Tuesday 28 August 2012

New Intelligence Test For Essex Police...

The following test is multiple choice. Please identify the following images:

a) Suspected burglar
b) Can't tell - too blurry. Better not go overboard.
c) Bigfoot!

a) Getaway vehicle
b) Can't tell - too blurry. Better not go overboard.
c) UFO!

a) Ginger kitten
b) Can't tell - too blurry. Better not go overboard.
c) Aieeee! Lion!!!

If you answered all a), then sorry, you've failed. Come back if you ever suffer brain damage. If you answered all b), well, possibly a career in some other force might suit you better.

If you answered all c), congratulations on joining our farce!
Public safety had remained at the forefront of the policing operation, with the force advising people to once again return to normal life.
Most of us never left it...

Unlike your police spokesmen:

FFS! The game's up! We know you're idiots, no further proof is required!


WPC Jilted said...

i got the first to rite julia

Anonymous said...

Breaking news: Essex police (Leprechaun Division) are now heading to the area with shamrock-shaped saucers, green milk and a rainbow cage.

Anonymous said...

"It would not be out of the question for a genuine wildcat to have made it this far south".

It would be bloody remarkable! There are thought to be less than 400 wild scottish wildcats left, with some more recent research suggestiing as low as 100.

JuliaM said...

"It would be bloody remarkable! "

Even more so if it was a ginger one!

Meissen Bison said...

The Only Way is Serengeti

JuliaM said...

"The Only Way is Serengeti"