ended up in a trauma unit following the attack in Malvern on September 20.

It's another example of the violence that plagues our streets at night, of course: 

Even when one of the victims got down on his knees and begged the gang to stop, telling them they were pacifists, Taylor and others carried on with the attack.

And he has quite the record, at such a young age: 

The 19-year-old was jailed for grievous bodily harm with intent, wounding, three counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, robbery, common assault, breaches of a criminal behaviour order, assaulting an emergency worker and three thefts.

It makes sickening reading: 

During his campaign of violence he threw a pool ball in a man's face in the Horn and Trumpet pub in Worcester, punched and bit a man in McDonald's, robbed someone of a skateboard, swung a punch at an Asda security guard in the city, stole beer, flouted a criminal behaviour order and bit a city police officer. As previously reported, Taylor was jailed for seven and a half years for the attack on the gay couple but must serve this consecutively to a two year sentence for all other matters.

But his hired mouthpiece isn't going to let that stop her! 

Elizabeth Power, defending, said her client's most powerful mitigation was his guilty pleas to all matters.

Given he's made no attempt to hide any of it, in the teeth of forensic, CCTV and eyewitness evidence, what other choice did he really have? 

Ms Power added: "This is a young man who suffers, and has suffered for some considerable period of time, with depression. He was rendered homeless at the age of 13. He is someone who has been in a crowd now for a number of years taking illicit substances."

None of that should be mitigation, it should be aggravating circumstances... 

The barrister told the judge most of the offences were committed in drink or under the influence of drugs.


"This is somebody who does have empathy and compassion", she told the court. She added: "This is not a man who is devoid of empathy or care and compassion for others."

He hides it pretty well, then. 

But Your Assumption Is Correct...

“My assumption had always been that this would have been covered under the Dangerous Dog Act as they are dangerous and have irresponsible owners however this isn’t the case it is not illegal.
“The owners and dogs have walked away from the attack scot-free – not even a fine! And are free to do it again and yet our poor little boy died because of their actions.
“This has to change. We all know once they’ve done it once they’ll do it again and god forbid it happens to a child!”
...the problem here is that the police are too lazy or incompetent to do their jobs properly with the new laws they whined and whinged about for ages.

The woman was covered in blood. The lazy cops will try to say that it was her dog's blood. 

But please tell me how a person wouldn't be 'worried that it might injure them' while she tries to rescue her pet? 

See this here? 'a court could prosecute if a person believes they would have been injured if they tried to stop a dog attacking their animal.'

They could, but unfortunately until the police do their job right and put it in front of a court, nothing will happen to the irresponsible owner. 

My fondest wish, though, is that the cops who failed to deal with this incident properly have to go serve a warrant on the owner of these dangerous beasts one day. 

Tuesday 15 June 2021

Is It As Much Of An Embarrassment As The Fact Most Of The Fines Are Overturned?

Up to 10 off-duty police officers were caught at a party that breached coronavirus social distancing rules and were suspended while the police standards office investigates them.
The off-duty officers were discovered breaking the law when their on-duty colleagues from Sussex Police turned up at a large house party in Hove on the evening of May 15th, two days before lockdown restrictions were relaxed.


A police source speaking to The Telegraph called the incident a “major embarrassment”, especially since the force “have been handing out these draconian £10,000 fines to Covid rule-breakers”.

Yes, they have, but hopefully if they do issue one to their colleagues, they'll actually get it right this time

H/T: ir.jackson via email

When You Can't Even Convince 'Sob Story Samantha'...

Reilly had given evidence in court hearings when on trial for attempted murder in Southend, trying to claim she did not try to kill the man.
She went along with this, despite the CCTV clearly showing her arriving and throwing petrol over the victim in Southchurch Avenue.


Her brilliant plan? Feign blindness! 

Reilly told the court that she could not see the monitor showing the footage in the court room, and that she couldn’t see the judge acting out what it showed.
Judge Samantha Leigh said the performance was “worthy of an Oscar, but it was dishonest”.
She said: “She was the worst witness I have ever seen.
“She said she couldn’t see the screen.
“I gave her a demonstration, she said she couldn’t see that.”

Blimey, when you can't even convince Leigh...! 

Judge Leigh added: "In my view I have seen no remorse from either of you at all. He was a friend, and he was repaid by being set alight."
The duo were jailed for 24 years each. Reilly showed no emotion, while Archer bowed his head as he was taken down.

Perhaps she was just feigning deafness as well? 

Monday 14 June 2021

Tear Down This (Stone)Wall..

Ms Truss, the Equalities Minister, has told friends that she thinks Whitehall should pull out of the charity’s Diversity Champions scheme, under which employers pay Stonewall for advice on how to implement equality laws and policies. She voiced her opinion after Nancy Kelley, Stonewall’s chief executive, recently likened ‘gender critical’ beliefs to antisemitism.

And it's not just politicians who have sensed which way the winds of change are blowing: 

A former hospital boss has accused the NHS of putting patients at risk by signing up to Stonewall’s controversial Diversity Champions scheme. 
Ms Grimes accused Stonewall of ‘undermining’ the NHS’s ability to keep patients safe, ‘stifling’ free speech and creating a ‘culture of fear’ among some NHS staff. And she warned some advice risked ‘opening up NHS organisations to litigation and reputational damage’.

And not just the NHS either: 

Embattled diversity charity Stonewall is making hundreds of thousands of pounds by enrolling schools on to a programme of transgender guidance that critics have branded ‘dangerous’.
Legal experts and campaigners last night criticised the material. Naomi Cunningham, a barrister specialising in discrimination law, said: ‘The advice being given to schools by Stonewall is dangerous and unlawful. There is legislation that requires schools to provide separate toilets for girls and boys. So if a school allows a boy who identifies as female to use the girls’ toilets, it is in breach of the law.’

This organisation has long since outstayed its welcome and, as all organisations do when they get too big and the money's too good to give up at the top, sought to expand into ever more ridiculous 'causes'. 

Enough's enough. 

Don't You Think We've Been Patient Enough?

The Prime Minister will confirm that the June 21 Freedom Day has been delayed until July 19 in 'one last heave' of restrictions following a sharp rise in cases of the Indian variant, Westminster sources said last night. Ignoring a mounting revolt by Tory MPs and dire warnings from the hospitality and theatre industries, Mr Johnson will argue that scrapping all restrictions now is likely to fuel the surge – and the public needs to be 'patient' so the country does not go into reverse.

Funny how none of the G7 attendees seemed to stick to the rules they tell us are so important to prevent covid, eh? I guess no one told them about the Indiant variant...  

A surge in the next few weeks would damage the NHS, as emergency departments have warned they are struggling with significant demand at the moment, The Guardian reports.

Probably people who can't get into their GP, since they seem to be ignoring the government's advice that everyone else is still obeying... 

It comes after Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said at the weekend that he could not give an 'absolute guarantee' that social distancing measures would be lifted by the end of August – prompting fears restrictions could roll on into the autumn.

Even if these people do magnanimously lift restrictions on July 19, what's the betting they impose them again in autumn when 'normal' flu season rolls in?

Once you realise you can control people, you are never ever going to relinquish that power. 

Saturday 12 June 2021

'Due Diligence', Mr Powley - Look It Up!

A company owner who lost thousands of pounds to a devious employee has spoken of his anger after the thief avoided jail time.
Kindly boss Alan Powley of Pyramid Screen Products in London Road, West Kingsdown, had even loaned £8,000 to employee Dean Jefferies, only for him to repay his boss' generosity by stealing a further £17,000.

Oh no! How could this happen? 

Now Mr Powley says he is "absolutely gutted" after Jefferies- who has committed similar offences twice previously - walked free from the sentencing without even having to pay him back.

Ah. Right. I see now. 

"Mr Powley trusted him, giving him access to the company's PayPal account to make business purchases, " he added.
In June 2018, another employee noticed "discrepancies" and it was discovered that Jefferies had been misusing the account.

Even the hired mouthpiece couldn't quite believe the naievety here: 

Phil Rowley, defending, said: "There is no doubt Mr Powley was extremely generous."

Well, that's one way of putting it! 

Speaking out following the sentencing, Mr Powley said he had lost faith in the criminal justice system. "The sentence I'm disgusted with," he said.
"Four years ago this guy worked for me and he seemed a nice guy, really helpful, and all the time he was taking money.
"He was a likeable guy and I lent him money because he had problems. In the meantime he was filtering money out using the company credit card on eBay and other sites.
"We got him into court after four years and he pleaded guilty to all charges. He got a suspended jail sentence for a year and he's got to go to rehab for 25 days, but they didn't order him to pay anything back. It doesn't make sense."

There's a lot of things that don't make sense about this story. Perhaps the judge was considering that parable about a fool and his money?

And After That, They'll Invent A Perpetual Motion Machine And Institute World Peace...

Alice King, who was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, said she was shocked to see the monogram bodysuit on sale in the Urban Outfitters store in Churchill Square, Brighton.
The 22-year-old shared a photo of the outfit that she says looked more like “children’s clothing.

Why? I mean, who else cares? 

Alice said: “It was labelled as a medium and straight away it put my back up. I thought ‘how can that possibly be a medium?’ It was so tiny.
“With my history of eating disorders, things like this just trigger me. I posted pictures on my Instagram story because I thought I cannot be the only one who thinks like this.”

Ah. I see now. You wanted reassurance that you weren't a crazy person looking for confirmation of your neuroses. And you're clearly going to find that on....Instagram? 

Oh dear. 

“I got so many replies from, mostly females, but some males too and they were just in shock, the same as me, that they could sell something like this.
“Urban Outfitters, along with other clothing brands, need to consider their younger audiences and the age at which people are more likely to struggle with these kinds of issues.”

I think UO probably believe all they need to do is sell clothes to people who want to buy them. I doubt they've considered attracting the tiny niche market of hysterical whackjobs who share outrage imagery on social media. 

She is now calling for standard clothing sizes to be introduced across the fashion industry to prevent the promotion of “unrealistic expectations for women’s bodies.

Well, good luck with that, because every store and in-supermarket brand is different, and a size 14 in one is likely to be a size 12 in another! 

Urban Outfitters have been contacted for a statement.

The managing director is probably on his tenth brandy by now... 

Friday 11 June 2021

What About The Mental Health Of The Rest Of The Country?

A teenage arsonist who torched two buildings when dared by a friend has avoided jail after a judge said a custodial sentence would harm his mental health.

Because reading stuff like this is driving me mad! 

Half of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service's entire resources had to be called upon to tackle the two blazes, Liverpool Crown Court was told.
But a judge accepted his ADHD played a key part in the arsons and locking him up would harm his mental health.
Edwards-Meredith was instead handed eight months' detention, suspended for two years, with a 25-day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement and 100 hours of unpaid work.

Ah, ADHD again. It's becoming as ubiquitous as PTSD in these crime reports. 

John Weate, defending, said ... Edwards-Meredith was diagnosed with ADHD early in his childhood, which 'leads to impulsivity and leads to acting without thought'.

It must be more contagious than the latest Wuhan Flu varient, it's clearly spread to the judge!

How Did It Ever Get To Court In The First Place?

A man accused of trolling Katie Price's disabled son Harvey was today found not guilty at a trial after the court heard he had shared the video clip as a joke.
Because it was - clearly, and perfectly obviously to anyone who bothered to check - a skit on an incident that actually happened with her and her son on 'Loose Women'.
The ex-model told MailOnline that the outcome at Hastings Magistrates' Court was a 'blow' but insisted it 'only drives me onwards to fight for what is right - for justice'.

You think 'justice' is hounding a person through the court system for mocking you and your offspring? Who the hell do you think you are?  

The defendant, Philip Lewer, allegedly shared the video on Twitter last November after receiving it over WhatsApp - and Sussex Police arrested him ten hours later.

Wow! Try getting the police to make an arrest that quickly if you've been burgled! 

It was a bad day all round for the reality-deniers, as Maya Forstater won her appeal. Not that that puts them off, though:: 

Amanda Glassman, Chief Executive Officer of CGDE and Executive Vice President of CGD, said: 'The decision is disappointing and surprising because we believe Judge Tayler got it right when he found this type of offensive speech causes harm to trans people, and therefore could not be protected under the Equality Act.
'Today's decision is a step backwards for inclusivity and equality for all. We're currently considering the various paths forward with our lawyers.'

If it causes 'harm' to trans people when other people point out that you can't physically change sex, that's just too bad. Because you simply can't. And persecuting people for this is like persecuting them for believing in gravity

Thursday 10 June 2021

What Value An 'Apology' Like This?

Two sisters have admitted lying about being victim of 'honour-based' domestic violence to scam a council out of a three-bed house they never lived in.
Hannah Rafiq, 29, and Ayshia Rafiq, 30, told Kirklees Council their father was beating them and they were homeless and in desperate need of refuge despite having a place to live with their mother in Huddersfield.
They have now made a public apology for 'depriving a family in real need' of a house in Batley which they kept for four years.

Not only that, they dragged the action out for years. So, why now confess and profess to be sorry? 

Now, the sisters have confessed to their deception and apologised, something that has been accepted by the court, bringing the legal action and the threat of jail to an end.


A future court hearing will decide whether the sisters should pay any further costs.

I'd like to say that's a foregone conclusion, but with our so-called 'justice system', it almost certainly isn't. 

It's Certainly Enough To Make You Wonder...

Former jailbird and professional scum-eulogiser Eric Allison ponders...

Me too, Eric old son. Me too. 

Clearly, for vastly different reasons...

Wednesday 9 June 2021

How Much Do I Care? Sweet FA!

The FA are unhappy with the Government for failing to support them in their battle with England fans who booed players taking the knee before last week’s European Championship warm-up matches against Austria and Romania.
Just when you think Johnson's incapable of doing anything right, he proves you wrong!
In a row that threatens to overshadow England’s opening game against Croatia on Sunday, Gareth Southgate and his players have had to justify their decision to continue with the anti-racism gesture...

Awwww, diddums! Fancy having to 'justify your decision'..! Don't these people realise footballers are unused to having to do this? 

...with the Government’s response leading senior FA figures to conclude that ministers are deliberately taking a populist stance in opposition to the feelings of the national team.

Fuck their 'feelings', frankly. They claim it's their right to honour a dead US criminal and a Marxist pressure group, but they forget other people have rights too. And that includes the right to make their feelings known. 

You Can't Reason With Activists...

Priti Patel will today renew her backing for...

Increased efforts to repel invaders to our shores?

Pshaw! Of course not! It just doesn't seem a priority... 

...footage from police body-worn cameras to be shared more frequently – to combat 'trial by social media'.


Speaking at the Police Federation annual conference, the Home Secretary will back its call for the clips to be published more regularly by forces.
The federation, which represents 120,000 officers in England and Wales, says it will combat false accusations of heavy-handedness or prejudice.

Will it? No. When you're dealing with people like this, they will make their claims regardless. They don't care, because they are preaching to the converted.

Tuesday 8 June 2021

But Does She Have One..?

Hampshire's new Police and Crime Commissioner has said that a "robust management plan" is needed to stop future illegal horse racing events.
This is, of course, a follow up to this story
Hampshire's newly-elected PCC, Donna Jones, held a meeting with Winchester MP Steve Brine to discuss the problem last week.
Well, you don't have long, since there's another planned for June 19 and 20...

H/T: ir.jackson via email

"...nobody who was at that party has come forward to give us a statement or any further information."

Gosh! I thought black lives mattered?
Ms Johnson's mother Ellet Dalling, appealed for more witnesses yesterday: 'What has happened to Sasha has left us devastated. She is currently fighting for her life in hospital with two children asking where their mummy is, what do I tell them? Someone must have information to what happened and to come forward.
'Sasha is passionate about standing up for others, please come forward and stand up for Sasha. Come forward to help us, I know it is not always easy but imagine if it was your daughter or the mother of your children. I believe there are people out there that can help.'
If she survives, maybe she'll reconsider her priorities...

Aren't there a lot of chickens coming home to roost lately, though?

Monday 7 June 2021

How'd You Like Them Chickens, Eh..?

When they come home to roost...

Trinity Ottoson-Smith was playing in the backyard of her Minneapolis neighborhood May 15 when she was struck by a stray bullet. The nine-years-old was caught in the crossfire of a shoot-out as gun-toting thugs drove along the alleyway behind her friend's house in this pretty neighborhood. She died last Thursday.
Trinity was the second child to be shot in Minneapolis in three weeks. Six-year-old Aniya Allen was shot May 17 and died the following day. She took a bullet to the head as she ate McDonald's in her mother's car.
Ten-year-old LaDavionne Garrett Jr. was shot in the head while sitting in his parents' car April 30.

Well, at least they weren't accidentally killed by a white policeman. But then again, they were probably too young to have racked up Floyd's impressive criminal record... 

There have been 36 homicides so far this year, more than double the number at this point last year and more than four times that seen in 2019.
Car-jackings are up a staggering 222 per cent. Shootings have risen 153 per cent. Eighty per cent of the victims are black.

Are we all expected to be sorry that you got what you demanded? Because, frankly, I'm not. 

Local activist Marcus X, one of the organizers, told, 'This is what's known as the Derek Chauvin effect.'
'There's shootings every single day and the summer hasn't even started. All the police have PTSD, they've left, you don't see police patrolling here. I know it and the gangs know it,' he said. 'I could shoot someone right now and walk five blocks home before the police would even come.'
'The police have left and it's unleashed the gangs.'

 Damn, I need a bigger one!

Clearly, More Of A Threat Than Usman Khan...

...but to just whom, I'll leave to you, Reader.
Police found a hoard of Nazi-era daggers, far-right literature and a framed Ku Klux Klan certificate in Nicholas Brock's bedroom in Berkshire.

Are those illegal to possess, then? 

The 53-year-old was found guilty in March of three counts of possessing materials which could be of use in preparing terrorist acts.

Compare and contrast the response to this 'potential terrorist' with that to Usman Khan, the actual London Bridge terrorist... 

Edward Butler, defending, said there was no evidence his client intended to carry out an attack.

That doesn't seem to matter much, since even when there is, usually the authorities do nothing. 

Det Ch Supt Kath Barnes, head of Counter Terrorism Policing South East, said: "The material Brock had in his possession is dangerous and concerning.
"He had books which would provide techniques on how to fight, assisting someone who was potentially preparing a terrorist act."

Anyone with a Tom Clancy or Andy McNab novel on the shelf has 'books that would provide techniques on how to fight', don't they?  

H/T: Crimebodge

Saturday 5 June 2021

Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But...

'Racist' incident, headlines in all media, outrage on Twitter from the usual suspects:
Police said the attack on Monday evening took place following an earlier incident involving Dea-John and his friends during which they were subjected to racist language.
The Guardian understands the abuse is believed to have included the N-word.
Not a racist incident, a single report in local newspaper:
Mr Hayes said: “My daughter can’t remember anything, she was unconscious at the scene for an hour - they took over an hour to revive her.
“However, we have gathered information from witnesses who have come forward.
“She was out with her younger sister and was walking to the taxi rank in Brighton to go home.
“As she walking past Burger King, three black girls came out and ran up and attacked her.
“Witnesses say that these three girls were in Burger King having an altercation with someone in there, they got ejected and as they came out, took it out on my daughter.”

I can't wait to see what happens when the real story abour Dea-John's killing comes out in court. 

Tell Us Again How 'Overworked' You Are...

A police investigation has been launched after a pick-up truck was spotted with a​...
Broken rear light? Non-working indicator? Dangerous unstable load? 

Nah, can't be. I see so many of those around, no police taking the slightest bit of notice. Must be something really hazardous to other motorists...
...'vile' image of a kidnapped woman on its tail gate.
Motorists did a double take and were horrified to see the artwork portraying an apparently abducted blonde woman lying down while tied up in the rear of the vehicle.
The vehicle was reported to police after being spotted at traffic lights on the junction of the A47 and A146 roads at Trowse, near Norwich, Norfolk.

Christ, just imagine the sad lives that must be lead by people who'd report this to police rather than just saying 'Ugh! Wouldn't have that on my car!' and going about their business... 

Why don't the police tell them it's nothing they need to take any action on as it's not a traffic offence to have artwork some snowflake doesn't like on their vehicle?

Norfolk Police say the incident is being investigated as a potential hate crime.

Gordon! Come deal with this appropriately, will you? 

Friday 4 June 2021

A Conclusion Of The Foregone Kind, I Presume?

Conor Mitchell, 26, who was from the Bingley area but more recently living in Skipton, suffered a catastrophic brain injury when his car smashed into a wall on Skipton Road, Utley, in the early hours of February 20 last year.

Well, doesn't sound like he used it much...

Can we count this a Darwin? 

The young dad was taken to Leeds General Infirmary (LGI), but died later that day.

Oh. Pity. 

The inquest will resume this morning when the coroner is expected to record her conclusion.

It shouldn't take her long. 

Never, Ever Satisfied...

“I just feel like the bus drivers ⁠— potentially, I can’t say it’s gospel ⁠— profiled my son because he is quite tall for his age and Black.
“And I feel like maybe if he was white, and maybe even female, in school clothes, they would have given that young person a ride.”

Really? Despite the fact that children of all colours have been stranded when payment fails?  

Stagecoach has since apologised to Amma, letting her know they have identified the drivers and will be finding out further information.
They added that the card readers sometimes block payment from Apple and Android Pay, and have offered two MegaRider tickets plus vouchers.

There! Are you happy now?  

In her complaint to Stagecoach, the mum stressed that a policy change was needed.

Oh. Of course not.  

“Drivers should be made aware all over the network that any child who gets on the bus, in their school clothes, who maybe doesn’t have the means to pay or their technology isn’t working ⁠— especially because we’re moving to a cashless society ⁠— should be let on the bus, no question.
“It’s a safe-guarding issue at the end of the day,” she added, “they are old enough to get the bus, but not old enough to not get where they should be going.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  

The company’s response suggests that Amma’s points have been taken on board: an email sent yesterday (May 20) confirms that all drivers have been told they must not decline a child boarding the bus.

So, are you going to stop whinging now..? 

But Amma wants to take things further, and has started a petition calling for free bus travel for children and young people in full-time education in Cambridgeshire.

Oh, FFS! 

Thursday 3 June 2021

Today's 'YCMIU' Story...

Spain's postal service has been accused of racism​...

Why, what did they do? Refuse to deliver letters to black people? 

...after issuing a set of unequally priced skin-coloured stamps.

Heh! This is, predictably, a futile attempt to curry favour and jump on the 'equality' bandwagon to earn some virtuesignalling points. 

And - as these things so often do - it all went horribly wrong... 

State-owned Correos Espana introduced the set of four stamps on the anniversary of George Floyd's death, saying the "Equality Stamps" would "send a message against racial inequality".
The stamps are priced differently, with the lightest colour costing €1.60 (£1.38) and the darkest €0.70 (60p). Critics said the initiative was racist as it suggests that darker colours are of less value.

Maybe the lesson here is 'Stick to what your job is, and stop trying to appease people who will never be satisfied'..? 

What Would Count As 'Escalation', Then? Nuclear Weapons?

Yes, clearly, having the police descend en masse to sort this out would be 'escalating' things, even though they were the ones attacked by the urban scum when they did turn up...

Who exactly is this room temperature IQ idiot? Well, her bio states she's 'Head of Multimedia @opendemocracy. a journalist & documentary filmmaker and formerly @BBCWorld'.

So I guess it's no surprise she's as thick as a whale sandwich, is it?

H/T: Ruda Malpa vis Twitter

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Musical Interlude - June:"What happened to the Danny Zuko I met at the beach?"

Anyone of a certain age can remember the summer this one came out. 

I well remember idly flipping radio stations on my tiny portable radio while over the park (young Reader, ask your parents...) and finding a song from this on every channel with about 2 minutes of landing on it! It was a smash hit like I'd never seen before, and probably never will again. 

The big numbers like 'Greased Lightning' and 'Summer Nights' get all the airtime, But my favourite track is this wonderfully waspish one from Frankie Avalon:

Why? You Get Paid Regardless...

Lawyers for a woman sentenced to 10 years in prison for manslaughter have said they are “appalled and gobsmacked” that she will remain in prison six months after her murder conviction was quashed.

And after all, it's not as if she's innocent, is it? 

Farieissia Martin was convicted of murder after stabbing Kyle Farrell, 21, in November 2014. She was jailed for life with a minimum term of 13 years, but the ruling was quashed last year after judges ruled that new evidence had emerged that was not heard in the first trial and a retrial was ordered.
The Crown accepted Martin’s subsequent guilty plea to manslaughter and on Friday the same judge sentenced the 28-year-old, who has already served six and a half years, to 10 years for manslaughter.
He passed a further sentence of nine months for possessing a mobile phone and a razor blade while in prison.

Sounds like prison is absolutely the right place for her. 

Lawyers for Martin said she was a victim of domestic abuse.
Then she should have left him, and not stabbed him in the chest during an argument.
Harriet Wistrich, Martin’s appeal solicitor for Birnberg Peirce and director of the Centre for Women’s Justice (Ed:Aha! An activist in silk...), said she was “appalled and gobsmacked” at the sentence, comparing the length of the sentence with that of Anthony Williams, who received a five-year sentence for manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility after strangling his wife.
She said Martin’s two children, who were aged one and two at the time of the killing, had been sentenced along with their mother.

Sounds a lot more like the justice system has protected them, doesn't it?