Saturday 4 August 2012

Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

…oh, wait. Not if it’s Dorset!

You’ve got murders:
A murder investigation is underway after a man was stabbed to death at a Bournemouth flat in an apparent row over noise.
Arguments, drugs and violence are common in the area said another resident and there was a particularly big row between residents in the block last Sunday .
Random stabbings:
A woman was stabbed in a public toilet in Poole at the weekend. Witnesses saw the woman, 52, lying in the street, clutching her wound, after being dragged from the toilets off the Broadway, in Broad-stone, by a passer-by.
The offender is described as a 40-50 year old woman with olive coloured skin, approximately five feet tall, of plump build. She has black curly shoulder length hair held back with either a hair band or scarf and was wearing a navy blue faded overall type coat.
Gangland shenanigans:
A Bournemouth nightclub is currently closed amid allegations it is under the control of an organised crime gang.
The premises was also visited by fire officers, who were concerned about the state of the electrics, as well as defects in the fire alarm system and a lack of separation between the basement area and the rest of the club.
Southern Electric confirmed the electrics had been tampered with and the meters had been bypassed. Dorset Fire and Rescue Service consequently issued the club with a prohibition notice, which bans them from operating as a nightclub.
Licensing solicitor Philip Day, who is representing the club, said neither he nor the business owners were made aware of Tuesday’s hearing or given the opportunity to attend. He said:

“The allegations are not all accepted but we are very limited in what we can say at the moment. As and when we receive further information from the police we will review the situation.”
And finally, a little bit of London’s vibrant and diverse youth culture!
Two cars could provide vital evidence in the hunt for killers involved in a professional ‘gangland execution’ in Boscombe .
The killing was described as “a spill-over from the drugs turf war in the capital” by Bournemouth East MP Tobias Ellwood. The MP has written to Dorset’s Chief Constable Martin Baker to demand answers on how the force is dealing with gang-related violence in Bournemouth which, in part, involves Somalis.
With all that going on, you’d think mouthy kids on Twitter would be very, very low priority indeed…


GoodnightVienna said...

Bournemouth of all places! My, how times change.

Anonymous said...

So Bournemouth really is the place to go and wait to die, just that in da 21st Century fanks to all dat vibrant diversitee you don't ave to wait too long innit! Somalis eh? Fucking human rats.

JuliaM said...

"Bournemouth of all places! My, how times change."

A legacy of Labour's policy of pushing asylum seekers out of London - Southend too suffers. In fact, any seaside town within easy travelling distance from London suffers.

"Somalis eh? "

I heard a great joke on Twitter yesterday: "The head of the Somali Olympic squad has apologised to officials after realising shooting and sailing were two separate events.."

Anonymous said...

Did you not know about another murder, a guy was decapitated in the town a couple of weeks ago.

all you need to make a sentence about drugs is Drugs/blacks/ somalis