Thursday, 3 June 2021

What Would Count As 'Escalation', Then? Nuclear Weapons?

Yes, clearly, having the police descend en masse to sort this out would be 'escalating' things, even though they were the ones attacked by the urban scum when they did turn up...

Who exactly is this room temperature IQ idiot? Well, her bio states she's 'Head of Multimedia @opendemocracy. a journalist & documentary filmmaker and formerly @BBCWorld'.

So I guess it's no surprise she's as thick as a whale sandwich, is it?

H/T: Ruda Malpa vis Twitter


Anonymous said...

Olivia Crellin? Cretin more like. Note, not descriptions, but the photos clearly show blacks and browns, of which there are too many now in this country..

DJ said...

Yep, a former Beeboid named Olivia who turns out be a leftist kook.

This must be that 'diversity' they're so proud of.

okjoe58 said...

No doubt her daddy is a well-paid public sector employee, too

Anonymous said...

In her jolly dare the police investigate a shooting? Can't the BLM sort it out?

JuliaM said...

"Olivia Crellin? Cretin more like."


"This must be that 'diversity' they're so proud of."

A glorious range of shapes, sizes and colours. Who all think exactly alike. That's the meaning of 'diversity' for large corporations.

"No doubt her daddy is a well-paid public sector employee, too"

Of this, I have no doubt at all.

"Can't the BLM sort it out?"

That's going so well across the pond, isn't it?