Friday 24 August 2012

There's So Much To Legitimately Criticise The police For...

...that I'm sure you'll pardon me if I don't leap on the 'Mail's' bandwagon here:

Sounds awful?
Samantha Laney, 19, had asked for assistance so she could collect her belongings from the flat she used to share with her partner Thomas Dalton.
Her killer had already been spoken to by police for smashing up their home and he had previously threatened to 'slice her open' if she went to the property.
But when Samantha rang officers for a police escort, she was told there were not enough police officers available.
So she went to the flat, he was lying in wait, and he stabbed her. All because the police failed to escort her, right?

Wrong. He didn't stab her at the flat!
Shortly afterwards, Dalton, 19, armed himself with a kitchen knife and cycled over to the home of Samantha’s father in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs.
He laid in wait for her outside for 45 minutes and when she arrived back, he burst in and stabbed Samantha in the back.
Sorry, but how the hell is this the fault of the police? Were they supposed to mount a 24-hr guard over her? Should they do that for every 'childhood sweetheart' couple who have a row and make threats over FaceAche..?


Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Ahhh but .. since when did the DM allow facts to get in the way of a good story?

DJ said...

If we're expecting the Filth to go to Defcon One every time the underclass threaten each other, we're going to need a bigger force.

About two million should do it.

Meanwhile, will anyone in public life have the bottle to say it: it is not the proper role of public services to allow drama queens to tarry with violent thugs without suffering the inevitable consequences.

WPC Jilted said...

i ashoom police are too be blamed for everything.we are to busy for the fewnerul innit but at leest 46 of us are gonna tern up at there food reseptian.ta for suportting us.

jaded said...

Blimey,i'm shocked.Some support at last..........

Anonymous said...

Yeeeees, JuliaM.

Back in the real world a police van was trapped in the Looe. Fortunately, a former police pathologist was on the scene and witnessed the amazing sequence of events when the police van became firmly wedged on the narrow Cornish road.

"The two building launched themselves at the police van in an unprovoked attack. I saw it all quite clearly" said Mr Patel.

Joy of joys, Freddy. JuliaM recalls identical circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Yes anon above,that's exactly on point.Whenever anyone writes anything about the police refer back to this pathologist.

JuliaM said...

"Ahhh but .. since when did the DM allow facts to get in the way of a good story?"

Almost never! :)

"About two million should do it. "

I think that's a bit on the cautious side. Or...did you just mean for London? ;)

"Blimey,i'm shocked.Some support at last.........."

'At last'..?

Jaded, if you'll care to check out the 'damned if they do' blogtag, you'll see it's not an infrequent occurrence.

MTG said...

Gosh. What a topping campaign to keep a foot in both camps whilst culling cerebral contributions to one's blog.

Never saw it coming.

Anonymous said...

MTG-can I sense another bout of flouncing off this blog as someone has written something you disagree with? Then I will run a sweep-stake on how quickly you come back (under another name of course).
Salt and battered,whoops sorry