Saturday 11 August 2012

£20,000 Well Spent..?

The brother of a man killed in the London riots hopes a new film will help explain why young people took to the streets last summer.
We already know why, don’t we?
Theo Gonzales, 23, a musician
Woodwind? Strings?
… who has served a jail sentence for selling drugs
…advised the makers of Offender on creating a vivid picture of life in the capital’s poorest estates and inside the youth justice system. He said it particularly mattered to him that there was a greater understanding of the roots of last summer’s troubles.
His brother, Trevor Ellis, 26, a father of four, was shot in the head as he sat in a car in Croydon.
Shocking. Terrible. Just sitting in a car. What’s the world coming to? *shakes head*
“The movie shows that people don’t want to live this life. Not everyone has a gang mentality, they’re people who got caught up in it.”
Oh, I know Theo! I’m terrified, just terrified, that I’ll pop out to Sainsbury’s one day in my lunch hour, get caught up in gang culture and then there I’ll be, cruising the streets in a low-rider with a tattooed crew of henchmen.

Wakes me up in a cold sweat, so it does…
Everyone can learn from looking at the world from a youth point of view. I hope everyone gets to see what really goes on. ”
Everyone really, really does, Theo. We see, all right.
He said the Olympics had prompted lots of talk about ambition but it was difficult for people from backgrounds like his to share in that success.
“I used to play professional tennis but I was shot and stabbed and that took my mind completely off tennis. ”
Who shot and stabbed you, Theo? Society? The justice system? And why?
The Met said there had been arrests in connection with the shooting but no charges and is offering a £20,000 reward for information.
So…back to Trevor’s untimely end. Just how did he come to be shot in the head?
Father of four Trevor Ellis paid for his part in the riots with his life.
Hang on! ‘His part in the riots’? I thought he was just peacefully sitting in his car?
The 26-year-old was shot in his car on Duppas Hill, Waddon on the night of the riots after an argument over stolen loot escalated.
Handyman Trevor Ellis, from Brixton Hill, was with two other men, Blaze Aitcheson-Daley, 22, and Tyrone Cooper, 26 on the night. A court case into his two companions in June revealed the pair had both been looting, with CCTV showing Aitcheson-Daley, Ellis’ cousin, entering Cash Converters with an empty rucksack before emerging with a bulging bag.
Cooper went on to blame Ellis for looting goods.
Ah. Ain’t it great when thieves fall out?
Aitcheson-Daley pleaded guilty to burglary at an earlier hearing and was jailed for 18 months. Cooper pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods and was jailed for 10 months.
They are probably already out.
Speaking after the sentencing, Detective Sergeant Darren Lovatt said: "They went there by choice during this violent disorder on London's streets.
"Most tragically this was an incident where a young man lost his life. Without the looting, there would have been no shooting."
You’re a poet, Darren, and you don’t know it! Though I have to take issue with your description of this as a 'tragedy'...


Dr Cromarty said...

There's already a great film about dealing with life on a shity estate. It's called 'Harry Brown'

Dr Cromarty said...

Harry's response to the pond life on the estate is to shoot them. Good film

Anonymous said...

Surprised you are not commenting on the Tia Sharp debacle. Plod at their most inept (well, that and trying to fit up Reynolds for the Bowman murder).

Anonymous said...

dere's consternation across de nation!

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

It would have been better if all of them had been shot.

A clue to the sort of chaotic lives these people live - Theo and his brother Trevor have different surnames and Trevor at 26 had already fathered 4 children

Macheath said...

Wakes me up in a cold sweat, so it does…

...made me laugh out loud, though! ;D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me of this lil' gem:

Song of the evening!

Anonymous said...

Black people...

banned said...

The msm kept very, very quiet about that particular death (thanks for the detail about sharing loot).

JuliaM said...

"It's called 'Harry Brown'"

I still haven't seen that! Must watch it next time it's on Sky.

"Surprised you are not commenting on the Tia Sharp debacle."

Well, what's to say? We'll find out the grisly details soon enough. When the police have completed damage limitation.

"A clue to the sort of chaotic lives these people live..."

Oh, indeed!

"Song of the evening!"

Heh! :)

jaded said...


Anonymous said...

This whole post and of these comments left on it make me sick, a young man lost his life, four children lost their father and two men watched a friend die. Peadophiles and rapists get less time in prison than the two men did for burglary and certainly no one deserves to die for stealing. Furthermore, the comment suggesting only black people were involved in looting is just ignorant and offensive. The riots in London were awful but let’s not forget why they started in the first place.

JuliaM said...

They started because low-lives saw an opportunity to steal on the back of the usual useful idiots chomping out over the (inevitable) death of an armed drug dealer.

As was said above, ‘NHI’..