Thursday, 10 June 2021

What Value An 'Apology' Like This?

Two sisters have admitted lying about being victim of 'honour-based' domestic violence to scam a council out of a three-bed house they never lived in.
Hannah Rafiq, 29, and Ayshia Rafiq, 30, told Kirklees Council their father was beating them and they were homeless and in desperate need of refuge despite having a place to live with their mother in Huddersfield.
They have now made a public apology for 'depriving a family in real need' of a house in Batley which they kept for four years.

Not only that, they dragged the action out for years. So, why now confess and profess to be sorry? 

Now, the sisters have confessed to their deception and apologised, something that has been accepted by the court, bringing the legal action and the threat of jail to an end.


A future court hearing will decide whether the sisters should pay any further costs.

I'd like to say that's a foregone conclusion, but with our so-called 'justice system', it almost certainly isn't. 


Stonyground said...

Was the bit about their father beating them a lie as well? If so he surely has grounds for taking them to court for libel or slander.

Tom Mein said...

What about all the rent money they will have collected over the years when they had this property?

Anonymous said...

Nah, he won't bother suing them. Don't these people have a cultural plan if they feel they have been dishonoured?

Anonymous said...


He probably did - all those shitbags do. He quite possibly raped and sodomized them. Isn't that what the Profit says they should do?