Wednesday 22 August 2012

Parasitism – It’s A Way Of Life!

And not just for ichneumon wasps, either:
A campaign group says it will camp in Victoria Gardens, Brighton, in protest at plans to make squatting illegal – and the city council will let them.
Well, of course they will. Look where it is.
Changes to the law, which come into effect on September 1, will see squatting in residential properties a criminal offence.
In a rallying cry to supporters the group said: “They take our houses, so we’ll take their city.
“We will resist the squatting ban by any means necessary.”
‘Our’ houses..?
The Squatter’s Network of Brighton is calling for a Mass Squatting Action on October 13 to resist the new anti-squatting laws.
“This act is draconian, unworkable, an attack on our way of living…”
A strange way of living, that requires stealing the fruits of others’ labour.

Be careful what you set in motion, won’t you?
Hove MP Mike Weatherly, who had been campaigning for the new law, said: “I fully accept people have the right to protest, but squatting in our public parks is not something I approved of. "If they are there in October then all they are doing is crying out for increased powers.
“The new law will only affect squatting in residential properties, but if they start abusing other areas of land and commercial properties then all they are going to do is hasten the introduction of laws to these areas as well.”
Playing right into the State's hands, and too stupid to see it!


John Tee said...

They don't like a new law so they go and sit in the park. That'll show 'em!

Woman on a Raft said...

That's going to annoy the traveller community who regularly get moved on by the liaison team.

Pass popcorn please.

Anonymous said...

The occupy movement again? Because that worked out so well for them the last time.

David Gillies said...

I wonder how hard it would be to shift squatters if needed. You could probably do it for £250 - fifty quid a head for five likely-looking lads recruited from a pub to swing a few pickaxe handles and problem sorted. Much cheaper than a solicitor and more just.

JuliaM said...

" That'll show 'em!"

Well, indeed! It does have a whiff of 'toddler in a tantrum' about it.

"Pass popcorn please. "

*buys extra large bag*

"I wonder how hard it would be to shift squatters if needed."

I believe a certain Mr Hoogstraten could serve as a useful consultant in this matter.. ;)