Thursday 22 February 2024

When Your Day At Work Doesn't Go As Planned...

Great Yarmouth's brand new Herring Bridge became the Swearing Bridge after a control room blunder saw a volley of expletives played out to waiting motorists on loud speaker.
The structure, which was officially opened on Thursday, was closed to traffic on Saturday afternoon, due to an apparent mishap. To compound the problems for staff in the control room trying to fix it, their foul-mouthed converations were inadvertently played out on the public address system to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians waiting to be able to cross.
A recording reveals one worker saying: "I've been dealing with this ***** issue for four hours" before exclaiming "Oh for ****'s sake".

Heh! We've all been there! 

Its construction was delayed first by the discovery of a Second World War German bomb in the river below and then by the possibility that endangered voles might be living nearby.

Lucky there was no microphone in the council office at the time! 

H/T: Dave Ward via email

Now Even The Food Section Of The 'Guardian' Is Lost...

...because that surely is bread and butter pudding in the image. Not bread pudding!

Wednesday 21 February 2024

The Trouble Is, He Does Know 'How It's Going To Play Out'...

...that's why he keeps doing it.
A drunk mechanic who used a baby as a human shield in a stand-off with police and bragged that it would take 16 officers to overpower him has escaped jail.

I'd say 'What?! How!?' if I didn't already know... 

The court heard how the accused had been involved in an incident the day prior where he threatened to give two parking wardens in South Street, Perth, 'a kicking' after they asked him to move his Audi.
The 40-year-old also admitted to acting in a threatening and abusive manner to wards the two parking attendants and ordered to carry out 255 hours unpaid work and placed on a 12-week curfew by Sheriff William Wood.

An Audi driver, eh? 🙄

Sheriff Wood told him: 'You have got a bit of a record. Your difficulty with the services of law and order are well documented.
'The alcohol thing is going to plague you if you don't get that under control. When you have had a drink, things seem to run away from you.
'When you see the black uniform that is when your anti-authoritarian feelings come out and you should know by now how that is going to play out.'

He does, judge. It's why he's not going to stop. 

Oh Sure, That's Errr Thingummy, You Know, Him...!


H/T: Ian J via email

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Is The Real Objective The Benefit Of The Toads...

...or the inconvenience of motorists?

A road will be closed for the next six weeks to allow toads, frogs and newts to cross to their breeding grounds.
Charlcombe Lane in Bath will be shut until 25 March. The Charlcombe Toad Rescue Group is hoping to help an estimated 2,500 amphibians reach their ancestral breeding lake in the valley below.
Toad helper Helen Hobbs said volunteers would be patrolling the road to keep the crossing creatures safe. She explained amphibians "typically migrate after dusk during February and March".

So...why not just close the road then, and keep it open during daylisght? 

"In Charlcombe they often become trapped by high stone walls, so volunteers patrol each evening to move the amphibians to a safe release site to allow them to continue their journey.
"It's estimated that 20 tonnes of toads are killed on roads each year so our group is dedicated to doing everything we can to ensure the toad, frog and newt populations at Charlcombe survive."

Or they could just collect them and move them without closing the road at all! 

H/T: Ian J via email

I Bet Their DEI Training Was Up To Date Though...

A driving instructor was rescued from 4ft of floodwater by a couple, as firefighters stood-by, because they weren't trained to go into water at such depths.
Filmmaker Jamie Price and his partner Danielle waded into the thigh-high water to help the motorist in Ingatestone, Essex, on Sunday morning. Crews from Essex Fire and Rescue, as well as an ambulance and police were at the scene, but Mr Price told The Telegraph he was shocked to see the emergency services were not doing more to help.
I don't know why that would shock anyone, frankly. We have police who can't bring themselves to deal properly with dangerous animals, NHS staff who neglect basic biology and retail shops who care more for woke claptrap than for making a profit.

This latest nonsense is par for the course...
When he asked them why they were not going in the water, they told him they were 'waiting for some specialist crews' because the water level was over 4ft and 'they were only allowed to go in waist-high.'
The sci-fi authour Robert Heinlein had something to say about that:
"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects."

Monday 19 February 2024

It's 'Make Up Your Minds Time' x 10000000

Drug-induced milk from transgender women who were born male is as good for babies as a mother's breast milk, an NHS Trust has said.

This, from the same people who for years have trumpted dire warnings about the 'dangers' of formula milk

The letter was sent on behalf of the Trust's Chief Executive in response to a campaign group's complaint about the Trust's gender policies. It defends the controversial practice of 'induced lactation' by means of powerful medication to enable trans women to simulate breastfeeding. It also claims that the term 'human milk' is 'meant to be neutral and is not gender-biased'.

Yes, Reader, opening up a sachet of Aptamil is like pouring hemlock down your newborn's throat, but a mentally ill person taking huge quantities of drugs like prolactin and oxytocin to produce a thin watery facsimile is A-OK! 

But responding to the letter, Labour MP Rosie Duffield said: 'Babies can't be used as guinea pigs for someone else's lifestyle choice.

Nice try, Rosie, but that ship done sailed long ago, to the tune of 'In The Navy' by the Village People... 

Should Have Read Some Robert Ruark, Scots ARV Cops...

A "dangerously out of control" bully-type dog was shot SIX times by cops after it attacked another dog and injured three people.
Gun cops were deployed to the Calderwood area of East Kilbride after reports of the large dog attacking a Collie at around 10.25am this morning.
Local officers attempted to restrain the 'Xl-Bully' type dog at an address on Mannering but were forced to call in specialists after they failed to contain the crazed animal.
In the shocking footage, officers are heard counting to ten before four loud shots are fired. The dog is heard yelping, barking and squealing before two more bullets are deployed which eventually kill it.
...may I recommend this one?

After all, with the influx of these things north of The Wall, you're going to need it...

Sunday 18 February 2024

Reported In The EDP...

...not that they can really afford to throw stones at this particular glasshouse:

But of all the professions you'd expect to have multiple levels of proofreading...!

H/T: Dave Ward via email

So, Where Else Would They Go?

A set of traffic lights on a busy city road are set to be replaced in February.

Oh? Thanks for the information, EDP. Any more?

 Ummm, thanks?

H/T: Dave Ward via email

Sunday Funnies...

Sleep, sweet gift of Morpheus...oh, wait!

Saturday 17 February 2024

Another Unfortunate Juxtaposition..?

Are they all on African Time, then?

No, Jonathan, It's Not The 'Slippery Slope' You Think It Is...

Jonathan Liew is upset at 'right wingers':
And so once you erase trans women from physical sport, you move to sports such as chess and darts. From there it’s a short leap to scoffing at people’s pronouns, talking about “men in dresses”, perhaps even a cheap gag during prime minister’s questions while the parents of a murdered trans teenager are watching from the public gallery.

Newsflash, pal, we've already done all that long before this latest row.  

Next you start denying the concept of gender fluidity entirely.

*gasp* Can you believe the insolence of us heretics? 

You demonise the trans woman as a potential abuser or rapist.

Because they often prove themselves to be exactly that

You describe transition surgery as “mutilation” or “child abuse”.

Because it is? 

Friday 16 February 2024

Why No Deportation?

A driver who deliberately rammed a cyclist into a parked truck has avoided jail.

It's hard to see how, when the act was deliberate and calculated. 

Polish plumber Adam Ruszkowski pursued Thomas Purchase, who had overtaken the motorist on his bike, along Lambeth Walk Road in south London. The 37-year-old then drove into the software engineer, pushing the cyclist into an HGV, causing spinal fractures and PTSD following the incident.

How on earth does this man not see the inside of  jail cell, and on release, the departure lounge of Heathrow accompanied by Home Office officials? 

But Ruszkowski, who was in tears throughout the sentencing hearing at Inner London Crown Court, has been spared jail time, instead receiving a sentence of two years suspended for two years.

Are we that short of Polish plumbers? 

The motorist, who was wearing a light blue shirt in court, was helped by an interpreter as Judge Darren Reed summarised the case.

Clearly no loss to the workforce if he departs for Warsaw post haste... 

Oh Dear How Sad Never Mind...

The head of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees has said he followed “reverse due process” in sacking nine staff members accused by Israel of being involved in Hamas’s 7 October attacks.
Philippe Lazzarini, UNRWA’s commissioner general, said he did not probe Israel’s claims against the employees before dismissing them and launching an investigation. At a press conference in Jerusalem, Lazzarini was asked if he had looked into whether there was any evidence against the employees and he replied: “No, the investigation is going on now.” He described the decision as “reverse due process”, adding: “I could have suspended them, but I have fired them. And now I have an investigation, and if the investigation tells us that this was wrong, in that case at the UN we will take a decision on how to properly compensate [them].

But we should totally trust the UN on everything else, right? 

“Indeed, I have terminated without due process because I felt at the time that not only the reputation but the ability of the entire agency to continue to operate and deliver critical humanitarian assistance was at stake if I did not take such a decision,” he said.

How's that reputation looking now? 

Thursday 15 February 2024

"You In A Gang, Fam?"

"Nah, mate, I's a slave, innit?"

Almost half of the victims of criminal exploitation in the UK are British boys aged under 18, according to a report calling for new laws to acknowledge them as ­victims of modern slavery.

What sort of woolly thinking w... 

The analysis, by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) thinktank and the charity Justice and Care...

Ah. Of course. 

...found that criminal exploitation is the most common type of modern slavery occurring in the UK in the past four years.The analysis found that about two-thirds were British and mostly teenagers and vulnerable adults who are “forced, coerced or groomed into committing crime for someone else’s benefit”.

Well, it couldn't possibly be for their own benefit? What's up, the old excuses stopped working so you're looking for new ones? 

“Professionals, families and victims themselves frequently do not apply the label of ‘modern slavery’ (nor even exploitation in some cases) to what is happening,” the analysis concludes.

They will now. Or their brief will. 

This Is Why Little Ever Changes...

A police operation has been launched as officers change the way they respond to ‘dangerously out of control’ dogs in Dorset. Operation Indie is to become Dorset Police’s standard response when a dog has bitten a human or killed another animal.

 Good, good, at last they learn, so...what's the change here?

Operation Indie will mean that when a dog is involved in an incident, a dog handler will be deployed to the offending dog’s home address.


The handler will then carry out a risk assessment and give advice that has been written up by a top dog behaviourist in the UK. The aim is to keep the dog from being seized, while putting the onus on the owner to prove responsible dog ownership.

How does that help the victim, or the wider public? Because, astonishingly, that's not what's uppermost in the minds of the morons who have come up with this approach: 

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: “Seizing a dog is the last resort and so if people can show that they are doing everything to ensure that the dog cannot bite again, then we prefer the dog stay at home for its own welfare.
“However, if a bite is so bad then it would leave us with no option but to seize.

Good grief! Just ask Police Scotland for advice, they know exactly how to deal with these situations

The spokesperson added: “We are lucky enough that unlike some other forces, our handlers on the dog section will all be dart delivery trained by April 2024 and so instead of seeing a dog out of control in public being shot dead, officers can attend and sedate the dog and then transport it to a vet.
“The vet can administer whatever care the dog may need as sometimes a dog’s actions can be because they are suffering an injury that we cannot see.“

Welcome to your 2024 police force. You thought they couldn't get woker. But Reader, you were wrong. 

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Nature Is Healing

Britain’s tallest bird, the spectacular, wetland-loving crane bred in higher numbers last summer than at any point since they disappeared from the UK in the 16th century. At least 80 pairs of cranes were recorded in 2023, up from the previous high of 72 two years earlier.

It's great to see it's not all doom and gloom... 

More recently it has been boosted by a reintroduction project where hand-reared cranes were released on expanded wetlands in the Somerset Levels. Britain has drained, developed and destroyed more than 75% of its marshland but the recent restoration of some wetlands has helped the species recolonise Wales, Scotland and nature reserves across England, including in Lincolnshire.

For once, government spending on something worthwhile! Such a rare occurrence these days. 

Andrew Stanbury, an RSPB conservation scientist, welcomed recent government announcements to spend £16m on rewetting peatlands and its Landscape Recovery Fund second round, which supports net zero goals such as restoring marshland. Wetlands are effective carbon stores, as well as reservoirs of disappearing biodiversity.

Even the ridiculous Net Zero scam can occasionally prove useful. 

"... I thought it might be just a normal altercation - it is east London."

It is understood some involved in the attack were in school uniform - with the teacher reportedly just two weeks into his new job.
Gulzarin Iqbal, a physician associate at the nearby Lord Lister Health Centre, said there was 'a lot of blood' when he went to the aid of the stricken man who had been stabbed with a 'long knife' outside the east London school.
Sadly, Gulzarin, these days, an adult getting stabbed in the back by schoolchildren is 'a normal altercation' for east London.
He described the victim as an 'African male, in his 40s, of average build.'

What was all that guff about how schoolchildren need role model teachers who look like them in the classroom? 

Tuesday 13 February 2024

He's Laughing At You, You Idiots!

Dr Psaroudakis told the tribunal he used the term 'Yew' or 'Yewish' in the messages replacing the 'J' of Jewish with a 'Y', because of his accent.
No, of course not, it was to stop his foul messages being searchable by MS Teams software!
The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service concluded: 'The evidence suggested that it was Dr Psaroudakis' common practice to pick out and use what could be considered offensive or derogatory characteristics about people whom he did not like or get along with, and liberally use those terms to describe them.
'Rather than use someone's name or work title, Dr Psaroudakis preferred to make unpleasant and unacceptable references to protected characteristics of colleagues.
'The Tribunal makes no finding that Dr Psaroudakis is a racist but is satisfied that he is someone who is quite comfortable with using discriminatory language.'
Utter clowns, the whole lot of them!

Even The Passengers Know The Truth

The 7A bus runs four times a day, six days a week. Its 12.5 mile (20 km) route connects four settlements in South Cambridgeshire. But it only runs thanks to a tax payer subsidy of £124 per passenger.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to give them all accounts with Uber? 

Jean Wakefield is three months shy of her 80th birthday. She is also - probably - the 7A's most regular passenger. Most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays she catches it to shuttle between her home near the Imperial War Museum at Duxford airfield and a friend's house in the village of Sawston. She is one of three passengers we meet on the 7A, as it completes two loops through countryside that straddles the M11. "There were more people who used to use it, but several of them have died," Mrs Wakefield, who trained as a nurse, says.

Yes. Yes, it would appear that it would be! 

She agrees it gives her some independence and says without it she would have to walk, take a taxi or ask a friend for a lift.

Which might be the only options available in future: 

Brian Clifford, A2B's owner and managing director, says he expects passenger numbers to be lower this year. Mr Clifford says "as much as you try and alter it and play with it" the 7A "just never seems to work". He adds: "It doesn't run from a high population area to a high population area. It doesn't run particularly where shoppers or commuters want to go." But it provides "links to villages and settlements that have nothing else".

Given them all Uber accounts and be done with it! 

Monday 12 February 2024

Every Cloud...

The Met said yesterday its main working hypothesis was the attacker had 'gone into' the River Thames after being seen leaning over the railings of Chelsea Bridge on the night of the incident before disappearing from view.

And as a result, several families might now have closure: 

Marine Policing Unit boats have been pictured on the Thames as officers search for a body. On Saturday, police found one man's body near HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge, at 10.13am, and another man's body near Limehouse, east London at 10.39am, less than half an hour later.
Both men's deaths are being treated as unexpected and the police are working to identify them so they can inform their relatives.

Will they ever find Ezedi? Who knows. But hopefully they do. The poor Thames doesn't need more human filth in it. 

I Hope That Officer Is On Traffic Duties...

...maybe as an emergency bollard:

London's Metropolitan Police ordered thousands of trousers with plus size waistlines last year, with one officer requiring a pair with an XXXXXXL waist.

I...I mean, how big is that even? 

The figures showed one male officer had a pair of trousers ordered with a whopping 62 inches waist while the largest trousers ordered for a female officer were a size 44.


While the most common size for plus size male officers was a 40 inches waist and a size 20 for their female counterparts, according to figures reported by The Sun.
Prospective Met officers are required to take a Job Related Fitness Test before being admitted to training.

Sounds like they may as well make it a 'Job Related Fitting Through The Station Main Door Test'. 

Sunday 11 February 2024

It's Like 'Spot The Ball' But...Not!

A "large flume of smoke" has been reported in Paignton. Motorists are being urged to approach the A380 Kings Ash Road with care. According to traffic monitoring site Inrix, the road is blocked in both directions. There is slow traffic near the A385 Totnes Road.

 What did they do before 'grabbing a screenshot from Googlemaps' became an option?

H/T: IanJ via email

EDP Editor: "Are We Sorted For E's..?"

EDP photo monkey: "No, boss..."

H/T: Dave Ward via email

Sunday Funnies...

Nice to see the UK figures prominently, even if we are pipped to first place by Serbia...

Saturday 10 February 2024

A Fascinating Story...

Archaeologists have made hundreds of new finds on the wreck of HMS Erebus, the ship commanded by Sir John Franklin on his doomed Arctic trip 180 years ago. The team’s discoveries include pistols, sealed bottles of ­medicines, seamen’s chests and navigation equipment. These are now being studied for clues to explain the loss of the Erebus and its sister ship Terror, and the deaths of the 129 men who sailed on them.

I've read a lot about this expedition (both non-fiction and Dan Simmons' amazing horror novel based on the facts), and visited the Naval College at Greenwich to see the memorial to the lost men. It's a truly fascinating story.

The work is considered to be particularly urgent because the wreck of the Erebus – discovered 10 years ago in shallow water in Wilmot and Crampton Bay in Arctic Canada – is now being battered by increasingly severe storms as climate change takes its grip on the region.

Does climate change have to be shoehorned into everything in the 'Guardian'? Well, at least it's not covi... 

Investigators’ efforts were made even more pressing by Covid-19, which halted all exploration in 2020 and 2021...


Virtually all this work has focused on the threatened Erebus. By contrast, Terror – which sank in deeper water about 45 miles away from the wreck of Erebus – is less at the mercy of the elements and was only visited briefly last year.

Time to explore that one too, then. 

Even Fox Mulder Wouldn't Touch This One...

...and come to think of it, didn't Dana Scully have something rather pithy to say about the ability of government to maintain a coverup?
MPs are calling for a Hillbsorough-style independent panel inquiry into claims...

Wait for it... 

...of an alleged Government cover-up over the toxic death of a seven-year-old schoolboy during floods ten years ago.
Yes, it's this case. Again.
The Mail on Sunday has highlighted the decade-long crusade by Zane's parents, Kye Gbangbola, 57, and Nicole Lawler, 46, to uncover the truth about the tragedy.

Well, no, actually, what they want to uncover is someone other than themselves to be to blame. 

Gas detection kit worn by firefighters at the scene sounded the alarm for hydrogen cyanide at the property and neighbours were evacuated.
Zane's death was discussed at an urgently-convened Cobra meeting in Whitehall later the same day.
But a coroner's inquest later concluded that Zane's death was due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The coroner Richard Travers said fumes from a petrol pump hired by Zane's parents to clear water from their home was to blame.

But that would mean shadowy forces weren't to blame, and the parents can't have that, as it points the finger back at them. 

The family's home in Chertsey, Surrey - where Mr Gbangbola and Ms Lawler still reside - flooded again last month during Storm Henk.

I wonder how they cleared that floodwater?  

Friday 9 February 2024

He Was Rumbled Because Of His Bedside Manner... was so much better than the real staff. So he stood out!

The flagship £575million complex he is accused of accessing includes the Royal Hospital for Children, the Queen Elizabeth Maternity Unit and two Accident and Emergency units.
Woods, of Greenock, is said to have claimed he was a charge nurse, repeatedly gaining access to the resuscitation and children's areas of the hospital...

If he really wanted access to children, he should have put on a wig and lipstick, of course. That way, the State would fully support his right to claim to be something he's not. 

Who Cares, It's Just Taxpayer Money Pt 4783248

The director of public prosecutions is appealing to the supreme court in an ongoing and expensive battle to overturn the acquittal of two protesters found to have acted reasonably in calling Iain Duncan Smith “Tory scum”.
The unusual move will add to the cost to the public purse of a case that Lord Justice Popplewell, who heard the case at the high court, has said has already taken up “significant and substantial legal resources”.

Tim Worstall thinks this is the system working as it should to establish legal precedent. I think it's a shocking waste of our money, and a poll of people in the street would be quicker and cheaper. What say you, Reader? 

Thursday 8 February 2024

A Revolving Door Spinning So Fast, It Could Generate Electricity For The National Grid...

A paranoid schizophrenic who kicked a female custody officer to death has been freed just two years after he was given an indefinite psychiatric hospital order.
If that sounds familiar, then you're probably a long-time Reader of this blog.
Burke admitted manslaughter by diminished responsibility and was handed an indefinite hospital order at the Old Bailey in January last year - the same sentence given to Nottingham stabbing killer Valdo Calocane.
In shocking new pictures the killer, 30, can be seen working out unsupervised in a packed boxing gym and casually strolling to the shops to pick up his groceries. Just like the families of Calocane's Nottingham rampage Ms Barwell's relatives say they believed he would never be released.
A relative quoted said that 'the killer is 'making a mockery of the system'...' but it's not him doing so, it's the justice system itself. It should call itself something else.
An MoJ spokesman told The Sun the matter was for the mental health trust treating Burke to comment.

Passing the buck as always. 

A spokesman for Oxford Health mental care trust said: 'Due to patient confidentiality, we do not comment on, or confirm the identities of those in our care.
'However, we can say that if a person is being cared for by us as a result of a placement into mental health services rather than a prison sentence, part of their therapeutic time may well be spent in the community as opposed to being on a ward all the time.'

Perhaps if a patient's 'time in the community' had to be served with the psychiatrists' own family, instead of the general public, it might change things? 

In Which I Defend Rishi Sunak...

...though it's difficult, I admit.
“For the prime minister of our country to come out with degrading comments like he did, regardless of them being in relation to discussions in parliament, they are absolutely dehumanising,” he told Sky News.
What did he say?
Listing what he called broken Labour promises, the prime minister said: “I think I counted almost 30 in the last year: pensions, planning, peerages, public sector pay, tuition fees, childcare, second referendums, defining a woman – although in fairness that was only 99% of a U-turn.
Clearly a reference to the nonsense spouted by Starmer that '99.9%” of women do not have penises'. It's 100% obviously. 

And the person who objected and claimed to have found it personally 'shocking'? The father of a murdered transgender child.
Asked repeatedly why Sunak had made a joke at the expense of trans people, the chancellor told the BBC this was “taking these comments out of context”, before eventually refusing to engage with questions about whether the prime minister should apologise.

Why should a British Prime Minister ever apologise for stating a biological fact? 

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Sounds Like A Place Where Hope’s Been Abandoned…

A primary school has promised improvement after its kitchen received one of the worst food hygiene ratings in Bexley.
Hope Community School in Sidcup has vowed to "urgently" address the rating, after the Food Standards Agency (FSA) discovered a catalogue of failings during their visit in December. It was found that staff were not wearing protective clothing and could not tell the inspector what allergens were in the food they were serving to pupils. The grim discoveries led to an overall "one" hygiene rating, the second lowest possible – placing it in the bottom 1.1 per cent of establishments in the borough.

So, Greasy Ali's Kebab House provides a better - and safer! - meal for your kiddiewinks than their school! 

Good grief! Maybe they should get their education there as well? 

A spokesperson for the school said: "We take food hygiene very seriously.

OK, really? So, what's your explanation for this, then? 

"The lower than expected rating was predominantly due to improvements needing to be made in the paperwork and procedures element of the inspection.

Errr, yes.  

"The school very recently took the catering inhouse, and was therefore in a transitional stage during the inspection, which meant the catering team were still in the process of establishing the appropriate paperwork and procedures required."

That's your explanation? Jeez. 'The dog ate our homework' would have been more plausible...

Thankfully, You Won’t Be In The Job By Then…

The UK could officially recognise a Palestinian state after a ceasefire in Gaza without waiting for the outcome of what could be years of talks between Israel and the Palestinians on a two-state solution, David Cameron has said.
Although I suppose Labour could keep you on, you really aren't a Conservative, after all...
“What we need to do is give the Palestinian people a horizon towards a better future, the future of having a state of their own.”

Why would we want to do that? If ever a populace has squandered every chance they've ever been given to prove they deserve one... 

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has repeatedly rejected the creation of an independent Palestinian state after the war, and has even boasted in recent weeks that he was instrumental in preventing Palestinian statehood.

Well, Ben, I think they've had a hand in that too... 

Tuesday 6 February 2024

Streaming TV: The Mandalorian (Disney+)

When I first saw a new Star Wars show announced on Disney+, and then saw what the title was, I was a little perplexed. 

Sure, we all knew Boba Fett (who later got his own show, though it didn't have the impact of this one!) but a show about a character whose defining feature is that he never takes off his helmet to show his face? And you cast Pedro Pascal? How will that work?

And it did! Thanks to a certain marketing goldmine in the form of 'Baby Yoda'. The second season couldn't quite match the first, but it was still far more watchable than anything on terrestrial TV. 

And the theme tune was pretty good too!

Curtains Might Have Been A Cheaper Course Of Action…

Pensioners who spent £100,000 in a failed legal battle to force their neighbours to remove a large lantern have blasted the High Court after losing their appeal. Roger and Margaret Hunt, both 80, launched a private prosecution against their neighbours over a Victorian-style lantern, which Mr and Mrs Hunt insist shone into the bedroom window of their home in Deal, Kent.

And, typically for these cases, it's all someone else's fault that they are now out of pocket. 

Mrs Hunt, a retired school teacher, said today: 'This is just us being picked on – we are lucky we have the means to stick up for ourselves in this case.'
Retired accountant Mr Hunt added: 'We were made to pay £6,000 pounds of costs to them after we lost the initial findings. That is very unusual in a statutory nuisance case, you're normally immune.
'But then when we tried to dispute the magistrates' findings – the costs racked up to over £100,000 including our solicitors. 'The stupid thing is we aren't that worried about losing £75,000 - because we're more worried about what they may do next.'

Truly, a fool and their money are soon parted, and hiring solicitors and going to war with neighbours is one of the surest ways to accomplish that! 

Their son Jonathan Hunt, who is in his 40s, was forced to retire from teaching classics at Winchester College private school due to chronic health issues and moved in with his parents in 2012.
Jonathan added: 'We clearly don't have infinite supplies of money to bring or defend legal actions. We have not been able to stop harassing acts like their spotlights being flashed at us and wind chimes being wrung out.
'Only our solicitors have been able to get them to stop doing things they've been doing. But we don't have endless money and we don't know what to expect next. We just don't understand them.' Jonathan also slammed the advice his family were given. Mr and Mrs Hunt did not initially get legal representation after reading that their statutory nuisance claim could be resolved in court without a barrister.


This Happens Every Year…

Retailers in Great Britain suffered a dire Christmas as cash-strapped consumers cut back on shopping in December, fuelling the biggest fall in monthly sales since shops were forced to close during the coronavirus pandemic in 2021.
Sales plummeted 3.2% month on month as retailers across the board suffered as the cost of living crisis resulted in consumers making tough decisions, including choosing between buying food or presents. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that the sales slump, which followed a 1.4% rise in November fuelled by Black Friday promotions, hit all retail sectors.

It's as inevitable as Christmas itself.  

Food stores performed very poorly, with their steepest fall since May 2021 as early Christmas shopping led to slow December sales. “Department stores, clothing shops and household goods retailers reported sluggish sales too as consumers spent less on Christmas gifts, but had also purchased earlier during Black Friday promotions, to help spread the cost.”

I remember when after-Christmas sales were things to look forward to, but - possibly as a result of the creeping Americanisms - now it's the pre-Christmas sales that everyone looks forward to. 

Monday 5 February 2024

Why Is It The Government's Job?

Sir Keir Starmer said tackling knife crime requires a 'laser focus' as he described the double stabbing as 'devastating'.
Speaking during a visit to Warrington, the Labour leader told broadcasters: 'My reaction to what happened in Bristol starts with the human reaction. This is devastating for the family and friends of these two youngsters. I have teenage children myself. I cannot even imagine what it's like for the family and friends.
'But broader than that, I think across the country, there is this general concern now that knife crime is getting out of control. We've seen a 77 per cent increase since 2015. We've got to take it more seriously. 'We need real ambition by the Government. Make sure these knives are not available online - that can be done very quickly.

We don't even know yet where these particular murderers got their knives. Despite arrests, police weren't even naming the suspects at the time I drafted this. So why does he think making knives unavailable online is going to help?

'Where we think that youngsters are getting into trouble, put the support and get them out of that situation in the first place. And then finally, make it absolutely clear that if you carry a knife you carry the consequences.
'So I would bring a laser focus to this now. We can't carry on with these awful stories of knife crime. We have to roll up our sleeves and do something about it.'
Well, you were DPP in 2008 and held that position until 2013. If anyone laid the foundations for this rise, it was you.

The Owners Are Worse Than Their Feral 'Pets'...

A grandmother who was mauled to death by two 'unregistered XL Bullys' in front of her screaming grandson was trying to break up fighting puppies with a broom when she was attacked, it has been claimed.

Even as young animals, this breed loves to do what it was bred for, it seem... 

Esther Martin was visiting her 11-year-old grandson when she was attacked yesterday by the massive animals, reportedly named Beauty and Bear. It is understood the terrified 68-year-old had issued a warning to her tattooed 'son-in-law' Ashley Warren, 39, about the dogs, but the East London wannabe rapper fired back with a foul-mouthed rant: 'No one tells me what to do with my f*****g dogs.'

They certainly don't need to now: 

Six Essex Police officers arrived 'within minutes' and shot dead both dogs inside the home.

Good riddance. The puppies should have been shot as well. Never mind what the neighbours think.

Julie Coleman, 62, and Mike Coleman, 74, said: 'It's horrible. I heard them shoot the dogs. It's so upsetting. I was in tears.'
Mrs Coleman said: “I’m an animal lover and it’s just so upsetting, even with what they have done.

Living next to these things? I'd have been opening some champagne for the cops.  

Saturday 3 February 2024

The Madness Is Spreading...

Virtual police stations should be opened in the metaverse to tackle online crimes, Interpol suggests.

I suppose this was inevitable... British police farces are probably congratulating themselves on leading the way! 

The international police body has called for forces to consider opening online units offering services like 'reporting crimes, filing complaints or hosting virtual community meetings'. In a White Paper warning of an explosion of crimes in virtual reality games, Interpol suggests officers should maintain a 'virtual presence in the metaverse' to prevent sex offences, child abuse and even terrorism.

If it's as effective as the real-world presence, better open up a virtual Police Complaints Authority alongside it. 

Another Diversity Hire Shot Down In Flames..?

Mr Brown, who was hired as chief of West Midlands Fire and Rescue Authority last year, was accused of lying about his qualifications and playing for Charlton Athletic when applying for the £180,000-a-year job.

Astonishingly, they actually checked this time. 

The firefighter, who was part of the London Fire Brigade for 27 years until switching to the West Midlands service in 2019, had impressed superiors with his Master of Business Administration degree from London South Bank University.

Is that really what impressed them so much? 

But an investigation was launched after his alleged alma mater said it had no record of his degree, with the fire chief removing them from his LinkedIn account shortly afterwards.

Why would you even lie about this sort of thing? Because you'd got away with it up to now, I suppose? 

London Fire Brigade posted a tribute to Mr Brown from Fire Commissioner Andy Roe, saying: 'I am deeply sorry to hear of the passing of Wayne Brown.
'Wayne was a valued and respected colleague in the brigade for over 20 years before joining West Midlands FRS. Our thoughts go out to Wayne's family and friends at this difficult time.'

Did you ever check his claims when he worked for you, though? 

Friday 2 February 2024

I Suspect The Answer Is ‘Very Little’…

A growing number of organisations have been found to have discriminated against women because of their views. What are employers learning from such cases?

It won't be 'that they were wrong to fall under the spell of Stonewall' will it, Reader? 

Gender-critical feminists believe sex is biological and cannot be changed, and disagree with trans rights activists who say gender identity should be given priority in terms of law-making and policy.

Decribing it as a 'belief' rather than a recognition of reality shows the absurdity up for what it is. It's as daft as saying "Geographers believe the earth is round, and disagree with Flat Earthers who say transport policy should be decided on the basis that it's flat." 

After the Meade case last week, which like several others involved disciplinary action being initiated against an employee as a result of social media postings, Westminster council said it would “consider what changes we need to make”. For the local authority it comes too late to prevent a payout, but other employers may need to learn from it.

No, they do need to learn from it. But I suspect they won't.  

Georgina Calvert-Lee, an employment and equality barrister at Bellevue Law, agreed that the wider debate – in which gender-critical feminists and advocates of transgender rights have been at loggerheads – may have influenced employers, but said they must adjust their behaviour in light of the case law.
“What Forstater and Bailey have done is they’ve set this very strong precedent of tolerance,” Calvert-Lee said. “Above all, in a pluralistic society, which is what we want, you have to accept that people are going to have different views and some people are going to find their colleagues’ views completely obnoxious – but nevertheless protected because freedom of speech is something that … has been really promoted and underlined.
“It’s always been there but it’s been sort of forgotten in some of these culture wars.”

Not by everyone, just by those organisations in thrall to the likes of Stonewall.  

And He's Probably Not The Only One...

Fury is growing over how the chemical attacker who maimed a mother and her two daughters was allowed to stay in the UK despite being convicted of a sex crime after arriving here illegally in a lorry.

Yes, you read that right. AFTER being convicted of a sex crime. 

This isn't a case of 'We don't know who we are letting into the country' (although we don't), this is a case of 'They showed us who they were WHEN we let them into the country'... 

The man hunt for Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, 35, continued last night as Tory MPs called for all asylum seekers who commit crimes in Great Britain to be deported.

Gosh, haven't they had 13 years to call for this? 

It was emerged last night that Ezedi is a former asylum seeker from Afghanistan who was allowed to stay in the UK despite being convicted of a sexual offence, following two failed applications
Find the two civil servants who turned down his applications, and promote them. Find the one who granted asylum and fire them.

And kick out anyone who is sheltering him.

Thursday 1 February 2024

Well Played, Well Played Indeed...

Blade runner ULEZ vandals have used a sticker of London Mayor Sadiq Khan's face to block the hated cameras.

Heh! The police are not amused. And are so desperate to stop support for this, they have resorted to lying. Badly. 

Which, let's face it, is how they do everything these days.  

Chief Inspector Priya Shome, based in Bromley, said: "We are investigating the criminal damage to five sets of traffic lights in the Orpington area overnight which has caused major traffic management issues.

Boo hoo! So do Palestinian terrorism support protests, but I bet you never complain about those, eh? 

"Two police units, who should have been available to answer 999 calls, were instead required to spend the morning managing traffic.

Sure, of course they'd be answering 999 calls instead of monitoring Facebook for hurty words, Priya... 

Can you work in a 'For the cheeeeldreen!' angle? You can? Good girl!

"The people who are carrying out this criminal damage are putting the public at risk.
"There has been a collision between two cars on Court Road, at the location of one of the damaged traffic lights, in which a child was injured.
"I would urge the people carrying out these crimes to stop immediately and think about the danger they are causing to road users."

But in a rare case of a British journalist not simply repeating the police boilerplate and calling it 'job done', it seems the anti-ULEZ group aren't the culprits Priya would have us believe.

The junction seems to have been a big problem area over the years, and one man who lives directly opposite the crash noted he has seen multiple accidents in the area.
He said: “I have lived here for three years, and this is the seventh serious crash I have seen happen.
“It is because of the traffic lights people get so confused on this road about who has the right of way.”

If traffic lights 'confuse people about who has the right of way', maybe Priya's officers should be there every day checking driving licenses...  

If Only I Ran 'The Guardian'...

...then the text when you clicked on this thumbnail would read 'Well, go back where you came from, then!'.

The government plans to exclude accommodation used to house asylum seekers from a crackdown on landlords managing social housing, the Guardian revealed this week.

So we are supposed to believe these are genuine refugees scared for their lives, but they demand pristine living conditions? If I was in genuine fear for my life I wouldn't think of questioning the shelter given me. Would anyone else? 

Wednesday 31 January 2024

Tweet Of The Month

C'mon, who didn't hear the music, reading this one?

And this is just brutal!

The man who would be our next Prime Minister has some strange policies in store:

Post Title Of The Month

LegIron on the eco-nutters: 

Quote Of The Month

Fahrenheit211 on Oliver Kamm's takedown of the late John Pilger:
"Everyone who writes or creates has biases. We can do our best to keep these biases in check or try to give both sides of a story or to point out when stories are nuanced rather than black and white, but Pilger did none of this. If a story fitted Pilger’s worldview, even if it meant defending awful authoritarians, he was on it. If Mr Kamm is correct then Pilger’s post mortem reputation will most certainly not match the plaudits that Pilger received in his early life."

Post Of The Month

Longrider on how subservience to the trans cult has resulted in a shock (but well deserved) defeat for Labour...

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree...

...does it?

The rapper son of London Riots gangster Mark Duggan has been arrested at an airport over firearms charges. Tottenham based Kemani Duggan, 22, styles himself as Bandokay and performs as part of a group which has featured on the BBC.

But of course it has... 

Duggan was arrested at Gatwick Airport on Saturday 13 January and appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court last Monday. He was charged with possession of a handgun and ammunition without a licence, although the charges were unrelated to any incident at the airport itself.
He is charged with having a Tokarev Zastava Arms model M57 self-loading pistol and 23 rounds of ammunition in Hackney between Feb 19 and March 21 last year.

Wait, why has it taken so long to lock this miscreant up? Are the CPS that scared or impotent? 

Duggan is set to appear at Wood Green Crown Court on February 13 after being remanded into custody. He has yet to enter a plea.

I expect he'll plead 'racism'... 

Tuesday 30 January 2024

Well, Maybe There Really Aren't Any?

Under an opaque policy condemned as discriminatory and “inhumane”, the government has refused dozens of visas for children of migrant single mothers, many of whom came to work in the NHS or social care, saying there are “no compelling reasons” to grant them.
Do they really 'come to work in the NHS or social care', or do they come to get a foot in the door?
The women left their children – some as young as two – in the temporary care of relatives or friends while they moved to Britain from countries including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, South Africa and India. Before leaving, they say, they had been reassured by their employers that their children would be able to follow, in line with current immigration rules permitting healthcare workers to bring close family members.

We are continually told the NHS needs these people, as workers. But are they workers, or the vanguard of an invasion? 

In refusal letters seen by the Observer, the Home Office questioned why the children could not stay permanently with their grandparents or other relatives. In other cases, it said there was no reason why they could not go to live with their fathers, even though their mothers had sole custody or the fathers had not seen the children for years. Many of the letters, addressed directly to the children, conclude: “It was your mother’s personal decision to depart for the UK and you have not provided sufficient evidence to grant your visa on serious or compelling grounds.”

Yes, it was. She gambled. She lost.  

Patricia Chinyoka, chief executive of the Women of Zimbabwe project, which is supporting many of the women, described the refusals as “absolutely appalling”. “Some of the women have supplied an amazing array of proof and then they still get a letter saying: ‘We don’t believe you.’ They have sold properties, left jobs – they’ve sold up and come here and this is what they are now faced with,” Chinyoka said. “They don’t know what to do.”

Go home to raise their families in their own countries.  

Well, Of Course They Fired Your Dumb Ass, Felicia...

Felicia Nicole, a Walmart worker (Ed: accuracy in reporting, please! It's 'ex-Walmart worker...) who confronted the mother along with other shoppers, said she was sacked after five years of service for posting video of the boy online.
'I don't feel sorry for her, she needs to be in jail... she shouldn't have done that to her baby,' she told about the charges against Darby.
'Walmart doesn't care about their employees! I was only trying to help.'

Honey, if there's no clause in your contract that forbids workers from posting pictures of customers online for likes rather than contacting the relevant authorities, I'd be astounded. 

After she was released on bail, Darby wrote an 656-word Facebook post defending herself, claiming she was being 'done like Jesus was'.
Attached to the post were 54 photos of her children that she claimed proved she was a good mother and not 'neglectful' or 'mentally ill'. They included two of her kids at Disney World, posing with presents under a Christmas tree, and sitting on pumpkins on a farm.

IQ is real, folks... 

Monday 29 January 2024

Maybe They Shouldn't Act Like That's Exactly What They Are, Then?

...the phrase “gender identity ideology” is actually nothing to do with gender, as in masculinity and femininity, and how this shapes our identities. Instead, it is used to imply that trans, transgender and gender non-conforming identities are a new fad, and that the longstanding social justice movement for trans rights is really a recent conspiracy of nefarious elites.

Well, Finn, maybe if they don't want to be considered as such, maybe they shouldn't spend all their time infiltrating organisations and changing their rules, eh? 

The real gender ideology is the binary sex and gender system that requires all of us to be either male-masculine-heterosexual or female-feminine-heterosexual; and which attaches harsh penalties to those who deviate from this script.

Go blame Mother Nature for that. Railing against this is like railing against gravity. its guidance, the Department for Education states that gender identity is a contested belief, and that many people don’t consider themselves to have one at all. They define gender identity as a person’s sense of their own gender, which may or may not be linked to their biological sex. In the document’s explanation of pupils’ “social transition”, this is described as using different names, pronouns, clothing or facilities from those provided for their biological sex. What all of us should read here, not in between the lines so much as actually in the lines, is the bizarre claim that things like this have a biological sex in the first place. How can names, the fabric of clothes, or the porcelain of toilets possibly have a biological sex?

Maybe ask the French

"He was probably attacking because he was hungry and scared."

No, because he's a pitbull. That's just what they do.

Dozens of appalled neighbors were powerless to stop the two beasts from ripping 'chunks' out of the victim in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

I find it very hard to believe that no-one in Florida had a gun! 

The victim, known as 'Smokie', was dragged over the sidewalk as onlookers honked their car horns and one edges his semi-trailer towards the bloodthirsty hounds.
'Everybody was gathering around, you know 20 or 30 people, throwing things and that worked for a while,' one neighbor told local10.

What would have worked was running the damn things over, not fruitlessly honking the horn!

The two animals were seized by officers from Miami-Dade County Animal Services which is considering whether to destroy them.

They have to consider this? 

Saturday 27 January 2024

You're Angry With The Wrong Person...

...blame the council for their H&S rules!
JK Rowling has earned the ire of neighbours after gardening works to her Edinburgh home led to a road closure - causing some children to be late for school, their parents claim.

She didn't personally demand the road be closed, did she? No, Reader, of course she didn't. 

The Harry Potter creator, 59, has required access to the road next to her £2.2million home to be restricted for up to a week as the leylandii hedge is cut back. The trimming, which occurs roughly every three years, has led to temporary four-way traffic lights outside the author's house in an affluent suburb of the city, The Times reports. Sections of the road will be closed while workers use a cherry-picker.

And the council demand that in order to do so, the road must be closed. 

One parent said: 'Why can't they do it in the February breaks? They have hours through the day when the roads are quiet. 
'No-one else gets the street shut down to cut their hedge.'

Yes, they would, if a cherry picker was required to do so.  


The Metropolitan police have urged the public to refrain from making “unnecessary and unhelpful” comments about a newborn found alive in a shopping bag last week.
The force used its latest appeal for information to say those commenting had no idea what the baby’s mother was going through​...
To hell with her. Those people are imagining what the newborn went through, discarded in freezing temperatures like rubbish. This isn't a third world country where we expect such things to happen. There are plenty of services available for women in these situations.

And to hell with you too, Chief Superintendant Crick. You're an example of why we no longer respect the police.
“Lastly, I’d like to say that although comments online have been largely incredibly kind, supportive and understanding, there have been a small number of abusive and negative comments that are both unnecessary and unhelpful. All of us are looking at this from a position of privilege in that we have no idea what baby Elsa’s mother is going through.”

That 'long march through the institutions' has given us this. No wonder London is an absolute tip. 

Friday 26 January 2024

Not A Pet, A Weapon...

The dog attack unfolded at just before 5.50pm on Saturday, December 2 when Aroriode-Francis’s XL Bully charged towards a dog in Cheshunt High Street, Hertfordshire.
Emergency services were called, but Aroriode-Francis, 27, left the scene before the police could arrive. The victim of the dog attack later died from its injuries.

Another day, another killer mutt owned by the sort of person who shouldn't be allowed a goldfish. Not that this was a pet, per se, as it turns out... 

Magistrates ordered Aroriode-Francis to pay compensation to the dog owner and cover kennelling costs; he was also given a six-month jail term, suspended for 18 months.The XL Bully was also ordered to be put down.

A Nigerian thug with a record get a suspended sentence for a weapon dog, but a white middle class woman with an elderly terrier loses her job? What are they smoking in judge's chambers these days?  

Separate counts of making off without paying for £286.91 of petrol and driving a BMW without insurance were also levelled at Aroriode-Francis, who admitted both charges.

Nor is that his only brush with the law... 

H/T: ProtectOurPets via Twitter

And Did Elizabeth Sennett Take A Shorter Time To Die...?

Probably not, since you stabbed her eight times in the chest and once on each side of neck. For money.
He was sentenced to death in 1996 for the murder-for-hire slaying of a preacher's wife in 1988, where he was paid just $1,000 for the hit.

And this wasn't his first rodeo, as it turns out: 

...his previous scheduled execution in November 2022 was called off after painful hours of botched attempts to inject him with an IV line.
Following the failed execution in 2022, Smith sought his subsequent execution to be carried out via nitrogen hypoxia - in an apparent gamble that officials wouldn't follow through with the untested method.

Well, it's tested now! 

Maya Foa, director of human rights organization Reprieve, told 'They said lethal injection was humane - that was a lie. They'll claim this execution was humane, and that is a lie, too.
'The whole purpose of these methods is to hide pain. How many more prisoners must die agonizing deaths before we see executions for what they really are: the state violently taking a human life?'

You seem OK with citizens doing it and facing no penalty, Maya... 

Thursday 25 January 2024

A Recipe For Disaster…

Ofsted is to urge schools to “pause” inspections that appear to be damaging the mental health of their staff, as part of its formal response to the death of headteacher Ruth Perry.

One mentally-unstable woman kills herself over a trivial matter, and suddenly the whole world stands still? 

But Perry’s family and school leaders said they were disappointed that neither the Department for Education’s nor Ofsted’s responses addressed the use of single-phrase judgments such as “inadequate” to grade schools, which they said was an impediment to real reform.

You can't appease these people, and you shouldn't even try... 

“As the new chief inspector, I am determined to do everything in my power to prevent such tragedies in the futures,” said Oliver, who took over as head of Ofsted in the new year. He added: “We must carry out our role in a way that is sensitive to the pressures faced by leaders and staff, without losing our focus on children and learners.”

You've made yourself a hostage to fortune, because you can now be delayed by claims that you cannot disprove, because even asking for medical evidence of any 'stress' will be seen as exacerbating it.  

Both the National Association of Head Teachers and the Association of School and College Leaders said Ofsted’s proposals were positive steps but did not fully address their concerns.
“This must be the beginning of a process for Ofsted and the government to improve the way in which schools and colleges are inspected – one that makes the system fairer, less punitive and more supportive,” said Geoff Barton, ASCL’s general secretary.

In any grading system, someone has to come last. I suppose it was inevitable the 'all must have prizes!' ethos would be used for the teachers as well as the pupils. 

Who Says You Never See Anything Worthwhile In Social Media Advertising?

I shall buy two!

H/T: CJ Nerd via email

Wednesday 24 January 2024

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Pt 4792587

The bell-ringing ritual is a familiar sound in many cancer wards — there are now 427 end-of-treatment bells in hospitals across the UK — but while for some it marks an important milestone, for others it’s an unwelcome reminder that they will never be able to celebrate the ‘end of treatment’, as their condition is incurable and the end of treatment means doctors have run out of options.

Remember when we allowed people to do things that made them feel better about their situation, and if it didn't make you feel that way, you just kept quiet out of respect for their choices? 

Me too. It was a nicer world, wasn't it? 

Meanwhile, even those who take part can be left with negative feelings about the experience. A study of 200 cancer patients, published in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology in 2020 found that patients who rang the bell reported more distressing and longer-lasting memories of treatment than those who didn’t. Researchers suggested the sound could create a ‘flashbulb’ event, locking in bad memories and creating false hope.

Silly me, I though cancer researchers just researched ways to defeat cancer... 

Now there is increasing patient-led debate about the value of the end-of-treatment bell ceremony, with some campaigning to scrap the practice in the UK entirely — this has already led to some hospitals, such as Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, removing the end-of-chemo bell from the Lingen Davies Oncology Centre after complaints from patients.

This must be the only sign that the NHS actually cares about patient's wishes. 

That Accident North Of The Wall Is No Longer Waiting To Happen...'s happened: 

A man is fighting for his life in hospital after being savaged by an 'out-of-control' XL bully-type dog that had attacked another man in the street minutes before.
The man was attacked by the 'bulldog-type' animal in the area of Tinto View, Hamilton, Scotland at around 5pm, prompting Police Scotland to send armed response officers to the scene who subsequently shot the animal dead.
The blood's on your hands as well as the idiot owner, Siobhian, if this turns out to be true:
The Record understands the canine had been rescued from England. Police say inquiries to establish the animal's breed are ongoing.

I've had a quick glance at social media, which is exactly as I suspected, full of smooth-brained 'animal lovers' claiming 'any dog can be savage' and 'it's the owner, not the dog' and 'why did the police not tranquilise it' as they always do in these instances. 

At least the Scottish taxpayer's not on the hook for the mutant mutt's long stay in kennels until a judge finally signs a destruction order so well done, Police Scotland, well done indeed.

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Bribing Us With Our Own Money!

And why? Because it works.
Jeremy Hunt has dangled the prospect of big tax cuts in his March budget, in what is seen as one of the last opportunities for the Conservatives to claw back Labour’s huge opinion poll lead.
'Elect us again, and we'll steal less from you!' Well, it's a slogan for the times, I guess...
In his first public comments on his budget strategy, the chancellor made clear that only unexpected bad news would prevent him from answering the call from Tory MPs for a substantial giveaway before an expected autumn general election.

And where did he make this pronouncement? From No 11? Or from the real seat of power in the UK? 

Speaking in Davos, where he was attending the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum...

Thought so.  

One senior Tory MP suggested that Hunt could focus on cutting national insurance.

I'd be satisfied with him just renaming it. Since it's not insurance at all.  

But If He'd Stabbed Her...'d order the knife melted down without hesistation.
Judge Johnson adjourned the case, asking prosecutors for more information about how the dog has behaved since the attack before she rules on its fate.

It's a weapon. Treat it as you would any other weapon. 

Monday 22 January 2024

Is It 'Green' Because It's Hardly Ever Working?

A school has been forced to close six times in three months because its new £358,000 air source heat pump system keeps failing.


The “green” energy source was installed at Kingsnorth Primary in Ashford over the summer as part of a government initiative to help schools cut carbon emissions.

Another example of government initiatives being forced on organisations by bribery, then... 

The school is part of the Aquila, Diocese of Canterbury Academies Trust, which runs 16 schools in Kent.
A Trust spokesperson said: “We apologise for the inconvenience and disruption caused to Kingsnorth Primary School’s pupils and families and we want to assure the community that we have been, and are continuing to, do everything within our power to rectify this situation as quickly as possible.”

You could always rip the damn things out? 

“Our priority has always been to keep Kingsnorth open, but there have been occasions where we have had no choice but to close due to a complete failure of the heating system, electrical power issues and the associated wider safety concerns.
“Unfortunately, the response and site attendance by contractors hasn’t been as quick as we have needed it to be and we have continued to apply pressure and emphasise that the issues need to be addressed urgently.
“We have had electrical and mechanical engineers on-site testing electrical load capacities, as well as finding an alternative option to have a more robust temporary heating solution in place.”

Maybe they'll suggest installing woodburners... 

H/T: farmergeddon via Twitter