Tuesday 28 August 2012

So, The ‘Guardian’ Does Have A Dog In The Fight!

Michele Hanson takes great delight in something she thinks will ‘prove’ that people have given a (breed of) dog a bad name:
Dreadful news. Princess Beatrice's elderly Norfolk terrier has nearly had its ear ripped off in a dog-fight at Balmoral between the Queen's six corgis and three visiting terriers. I say dreadful news, but in a way, it's great news, because at last here we have some naughty dogs who aren't bull-breeds.
Well, that’s also evidenced by the fact that the Norfolk terrier’s alive, and not currently being digested…

But who ever thought it was only large bull breeds that could turn savage?

Dogs are dogs. They are all animals…

But no, the ‘Guardian’ neatly sidesteps the fact that the biggest problem in the country with regards to dangerous dogs isn’t corgis but weapon dogs. Because if you think about that, you might ‘demonise’ weapon dogs, and then move on to ‘demonising’ their owners, and that’s bad.
They weren't pit bulls, Staffies or mastiff/rottie/American-bull-dog-whatever crosses bred by bad boys. They were the Queen's corgis. Or dorgis – corgi/dachshund crosses. Which is horrid for Her Majesty, but a huge relief for all the other bigger dogs out there with a tarnished reputation.
Those who can read, I presume?

Lord knows, their chavvy owners often can’t!


MTG said...

Other dogs with bad names:

As a declared troll hater, your pal shijuro must welcome news of a Birmingham policeman's arrest. PC Rimell is a troll responsible for months of alleged ‘vicious, vile and depraved’ internet abuse.

The initial response of Birmingham's radiator-hugging police was to ignore the victim, Ms Nicola Brookes. It was only through her own efforts and personal funding that PC Rimell's depravities were uncovered....ultimately linking him with Stechford Police Station, Birmingham.

Shijuro will be intensely gratified by his outing just as I enjoy extending praise for excellent detective work and police stories with a happy ending.

jaded said...

Gloating is not a good quality is it Melvin?

JuliaM said...

Actually, he did comment - his comment was along the lines of 'good riddance'.