Wednesday 22 August 2012

How Can You Be A ‘Business Student’ If You Don’t Speaka Da Lingo?

A married man who sexually assaulted a woman after he misunderstood what she meant by "stop" has been given a suspended jail term.
Oh, this’ll be good!
Business student Serwan Saed, an Iraqi Kurd
*gets popcorn*
…. groped the woman as he was driving her car, Bristol Crown Court heard. When he asked her if she would like him to stop and she said "yes", he misunderstood, stopped in a field and touched her improperly.

Who’d believe that?
Judge Michael Longman gave him an 11-month sentence, suspended for two years.
The judge told him: "I accept the language difficulties and miscommunication resulted in you misinterpreting what (the victim) meant. "But that is not a complete explanation for your behaviour and you should have stopped before you did.
"I accept you believed that she was consenting, however unreasonable that belief was.
"You should have taken more care to ensure that she was happy with what you were doing."
Wait, back up a second… ‘driving her car’? How’d that happen? Just where did these two meet?
Timothy Hills, prosecuting, said that Saed had complimented the woman on her appearance in the Tesco shop and they exchanged telephone numbers.
The next day, however, Saed touched her improperly as he took her on a drive and carried out the five-minute assault, as she froze, when she told him to stop.
Hmmmm. Do you wonder at just how you go from meeting a man in Tesco to swapping numbers to letting him drive your car?

I do…
Catherine Spedding, defending, said: "It was an unreasonable belief in consent.
"She said she wanted him to stop and he misunderstood that.
"She was fearful and she didn't speak. He believed he had permission to go on."
She’d already given him permission to do some pretty strange things, clearly. Maybe it wasn’t such an ‘unreasonable belief’?
Ms Spedding said her client would be "extremely cautious" in future and his wife was fully aware of the allegations and continued to support him.
I just bet she does….


Dr Cromarty said...

I await George Galloway's view on this. He will no doubt salute this Iraqi's indefatigability.

Eeyore said...

It's one of those oh-so-frequent cases where both parties should be jailed.

Curmudgeon said...

Odds-on he was guilty of driving without insurance as well...

Woman on a Raft said...

Last week the story about a woman being propositioned caused some debate and I mentioned that these people seem to think that they can demand money, sex and citizenship and that it will be given just for the asking.

The trouble is, given the benefit system and the downright gormlessness of many of our women, this culture of demanding what you want often seems to work. Their behaviour is encouraged and rewarded.

Some sympathy though, for the stupid woman. She will have had it dinned in to her that we are all the same, all cultures are equally valuable, how honorable the others are and that it is raaaaycist to suggest otherwise.

I don't think you need to be dim to believe this; just averagely trusting and a touch idealistic.

It takes an exceptionally robust person to say, for example "if you have a relationship outside of your own culture, be aware that the rules you expect will not apply. That may suit you, depending on what you think of your own background, but be assured it will be different and there's nothing you can do to change it."

Say that in a school and I doubt you'd have a job by the end of the week.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is that if the man knew that 'stop' (in this case the car) mean't to end the car's speed, then if some carnal acts started and the woman said no then he's clearly to blame, as the car, by then, will have stopped. Surely the judge must have seen this?

It seems the woman either had a terrible defence or she was in fact happy to continue her sex acts with the man, no doubt regretting her actions afterwards and crying rape, as has been the case of late with some women.



Tatty said...

WOAR - I'm with you on that one. The females in my family have taught each other for as far back as history and collective memory can tell...."different race, different rules apply to women and children".

As for the summing gods, the defence brief must have practised very hard...right up to the second they opened their mouth in not laughing out loud when claiming "language difficulties" on this one.

How many women do you know who only ever fend off an unwanted sexual advance by simply and only saying one word ?

No physical reaction or any other words. Just "stop".

How many men actually believe that is ALL a woman would do ?

Of course, I'd be happy for defence brief's...and the judge's...mother/wife/daughter to test the theory.

Curmudgeon said...

It must be said that, in the past, if a young man had taken a young lady out for a drive, if he said on a quiet rural lane "shall I stop here?" then there was an implication that, if she said "OK then", a bit of snogging at least might ensure.

Likewise if she said to him "would you like to come in for a coffee?"

Robert the Biker said...

Being a muslim, this POS will have regarded the woman as Kuffir and free for the taking. why we allow this human garbage on our shores is beyond me.

banned said...

Right, off to Kurdiland to see if it works the other way round.

JuliaM said...

"Odds-on he was guilty of driving without insurance as well.."

Good point!

"Some sympathy though, for the stupid woman. She will have had it dinned in to her that we are all the same, all cultures are equally valuable..."

That rather assumes, though, as
Robert the Biker does, that this was a white woman. That ain't necessarily so...

"Right, off to Kurdiland to see if it works the other way round."


Robert the Biker said...

Errr, if she was Hindu, Chinese, African or whatever shade of brown takes your fancy, a muslim piece of filth would still regard her as Kuffir because she was not muslim.