Friday 10 August 2012

”On white illegally-grazed horses let me ride away…”*

A horse that was about to be impounded for illegally grazing in Southampton was ridden away from the clutches of council bailiffs as they were about to move in.
The horse was released from its tether on council land at Olive Road, Coxford, by its owner who galloped off bare-back before the animal could be seized.
Council chiefs believe the preparations to impound the horse must have been spotted from a distance.
They did get one, mind you:
Another horse on land at Bakers Drove in Lordshill was impounded for illegal grazing and taken to a secure, undisclosed location, outside the city.
If not reclaimed by tomorrow together with a reimbursement fee for the costs of the bailiff operation, stabling and care, the council said the horse will be “responsibly re-homed” .
Local salami makers, start your bidding!

* apologies for the resulting earworm :)


David Duff said...

I think the owners should bill the council for cropping their grass FoC, and supplying fresh manure for local gardeners!

Woman on a Raft said...

Hurrah! Jackie Lee has been commenting on the video.

JuliaM said...

Has she? Excellent!

JuliaM said...

Oh, and you'd want to be cautious about collecting anything for your roses, David!