Thursday 30 August 2012

Think All Publicity Is Good Publicity, Betfred?

You might have to think again...
Aldred placed a £5 bet at 200-to-1 odds with Betfred in honour of her late husband and Oldham's grandfather, Eric, whom she described as "a betting man."
She attempted to cash in her bet after the Olympics, but bookmakers said they wouldn't pay her the £1,000 she thought she was due because Oldham's medal came in the team competition rather than as an individual.
She didn't look at the small print? Well, it seems there wasn't any.
It's tempting to suggest that a grandmother who has never bet before might have simply misunderstood the wager she was making, but Aldred's betting slip appears to corroborate her argument.
Nowhere on that slip does it specify that Oldham needed to capture an individual medal for her to win. The 200-to-1 odds also would be reasonable either way since a British team hadn't won a medal in men's artistic gymnastics in 100 years.
She should simply stand outside the bookies with a placard. She could soon lose them 40 times that in lost revenue!

H/T: Penseivat via email


Jim said...

They have been shamed into paying up now:

Looks like they paid up before the adjudication panel forced them to. Plus the longer it went on, the worse the publicity would get, and the greater the loss of business.

JuliaM said...