Saturday 18 August 2012

Everyone Over To Kevin Ryan’s Front Garden!

Why? ‘Cause it’s party time! Bring a bottle!
I write in response to your story “Drinkers on streets put off visitors,” (The Argus, August 9). If Brighton and Hove City Council provided more day centres and rehab facilities, the drinking problem would be less of an issue.
What about providing designated drinking areas for what are often labelled the “transient” and “homeless”?
OK, how’s your front garden sound, Kev?
As for Anne Martin’s view of the Palace Pier as the manager of it, she asks people to finish drinks before coming on to the pier, but it’s OK for her to have a pub at the end of it.
Well, yes. That’s hardly strange. It’s perfectly OK to sell someone a car, but frown when they run their mother-in-law over with it…
I think this is a form of social class prejudice.
Really? You mean people object to rambling, incoherent street drunks hassling passers by for change and evacuating their bowels in the street?

How bourgeois of them!
It seems people view outdoor drinking as a nasty blot on the landscape.
Actually, no. People having a few glasses of wine or beer on a picnic blanket in a park is perfectly acceptable, so long as they take the bottles home with them. Homeless drunks necking Special Brew and fighting on street corners isn’t.

It’s not rocket science.


Tatty said...

Kevin Ryan attended classes full-time in a School Of Thought that teaches "If you make friends with antisocial parasites they'll definitely leave YOU alone."

How is it that there are SO many people who think like this...or at least to pretend to.. about ??

Anonymous said...

It is! Rocket Science, that is.

JuliaM said...

"How is it that there are SO many people who think like this...or at least to pretend to.. about ??"

I'd hope it's the latter. Or we really are doomed as a species.