Friday 17 August 2012

So, They Aren’t All Treehuggers In Brighton & Hove?

… residents in Old School Place, Hove, want to say goodbye to these 80-foot trees claiming they blight their everyday lives. Despite attempts to cut them back, householders who live in the shadow of the giant perennials say they have their hands tied as they are protected.
In Hove!? Shock!
Richard Frost, of Old School Place, said: “It’s just reached a ridiculous state of affairs. “They were not this big five years ago when we moved in. ”
Trees grow..?!? Who knew?!
Locals claim the trees block out light from their homes while one added he could not dig in his garden as there were too many roots. They are also worried the roots are growing under their homes and will cause subsidence.
Another said that falling leaves caused drains and gutters to block with others saying the smallest amount of wind caused a lot of noise as the branches waved about.
Oh, the humanity!

There are some handy hints for people who want to be rid of unwelcome trees in the comments. There’s also some indication that people are getting rather fed up with this sort of thing, too:
John Fallon says... Oh, for goodness' sake, pop along to the council's website, download a tree work form, fill it in and send it off. Once permission has been granted, get a qualified tree surgeon to coppice the things in the autumn. Job done. Repeat every three years or so. If you want an even easier life, get the tree surgeon to fill in the form. Just get on with and stop expecting other people to solve your relatively minor problems.


Twenty_Rothmans said...

As it's Brighton and Hove, I am surprised they didn't seek out the services of a tree surgeon.

They do, after all, specialise in uphill gardening.

David Gillies said...

If you want to get rid of trees on your own property, this will work*:
Brace and bit
3/4" Jennings bit
Can of creosote

Drill holes at a 45° angle all round the base of the trunk. Fill with creosote. Wait.

* clearly if the trees are not on your land this would be wrong and illegal

JuliaM said...

"They do, after all, specialise in uphill gardening."


"They do, after all, specialise in uphill gardening."

Bark ringing works too. And you can blame that on deer!

Ankush said...

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