Monday, 14 June 2021

Tear Down This (Stone)Wall..

Ms Truss, the Equalities Minister, has told friends that she thinks Whitehall should pull out of the charity’s Diversity Champions scheme, under which employers pay Stonewall for advice on how to implement equality laws and policies. She voiced her opinion after Nancy Kelley, Stonewall’s chief executive, recently likened ‘gender critical’ beliefs to antisemitism.

And it's not just politicians who have sensed which way the winds of change are blowing: 

A former hospital boss has accused the NHS of putting patients at risk by signing up to Stonewall’s controversial Diversity Champions scheme. 
Ms Grimes accused Stonewall of ‘undermining’ the NHS’s ability to keep patients safe, ‘stifling’ free speech and creating a ‘culture of fear’ among some NHS staff. And she warned some advice risked ‘opening up NHS organisations to litigation and reputational damage’.

And not just the NHS either: 

Embattled diversity charity Stonewall is making hundreds of thousands of pounds by enrolling schools on to a programme of transgender guidance that critics have branded ‘dangerous’.
Legal experts and campaigners last night criticised the material. Naomi Cunningham, a barrister specialising in discrimination law, said: ‘The advice being given to schools by Stonewall is dangerous and unlawful. There is legislation that requires schools to provide separate toilets for girls and boys. So if a school allows a boy who identifies as female to use the girls’ toilets, it is in breach of the law.’

This organisation has long since outstayed its welcome and, as all organisations do when they get too big and the money's too good to give up at the top, sought to expand into ever more ridiculous 'causes'. 

Enough's enough. 


Longrider said...

Stonewall's raison d'être ceased when homosexuality was decriminalised. That was the time to pack up and go home, job done. But, no, like a bad smell they persist with their activism when there is nothing to activise about.

Fahrenheit211 said...

I agree there. When full equality arrived, which in reality it did when the civil partnerships legislation came in, then Stomewall should have considered that their job was done and basked in the glory of their achievement. Sadly they did not and searched around for a way to be relevant and settled upon those occupying the wilder shores of the cult of trans in order to do so.

Stonyground said...

Is the government funding this organisation by any chance? Since, as has already been said, their campaign was successful and their work completed, they would have trouble as a genuine charity continuing to ask for money from people.

JuliaM said...

"Stonewall's raison d'être ceased when homosexuality was decriminalised. That was the time to pack up and go home, job done."

Has that EVER happened? With any once-good cause that created an organisation? I wonder...

"...and searched around for a way to be relevant ..."

See also: well, actually, any charity you care to name!

"Is the government funding this organisation by any chance?"

I'd hope not, but money supplies are murky at best.