Saturday 30 January 2021

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LegIron on the bizarre conspiracy theories abounding over the covid vaccine:


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DumbJon on the bold fresh takes of UnHerd:

"Hiding, mostly. That's what counts as morally upstanding in Cucklandia: being neutral on the whole 'desecrating churches' thing. The Republican establishment spent the whole summer AWOL while America's cities burned but now they're ready to take on the real enemy: their own voters.
And it's not even as if the cucks can claim to be any good at winning elections. Weren't Mitt Romney and John McCain the poster boys for respectable conservatism? How did they do again?
At least DJT won in the first place. These guys got wiped out at the ballot box but apparently, in the US just as in Britain, no matter how many times the cucks stand on the rake, the conservative movement will never need to move on from cuckservatism."

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David Thompson effortlessly skewers the latest convoluted theory from the ranks of the woke... 

'Guardian' Language Vs Human Language...

Joe Biden’s first day in office delivered an incremental victory for transgender athletes seeking to participate as their identified gender in high school and college sports.
"Wait, so women now have to compete with 'women' with an innate unfair physical advantage..? How is that fair?"

More to the point, what does it look li...


...the two transgender runners at the center of that case said in court filings that being able to run against girls was central to their wellbeing.

Yes, a guaranteed win is pretty good for one's wellbeing, I'd imagine...

An early test case of Biden’s order may come in Montana, where on Thursday the state’s house judiciary commission voted by a 11-8 margin to advance a bill to the house floor that would prohibit transgender students from participating on school sports teams of the gender with which they identify.

There's only three people without any common sense on that committee? Pretty good odds!

State representative Robert Farris-Olsen, who joined all committee Democrats in opposition, said that passing the bill would violate the right to privacy enshrined in the state constitution and could mean Montana would lose federal education funding, which amounted to $484m in the last fiscal year.
“Not only do we run afoul of the US and Montana constitutions, we also potentially risk all of our federal funding for education in Montana by passing this law,” Farris-Olsen said.
Added Chase Strangio, the ACLU’s deputy director for transgender justice: “Right now lawmakers are not only voting on trans lives but threatening the state’s federal funding.”

I'm sure Sleepy Joe will ride to your rescue. Over the broken bodies of women competitors. 

Friday 29 January 2021

"Do you wanna build a snowman...?"

Well, better not try it in Tupsley. Not on bin day, at any rate. 

Herefordshire Council said:“We are aware of this incident and are disappointed that an individual representing the council would behave in such a manner."

Hmm, mean-spirited, needlessly destructive, careless of how his actions look to the, no, I'm sure that's not how council officials ever behave. 

"The employee was a member of agency staff working on behalf of one of the council’s contractors, and he has been informed that he will not be used again.
"Information has also been circulated to all agency employees outlining the professional standards they are expected to uphold when representing a Herefordshire Council contractor.”
Boy, I'd like to see that memo!

You've Got Some Cheek!

Now, I hold no brief for vacuous 'celebrities' who think the rules don't apply to them. 

But I wonder if this chap's cheeks flushed brighter than a covid patient's when he stood up in court and offered this condemnation:
Charles Holland, who is representing the Met Police's application, said at the hearing, held online due to COVID-19 restrictions, that Rita 'selfishly wanted to flout the lockdown for financial gain and selfish pleasure'.

There's a lot of that going around, isn't there, Met Police?  

Thursday 28 January 2021

In America, It's Serial Killers... Scotland, it's pitbulls.
Rocco, who was to be destroyed on Thursday (January 21), was saved after lawyers managed to secure a delay.
It’s understood the pet was taken by police after being involved in an incident in which another dog died in January 2020.
He has remained at a kennels facility in the city ever since and while in there, his owner died.

Who's paying? The Scottish taxpayer, of course! 

Plus some animal lovers. Who clearly prefer writing letters to the authorities about poor Rocco unjustly jailed, instead of addressing letters proposing marriage to the Minnesota Mangler...

Campaign group Save Our Seized Dogs has been fighting to save him for the past year. Jayne Dendle, who founded the UK-wide group, thanked the public for their support but warned he could still be killed.
She said: “It’s a case that really pulls on your heartstrings.” Not really.  

Ms Dendle says the group does not believe Rocco is a pit bull type.

It really doesn't matter what a few animal nutters say, does it? If it looks like a pitbull, walks like a pitbull, savages other dogs to death like a pitbull... 

“Everyone who has met him says he is lovely and has a great nature.
“He is not a bad dog.”

I wonder if the owner of the deceased pet thinks that? 

Look Up 'Gullible' In The Dictionary...

...I bet you'll find a picture of Judge Leigh:
Mitigating, Nicholas Cotter said Hardiman was now on her own raising her three-month-old son and was “thoroughly” remorseful, and had been trying to contact prisons about mother and baby wards over fears of a prison term.
Judge Samantha Leigh said: “You got picked up and carried away with what was going on. I am sure you did not necessarily know the full impact of what was going on.”
Hardiman was given a suspended prison term and 60 days rehabilitation.
What did she do? Well, just burned her killer boyfriend's blood spattered clothing when he called her from jail to dispose of the evidence. 

But I'm sure you're right, your honour, she didn't realise why he suddenly needed to dispose of that tracksuit...

Wednesday 27 January 2021

I Guess It Runs In The Family...

An Oxford student described as "a bright star who was going to set the world alight" tragically died...

Oh dear! Of illness?  

...after accidentally walking off a seaside cliff.


Her devastated family believe her death was avoidable and are now urging Thanet District Council to "prevent such a tragedy from being repeated".

Well, that's understandable, I mean, there should probably be railings up at lea...

Wait, what? 


Popular Simone Norowzian, 21, had been staying with friends in Margate when she climbed over some railings, not realising there was a sheer drop on the other side.


During the hearing in Maidstone, the undergraduate was described by her sister Claire Norowzian as “a sensible girl” and a passionate thespian.
“Simone was entering her final year at Oxford. She was a keen actor and had her whole life ahead of her,” Claire added.
“She couldn’t clearly assess the danger. She thought she was climbing over the barrier to a hill to the beach.
“We believe her death was preventable and avoidable. We believe it is the council’s responsibility to prevent such a tragedy from being repeated.”

What, exactly, should they have done? They had a railing. But your 'bright' sister decided to climb over it! 

She wasn't alone. What do her friends say about why she'd do such a thing? 

“We decided to go to bed and Simone wanted a cigarette. She and I walked out into the car park and I realised she was very intoxicated.”

Case closed. It's not 'the responsibility of the council' at all. What did you expect them to do, slap the booze out of her hand? 

"We're All In This Together"..?

A group of 31 Metropolitan Police officers are facing a £200 fixed penalty notice after breaching Covid-19 regulations while on duty.


Earlier this month, the Met received an allegation that a number of officers had their hair cut by a professional barber while at Bethnal Green police station. The incident happened on Sunday 17 January. A local investigation was launched and it has been decided the 31 police officers who had their haircut should each face a £200 fixed penalty notice.

I'd say it's beyond belief, but actually, it's perfectly in keeping with the modern police farce, isn't it? Especially the Met. 

Local policing commander, Detective Chief Superintendent Marcus Barnett (Ed: Really..?!?), said: “It is deeply disappointing and frustrating that my officers have fallen short of the expectation to uphold Covid-19 regulations. ”

I'm sure it is, Marcus ol' chum. But it really shouldn't be surprising, now, should it..? 

The brave boys in blue so eager to run off women who dare to sit in the fresh air in a park for ten minutes have form for deciding the rules don't apply to them

Tuesday 26 January 2021

Increasingly Dystopian...

There was a strong response to a story published in the ECHO yesterday about passengers being removed from buses as part of a police operation linked to lockdown restrictions.
The 10 passengers were each dealt with after they were deemed to be undertaking "non-essential travel".

Well, good! Hopefully that 'strong response' was anger at the police suddenly taking it upon themselves to determine what's 'non-essential'? I mean, didn't we fight a war to...


I never thought I'd say this but...maybe we should be more European?
Floydington1 replied to those criticising the measures and said: "It's not [police] who are disgusting, it's the idiots who won’t follow the rules spreading the virus. They are that stupid they can't understand if people don't move the virus can't move and it will just die out, what's difficult to grasp about that."
Frances Rowland said: "If these people on the bus were out for essential food shop or to visit their support bubble then they would not have been removed from the bus or fined."

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, police at the other end of the country are cracking down on...people who sit in their car having a takeaway coffee?

This pandemic has certainly shown us all just how terribly thin the veneer of civilisation really is, hasn't it?

Yes, But What About Parking And Refuse Collections?

A new leader of Merton Council was officially appointed last night (Wednesday, November 18).
Councillor Mark Allison was chosen to succeed councillor Stephen Alambritis, who was the leader for 10 years.

And his plans for the borough? 

Cllr Allison was first elected to the council in 2002 and was previously deputy leader and cabinet member for finance.
He said: “I am proud to announce that next week I will launch Merton Together a joint campaign with our partners to support our residents.
“Together means being more inclusive, my wife and son are mixed race and I live in a mixed race family. The events of this year, from George Floyd to the treatment of black footballers have made us even more determined to fight for diversity and justice.
“These are my values and will be at the heart of my administration. I am delighted to announce the most diverse and ambitious cabinet in Merton’s 65 year history, two thirds women and more than half from an ethnic minority.”

Oh. I was hoping there'd be something in there about the things the people of Merton care about. Guess not. 

Monday 25 January 2021

Just Fix My Dish When It Breaks, And Make Good Shows...

...because that's all I care about. And I very much doubt I'm alone in that: 

Sky has pledged that one in five of its staff will be from a minority ethnic background by 2025, under a new recruitment target that could lead to 1,500 more black, Asian and minority ethnic workers being hired.

Not good workers, just ones that tick a box. Is that an indicator of a company that's going places? 

The move is broadly in line with predictions that a fifth of Britons will be from minority ethnic backgrounds by 2031, and follows research that found Sky’s workforce was not representative of the areas where it operates, including around its west London HQ where 48% of the population is BAME.

Maybe those people around its HQ don't want to work for Sky? Maybe they don't have the qualifications? No matter! They must be employed by them, or else...what? 

Sandra Kerr, the race equality director of Business in the Community, said her organisation’s research had shown that BAME workers voiced higher levels of ambition to be promoted and to be fast-tracked than white counterparts and were more likely to have higher education qualifications.

Well, of course they do. They see their credentials for promotion every time they look in a mirror. 

They Should Call It The Hypocritic Oath...

Leading intensive care doctors have told NHS staff not to blame people breaching lockdown rules for hospitals coming close to breaking point and for the death toll from Covid nearing 100,000.

Oh? What have they been saying, then? 

In an example of blaming the public for patients dying, Professor Richard Schilling, a leading cardiologist at an NHS hospital in London, tweeted recently his view that: “Joining the chain of death should have the same social stigma as drunk driving. One good reason: my wife [also a doctor] and I have seen pregnant women in different hospitals dying of Covid with teams standing by to cut the baby out post-mortem. Good enough?”

Well, actually, no... 

Saturday 23 January 2021

One Of Those 'Children' They Don't Want You To Taser, I'm Guessing..?

It follows two separate incidents on 1 October 2019, when the defendant was aged just 14.
Shortly before 4pm that day, he approached a 16-year-old boy in Orme Road and demanded he empty his pockets. He then punched the boy, who attempted to continue on his journey, and then stabbed him in the arm. The victim called police and was taken to hospital for treatment. Nothing was reported stolen.
The defendant then travelled by train to Goring railway station. About 4.50pm, he became involved in an altercation with another 16-year-old boy. The altercation continued into the station car park, where the defendant stabbed the victim three times to the chest and abdomen area, requiring hospital treatment.

Imagine the sort of 'child' of 14 that feels confident about attacking people a full two years older than him. 

That's the sort of 'child' that the bleeding hearts tut-tut about when they hear that police have used a Taser... 

Chief Inspector Sarah Leadbeatter, District Commander for Adur, Worthing and Horsham, said: “Thankfully the two victims in this case recovered without suffering life-changing or life-threatening injuries, but it could have been a whole lot worse. Carrying a knife puts you and those around you at significant risk, and possession of any offensive weapon in public is a serious offence. This is reflected in the sentence imposed.”

Oh, so it was a decent sentence for a ch... 

The 16-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, received a custodial sentence of four years and six months at West Sussex Youth Court on Monday 18 January.


Sentences That Chill The Blood...

He will continue to be treated at Ashworth high security hospital in Merseyside until a specialist mental health tribunal decides it is safe to discharge him.

Because they have such a great record on public safety with releasing dangerous nutters? 

Ashley Rowen, 32, was twice previously sectioned under the Mental Health Act before he launched a fatal attack on Ryan Lowry, 36, in Trafford, Greater Manchester, on February 27.
In 2014, Rowen was detained with a delusional disorder having threatened suicide, and again in March 2019 after he seriously assaulted his grandfather who sustained a bleed on the brain.
Sentencing at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court, Judge Maurice Greene said Mr Lowry in effect then became Rowen's carer after he was 'somewhat surprisingly' discharged within two weeks of being detained at a hospital unit.

Only one of the cosseted, out of touch judiciary could possibly be surprised at this, 

Dr John Crosby, based at Ashworth, told the court he did not think there was 'very rigorous monitoring' of Rowen by his community mental team before the killing.

You don't say, doc? 

Following sentence, Mr Lowry's family said: 'We all still struggle to understand why Ryan, who was such a beautiful and caring man, lost his life so unnecessarily and in the way he did.
'We have seen a report from the mental health trust that highlights many problems in the previous care and treatment of Ashley Rowen – including managing the known risks he posed to others.
'It seems that only now – after this horrific murder – will he be getting the effective care essential to ensure he will not commit serious harm to anyone again.'

Yeah, well, I wouldn't start celebrating just yet, if I were you. 

Friday 22 January 2021

Weather - Always Catching Councils Out...

Families were surprised over the Christmas break to discover that one of the Island's newest attractions had disappeared from the promenade.
The giant maze had been painted by Sheerness artist Richard Jeferies during the summer as part of a series of public art works for Minster parish council.
It had proved popular with youngsters as they encountered characters like the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts from the 1865 novel by English author Lewis Carroll.
But the attraction has now been removed, leaving just a huge circle of cleaned concrete.

Oh..? Why? Is it crumbling? Is it considered such a draw that 'covid regulations' are being breached?

Well, no. The answer is a bit more ... well... 

But Swale Cllr Cameron Beart said: "It was removed because it was dangerous. Every time it was wet, kids were slipping over on it."
Cllr Ken Ingleton who chairs the parish council admitted: "We were asked to remove it.
"Apparently youngsters were slipping on it although it was supposed to have non-slip paint."

Gosh, that sounds familiar, somehow... 

Mr Jeferies, a father-of four who has also painted a tribute to Turner's Fighting Temeraire on the seawall at Minster and a number murals at Sheerness including a giant bee and a beach scene, refused to comment.
He said: "You will have to speak to Minster parish council about this."
As Alice might have said, curiouser and curiouser...

And as JuliaM might say, 'Idiot council lashes out more taxpayer cash on project not fit for purpose...'. 

She Certainly Conned You, Judge...

...didn't she?

Judge Sarah Munro, said Culhane was a 'determined, persuasive and manipulative liar' capable of conning professionals into sympathising with her.

Hmmm, what's the evidence for that? 

' undoubtedly had a very difficult childhood, you were in care, you had special educational needs and you were unable to achieve academically.
'You are prone to severe anxiety. You have been diagnosed with PTSD after a very unpleasant car crash. However you were able to gain employment as a carer (Ed: !!).
'You have also had considerable physical health issues. The probation officer assesses that you crave the attention of men.
'You are somewhat inured to violence at their hands and you lack self-esteem or self respect. You may well use lies as a defence mechanism.'

Well, why not? It clearly works!  

Culhane was handed a jail sentence of two years suspended for two years and White was jailed for 11 years.


Thursday 21 January 2021

Wonder What He'd Have Got...

...if he'd waved a knife at a magistrate instead?
Police who caught up with Hayes after a major manhunt discovered he had been in custody for waving a knife at a policeman but was then freed on bail by a magistrates court 82 minutes before the first stabbing took place.


The father-of-one had been treated for mental health issues triggered by him smoking up to eight cannabis spliffs a day.

Ah, that old chestnut. 

He was initially detained under the Mental health Act but was discharged after psychiatrists concluded he was fit and well when not smoking cannabis. He claimed to have little recollection of either attack.

Of course he did... 

Maybe You Should Start Prosecuting Them For Wasting Police Time Instead?

Detective Constable Mahmudha Ali, from the Met's Central West Command Unit, said: 'This case highlights how third party reporting has ensured a violent domestic perpetrator can be convicted without evidence being given by the victim.'

Well, I wouldn't slap yourself on the back so soon, Mahmudha. Chances are good you'll be seeing her again. 

Ms Galwin-Russell refused to give evidence against Hewitt, but he was convicted of assault by beating last month.
Hewitt, who denied the charges, was sentenced to an 18-month community order, 250 hours of unpaid work and a 25 day rehabilitation activity requirement.

Because he'll be out and she seems incapable of learning: 

Police had been called to the couple's Kilburn flat three times in April over harassment claims and an allegation of criminal damage, Westminster Magistrates' Court heard.
'There is a history of domestic reports in this case between the complainant and the defendant, said Robert Simpson, prosecuting.
'There were three call-outs from arguments in April 2020, including harassment and criminal damage to the mother's property.
'They've been intermittently staying together in isolation.'


Wednesday 20 January 2021

It's The Unique Way They're Funded...

...that lets them be disingenuous. Obviously:

As Twitter was quick to point out (did you think no-one would notice, David?) this is the most expensive tariff, for 4K with simultaneous stream to 4 devices. Most people are happy with £5.99 a month. 

Especially since Netflix don't expect to be able to slam a single mother in clink if she refuses to take their product...

Starting As He Means To Go On..?

So, as Sleepy Joe is sworn in, can we make any predictions about the next four years?

Reader, we certainly can: 

President-elect Joe Biden has tapped Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine to be his assistant secretary of health, leaving her poised to become the first transgender federal official to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

The era of identity politics is upon us! Best summed up by one Twitter image:

But maybe I'm being too harsh, and this individual is qualif...


Tuesday 19 January 2021

Useless And Unfit For Purpose...

Joan Ruddick, 69, was walking back home after a festive meal with relatives when her Pomeranian was suddenly savaged by a Staffordshire bull terrier.
It took three people to prise the animal's jaws off Honey, including officers from a passing police patrol on Parr Stocks Road in St Helens.

Well, at least they'll now take action, since they were at the scene. Right?


The family said police told them no criminal action could be taken against the Staffy owner because it wasn't an attack on a person.
This morning, Merseyside Police confirmed they were pursuing a civil action, but because a person wasn't "left in fear" during the incident, it is not classed as a crime.

Utter bollocks, you are fobbing off the owners because you are useless, incompetent lazy bastards who don't even know the law you are supposed to uphold. 

And...she wasn't 'left in fear'?

Mrs Ruddick added: "I'll never forget what happened, I couldn't stop shaking."


Every single one of you involved in this decision isn't fit to wear a uniform or take taxpayer's money. You are a disgrace.  

Pray, Pray For The Labour Party PR Team!

Because they are in a dark place right now: 

It beggars belief that anyone could possibly have greenlighted this in the first place. 

So why did they? Terminally tone-deaf? Sabotage? Who knows. All I know is it lasted about as long as a doughnut in Sharon's kitchen... 

New Blog On The Block....

...well, not really, more an old dog learning new tricks. 'Orphans Of Liberty' has moved over to Blogspot. 

And sitting here amending my sidebar. 

Pop over - the old crowd is still there! The posts will be the same! Only the wrapper (and the URL) has changed.

Monday 18 January 2021

If He Disappears, Can We Deport The Judge Instead?

And his lawyers, too?

A Jamaican drug dealer whose deportation was halted by a last-minute appeal was freed from custody by a judge last night.
The criminal, who can be identified only as 'RS', was due to be on board a Home Office charter flight on December 2. But he and 22 other Jamaican criminals who were also due to be kicked out of the UK submitted legal challenges which delayed their removal, to the fury of Home Secretary Priti Patel.
Now lawyers for RS – who was jailed for seven and a half years for dealing Class A drugs – have successfully argued that he should be freed from immigration detention while the Home Office prepares another flight.

Perhaps I should have said when he disappears..? 

Judge Corner was told by Home Office lawyers that the next flight to Jamaica could take place in March. But the judge said there was no 'actual evidence' to back this up.

There's no actual evidence that you deserve to be a judge either, is there? Yet here we are... 

Hang On A Minute...!

Posting on the Facebook group Feeding Your Family on a Budget, Chantelle Monger proudly showed off her huge food shop which will feed the kids for days.
The large haul contrasts starkly with the recent free school meals packages - said to be worth £30 for two weeks - which have come under fire for containing just a small amount of fruit and veg along with some beans, bread, pasta and cheese.

Why is the subtext 'The government scheme is obviously a rip off' when it should be 'So, why can't these whinging parents do the same, using their child benefit, rather than stick their hands even further in taxpayers' pockets'...?

H/T: lurkingspider via Twitter

Saturday 16 January 2021

The Rise And Fall Of The Mask Bullies...

Most of the big supermarkets are clamping down (often incorrectly) on groups shopping (tough luck, mum with no relatives to leave the kids with!) and people not wearing their BorisMuzzles. 

None have gone quite this far, though:

This garnered approval from the usual crop of #CovidKarens:

Who are - as usual - as wrong as they are smugly self-righteous:

A disabled woman assisted by Kester Disability Rights has been paid £7,000 in compensation by a service provider who refused her access to a service because she was unable to wear a face mask. The pay-out was achieved through negotiation as there was no dispute that access had been denied, or that the Claimant had a disability exemption. The only thing to be agreed was the amount of compensation, not whether it was due or not.
Refusing access to people unable to wear face coverings due to disability is direct discimination - no different to denying access to a black or gay person for example.

I hope that Budgens store has had a rethink, or it could prove very costly... 

H/T: Sheri Copeland via Twitter

Well, She Sure Is Now...

...and frankly, I can't see it as anything but a good thing:  

Lawyers for the 'womb raider' killer Lisa Montgomery - the first female federal death row inmate to be executed in nearly 70 years - have said she was 'disconnected from reality'...
They are, of course, pinning their hopes on the Eighth Amendment, which - bizzarely - states the government is banned from executing an inmate if the individual cannot rationally understand why it is happening to them. 

Which is strange, because surely it only matters what she thought and believed at the time of the crime?
Aside from arguing the federal government executed a mentally ill woman, Harwell also blasted Montgomery's treatment in the moments leading up to her death.
She told the Huffington Post Montgomery was denied her right to have her spiritual adviser John Francisco present in the chamber where he was going to sing to her as she was put to death.
'It was a needless indignity, and a deprivation of really her basic humanity,' said Harwell.

Frankly, most people will think she gave up any right to insist on basic humanity when she strangled a pregnant woman and cut her unborn child out of her... 

Friday 15 January 2021

Is There Any Left To Halt, Then?


Guidelines issued to GPs say most surgeries should pause non-urgent appointments such as health checks, routine blood tests and medication reviews.
My mother's local GP hasn't been doing these since Lockdown One...
Those in areas with highest infection levels must continue with the most urgent appointments. Childhood vaccination, smear tests and treatment such as palliative care should all continue, whatever the infection level, it states.
But doctors should stop offering health checks, designed to spot early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes or dementia.

So we'll be free of Covid, but people will die of these instead. Is it me, or...? 

We'd Have All Been Better Off If He'd Fallen Off The Roof....

Cooper and his partner, Rebecca Worthington, were both intoxicated when police arrived at their home on Phethean Street, Farnworth, at 10am on June 11. Cooper climbed into the attic and on to the roof of the house before walking across the rooftops to the end of the street towards Cawdor Street.
During the incident he threw roof-tiles, damaging police cars and other vehicles and made various threats before he climbed down. Cooper told one office he had covid-19 and blew in his face twice.
He was on bail at the time of the incident as, two months earlier, on April 26, he was driving a VW Golf at 4.43am on George Street, Farnworth and refused to stop for police. During a seven-minute chase he drove at speeds of up to 65 mph in residential streets and through a red traffic light before he and his passengers abandoned the car in Hacken Bridge Road, Bolton.
He was found hiding in brambles a short distance away and had drunk more than double the legal level of alcohol for driving.

Surely with a record like that he won't be walking free? a sentencing hearing at Bolton Crown Court, the Honorary Recorder of Bolton, Judge Martin Walsh, said he was willing to give the 29-year-old a chance and imposed a two-year suspended sentence.

Oh. Well, let's hope next time he's speeding drunk and goes through a red light, the idiot magistrate is going the other way... 

Rebecca Filletta, defending, said a psychiatric assessment revealed Cooper had a lower-than-average IQ and a mistrust of authority figures.
She said he had been an inmate since June and had “not coped well in custody” where he had been bullied and assaulted.

Good! At least someone's handing out some punishment. 

Thursday 14 January 2021

The Sort Of People We Are Recruiting For The Police Farces...

Carol Richards, 68, and husband David, 66, of Bridgend travelled 10 miles to visit dementia sufferer Decima Minhinnick at Picton Court Care Home. They were reprimanded by police on the way back despite having received permission to see Ms Minhinnick and handed a £60 penalty.

Jesus! Imagine that conversation in the police canteen: 

"Any good jobs today?"

"Yes, caught a burglar red-handed, just booked him in at custody."

"Me and my dog tracked down a lost missing disabled child in the woods, we're just back from the hospital."

"I stopped a couple visiting their dementia hit mother at her care home and gave them a fine."

*stunned silence* 

So...what sort of hairy-arsed dinosaur of an unreconstructed police officer was so stupid? I mean, it must have been one of those uncaring hard-nosed blokes, right?

Mrs Richards had described the incident as 'dystopian', adding: 'A police lady flagged us down and I thought 'Oh right, they're policing the area, that's fine'.


'So I explained to her that we were going home, we'd been to Picton Court visiting my mother but she said this was a non-essential visit.
She said 'We'd all like to knock on our mother's window to see them but you can't do that'.'
'I was totally gobsmacked. I was angry. She just would not listen to any protestations and so she said 'You're going to be issued with a £60 fixed penalty fine'.'

Remember this, the next time they start to say how 'feminising' the police would be a good thing... 

The couple said they do not believe they breached lockdown rules and have complained to the Police Complaints Commissioner.

And the police are scrambling to get out ahead of the oncoming critiscism... 

South Wales Police have now rescinded the fine after reviewing the incident, following a public backlash to the growing war on shutdown flouters.

But it shouldn't stop the complaint. Because the real issue here is this: 

According to Welsh Government guidelines, outdoor visits to care homes are allowed for 'compassionate reasons'.

Why did the police officer not know this? Why did she feel confident in issuing the fine? And...which number checkout will she eventually be working at Lidl when they do what they should do, and fire her useless arse? 

It's The Commenters That Do The Reporting Now...

Ian Bryan attacked a 17-year-old boy who was carrying out engineering works next door to his home in St Margaret's Road, St Leonards, on April 22.
The teen and his 32-year-old colleague were staying at the property while they completed the work.
But Bryan believed they should not be there due to coronavirus restrictions, and later attacked the men with knives after reporting them to police.
The 17 year old is lucky to be alive, having been stabbed in the throat.
Police and paramedics rushed to the scene and found Bryan to be in possession of two knives.
The 58-year-old would not co-operate with officers commands and refused to drop the blades.
Eventually he was Tasered and arrested.

And now his trial has concluded. Will justice be soft, as it often is these days?  

He appeared at Brighton Crown Court as part of a week-long trial which concluded yesterday. A unanimous jury found him not guilty of attempted murder, but guilty of wounding with intent and attempted wounding with intent.
As a result, he has been jailed for 14 years

Oh, it seems not. That's strange. Could there be a reason? 

 Funny how the 'journalists' don't see fit to inform their (dwindling) readership, eh?

Wednesday 13 January 2021

You Fully Deserve Any 'Abuse' You Get...

The scheme, which saw the TVs showing coronavirus rules, was announced via Facebook on Tuesday, but officials deleted the post just two days later.
The council claimed comments 'crossed the line into abuse of people who are working hard to help residents and workers in Bradford District stay safe and stop the spread of the virus'.
The authority has defended the move claiming the scheme has been 'well received generally by members of the public'. hasn't! 

Locals were left stunned by the initiative and slammed the authority for frittering away taxpayers' cash.

Well, quite.  

"Right, We're Getting Tough Now...."

"Oh, but not on you...."

Protesters have gathered outside Cardiff Bay police station to protest the death of a man who died hours after being released from custody.
More than 200 people marched from the city centre to the police station around a mile away to demand 'justice' following the death of 24-year-old Mohamud Mohammed Hassan.
They are also asking for the release of CCTV from his time in custody.

Number of arrests for gathering in defiance of covid laws? None. Zilch. Zero.  

Neil McEvoy, an MS who represents South Wales Central in the Senedd for the Welsh National Party, also attended the protest and said he wanted to see transparency from the police and the officers involved suspended from duty pending an investigation.

Even politicians see nothing wrong, refuse to condemn these gathering, and even gather with them... 

Earlier on Tuesday, Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford described reports of Mr Hassan's death as 'deeply concerning'.

Yes. That Mark Drakeford

What more evidence do you need that this is no longer a country where everyone is equal under the law?

Tuesday 12 January 2021

I Guess You Didn't Get The Memo All The Way Out There In...Bristol?!?

All 800 hiring managers at a council have been retrained to overcome unconscious bias in a major drive to tackle institutional racism.
Bristol City Council has taken action after a review confirmed systemic racism was deep-rooted in its culture.
Head of HR Mark Williams said another priority was "improving the diversity of senior leadership".
Hang on, I thought this had fallen out of favour

Maybe they should fire Mark Williams - because the buck stops there, surely? - and hire a black disabled lesbian instead?

And .... does a council really need 800 hiring managers? And a HR department?

You've Got Some Front, Love, I'll Give You That...

...thought what I'd rather give you is a P45: 

Writing in the Times today, Dame Cressida said: 'It is preposterous to me that anyone could be unaware of our duty to do all we can to stop the spread of the virus. We have been clear that those who breach Covid-19 legislation are increasingly likely to face fines.
'We will still be engaging, explaining and encouraging but those who break the rules or refuse to comply where they should without good reason will find officers moving much more quickly to enforcement action.'
The people who seem unaware of the laws mostly seem to wear uniform these days, while they pick the low hanging fruit and ignore the people who write their paychecks. You can't even get your approach co-ordinated
Ministers are furious that some people have been using their right to daily exercise simply as an excuse to meet friends for a coffee in the park.
One source said: 'If it means limiting people to a single one-hour walk on their own once a week that is what we must do. We cannot let a few selfish idiots put the whole country in danger.'

We cannot let a few risk-averse morons in thrall to ever-increasing panicky scientific advisers treat the population of the UK like disobedient children and impose more barmy and totally unenforceable rules that people - quite rightly - ignore, either. 

Monday 11 January 2021

What More Do You Need...? realise they don't work for you, but for themselves?
Most independent schools and top-performing state schools have rolled out full days of live lessons via Zoom and other video platforms since the new national lockdown came into force. But large numbers of secondaries and primaries, particularly in poorer areas, are relying on pre-recorded lessons, YouTube videos and online worksheets for their pupils.
In a poll of 800 parents last week, almost a third said their children were not receiving any live lessons, suggesting that as many as three million pupils may not be having interactive video contact with their teachers during the lockdown.

So much for the teaching unions being concerned for the welfare of children... 

...militant teaching unions – which strongly urged teachers not to live-stream lessons last summer – said teachers must be able to choose whether to live-stream lessons or not and that it should only be used ‘when essential’.

And who gets to decide that? They do! 

The National Education Union appeared to suggest that only pushy parents want live lessons, adding that the call for live teaching is ‘often related to minority, but insistent, parental pressure’.

I thought it would be a goal of teaching that parents should be interested in their children's education? Silly me! 

And just to run salt in the wound, you won't believe the excuses they come up with... 

Guidance from the NASUWT teaching union even raises privacy concerns about pupils recording teachers’ live lessons on their phones and uploading them to pornography websites. The union ‘strongly advises members to not participate in live video lessons to pupils’ homes unless they are sure that measures are in place to prevent such inappropriate practices’.

You couldn't make it up, could you? 

Appointment In Sammara - Kept!

2012, shot:
Two thugs were jailed for a total of 18 years after a drink-fuelled attack left their housemate with a pierced heart and collapsed lung.
David Walford, 42, stayed in hospital for a month after being repeatedly stabbed in the heart, chest, legs and arms.
Paul Fletcher, 23, and Mark Richardson, 36, of Verney Gardens, Dagenham, were jailed for nine years each at Snaresbrook Crown Court on April 20.

2021, chaser:
A father who was killed on New Year's Day was stabbed through the chest, it has been confirmed.
Essex Police say a post-mortem examination has found that Paul Fletcher, 31, was killed in Worcester Drive in Rayleigh after being stabbed in the chest.

Saturday 9 January 2021

'Fill In The Blank' Time...

Ooer! What were they of, perchance? Making snake venom cocktails? Leaping off tall buildings?

The post was intended to spark motivation, asking its fans: 'Are you getting out for a run, walk or cycle today? It’s a great day to burn off those Christmas calories… post your pics here!'
A stream of responses followed, with some claiming it's 'damaging' to encourage the mentality of burning off calories after eating - but others pointing out it would be strange for a health magazine to not promote working out.

Well, quite! 

But clearly, there are people out there who feel they should be listened to. Are they doctors, and nutritionisst? Well, no... 

Complaining about the original tweet, consultant psychiatrist Dr Sarah Vohra wrote: 'Hugely concerning and problematic language. We shouldn't be ascribing moral labels to food and exercise or encouraging people to adopt an earn and burn mentality.
'It's the fall out from these damaging marketing campaigns that I see only too well in clinic.
'As a mainstream fitness magazine, why not use the opportunity to promote the positive mental and physical health benefits to be gained from doing outdoors/ exercise; improved mood, better sleep, more energy etc. Disappointing.'


Another commented: 'Posts like this are why I have been suffering from an eating disorder for over three years.
'This honestly makes me so angry, targeting young women to make them feel guilty for enjoying themselves over Christmas.'

I'm pretty sure the article's got nothing to do with your troubles... 

British Justice System Dead At 1000 Years Old. No Flowers.

The only possible explanation is that collusion with the crew was uncovered, making the charges null and void. But if that's the case, why aren't they facing charges?

He got all of nine years. Nine!

No jail despite being a habitual weapons user. Does no-one ever face harsh justice in this country..? 

Oh. Forget I asked.

Friday 8 January 2021

A Sentence I Never Thought I'd Read...

Meanwhile in Derbyshire, police turned away drivers from the National Trust's Calke Abbey at a vehicle checkpoint this afternoon.
One woman asked to use the toilets as she was a national trust member, however police turned her away and claimed she had travelled 'too far' despite the stately home near the border with Leicestershire being on her own way home from work.
A sentence that, frankly, makes me ashamed of what this country has become under the tyranny of Boris Johnson's government.

It can't, after all, make me any more ashamed at the police, who have shrugged off the lethargy they displayed on other matters, yet have been out entusiastically carrying out these tasks with evident relish:  
In London, one man who was stopped outside Hammersmith Tube station was asked to provide his name and address, which was written down and checked by officers, and the reason for his journey. The man was allowed to enter the station and continue travelling but refused to comment on whether he had been fined.
One officer told MailOnline: 'We're all over the area to enforce Covid laws and make sure that people are out for the right reasons. If you're not local or don't have a valid reason to be out, then you will be fined.'
But the police officer revealed that they had not issued a single fine as most people have been adhering to the rules. saying: 'I think the message is getting through that you should only be out for essential reasons'.

That you should feel safe uttering those words to a journalist - worse, that you should feel entitled to do so - shows just how much damage has been done to the concept of 'policing by consent'. 

In Birmingham, an exchange between two officers and a couple with a pushchair walking through the city centre only ended when the man produced cash from his pocket and told officers they were going to pay in money at a bank.
The pedestrian, who did not want to be named, said: 'I don't know why they picked on us. They just asked why we were in the city centre and when I explained about the bank they left it at that. I think it's just a matter of control really.'

Indeed it is. And it's not the role of the police to do this. But they seem to be enjoying it far more than they should, don't they? 

Maybe You Should Look A Little Closer To Home Then?

After the 19-year-old was found guilty of murder at Chester Crown Court today, Alex's family said: 'We have never come across a more selfish, cold and calculating person.'

Apart from your son, who was blackmailing his killer

The trial heard Alex had contacted Mason's then girlfriend, Caitlyn Lancashire, in November 2019 and told her he had been sending 'flirty' messages and an explicit picture and video.
Mason denied the allegations to his girlfriend but began making payments to Alex's bank account at around the same time.
By the time of Alex's death, Mason had transferred more than £2,200 and was asking friends and family to borrow money, the court heard.

My normal urge for sympathy for the victim is having to work hard on this one...  

Thursday 7 January 2021

Meanwhile, Over In GulagUK...

Yes, I expect all those shopkeepers who waited in vain for police to turn up to burglaries and shoplifting cases will have a wry chuckle at them suddenly finding a work ethic in their top drawer...

Scotland Yard revealed officers will be told to stop civilians in the street and quiz them on why they are not shut away in their homes.

Hmmm, that's a very good question... 

It comes on a day where police arrested 28 protesters for flouting restrictions, fined four friends £800 for travelling in the same car to McDonald's and policemen pulled over motorists to check where they were going.

Ah. The answer's 'Yes'.  

Meanwhile Boris Johnson extended his third national lockdown until March 31 as his new Covid law was published and he ducked Tory demands to guarantee 'malicious' rules are eased after his first review on February 15.

When do we decide we've had enough, and start storming seats of political power, I wonder? 

Today's 'Wait, It's Different When It's Us!' Examples...

So, last night, a lot of left-leaning commenters and politicians suddenly decided that they weren't in favour of violent protest after all. And a lot of people started noticing this...

Quite! And of course, vacuous slebs lead the charge of stupidity:

Jerry can't now, of course, she died. Probably wondering why no-one took the knee to her...

And it wasn't just those across the pond losing their minds, oh no! We had our fair share of crazies:

I got a Twitter ban for suggesting something similar during BLM rioting, but I guess the rules are different for blue-ticks...

But let's not laugh too hard at our American cousins watching the chickens they helped raise come back to roost as vultures, because over here, we're planning something very important to unite our nation - another round of the Ten Minute Worship.

Truly, 2021, you've only just started and already you're looking like turning into a worse year than the last!

Wednesday 6 January 2021

Musical Interlude - January: "Don't worry about it. They always hire bums like me for jobs like this."

It seems to have been a long time since I did one of these, but in lockdown, like a lot of people, I found myself gravitating back to old favourite films. And I noted that a lot of them were musicals.

And yes, there will be a bit of overlap with 2011's 'Soundtrack Retrospective', it's inevitable.

So here goes. this one even really a 'musical' in the normal sense at all?

Ahh, who cares.  It's got a stunning Steinman/Cooder soundtrack and a stellar cast. It's a bonkers look at a totally illusory America by Water Hill. And any film that starts with the hero striding into battle with an old lever action Marlin rifle and ends with him duking it out with the villain with a ball pein hammer just has to be in here.

It's the two big numbers ('Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young' and 'Nowhere Fast') that get all the attention, and they are indeed great. But this is my personal favourite:


But He Is 'Showing Compassion'...

Unison said it was "beyond belief that someone could show so little compassion". the poor bloody taxpayer!

A local Councillor has refused to apologise after replying to a union email about school meals with the phrase "if you can't feed, don't breed".
Roger Taylor, independent councillor for Northowram and Shelf on Calderdale Council, sent the reply to a newsletter from the public services union Unison, which contained a request to help save the school meals service and referenced the campaign by footballer Marcus Rashford to tackle child food poverty.
Cllr Taylor, who was expelled from the Conservative party last year, said he is a supporter of school meals but he believes it is parents' responsibility to feed their children during the holidays and not that of the taxpayer.

Who thinks there's anything wrong with that attitude? Once, it would have been so utterly commonplace it wouldn't even be controversial... 

Sadly, He Chose To Please The Wrong People...

...well, right up until the time he didn't:


The brother and sister of murdered Lee Chapman have shared how his death “is harder to cope with every day”. Craig Holmes and Abigale Chapman welcomed the life sentence of Tyrel Thompson who stabbed their brother to death in Southend.

And the motive..? 

“He had the biggest heart anyone could have ever asked for.”

Yes, yes, I'm sure, but why was he stabbed to death? 

“He took the wrong turn over the past few years, but he never deserved for it to end like this.”

Ah! A clue, perchance? 

In her sentencing remarks today, Judge Samantha Leigh told the court Thompson was the second in command of a County Lines drug line called "Max" and would be responsible for keeping drug runners in check.
Mr Chapman had been working for the drugs line as a runner before his death.


Tuesday 5 January 2021

Raises More Questions Than Answers...

Anna Worth, 38, denied a charge of being outside of a place where she was living without reasonable excuse during a coronavirus emergency period.
A trial held at Colchester Magistrates’ Court yesterday heard how she was the passenger in a BMW which was stopped by three police cars in Harwich Road, Colchester, on April 9 last year. Giving evidence, PC Bright (Ed: SNORK!) said the officers had stopped the car to carry out a drugs search, which returned no results.
The officer said when he asked Miss Worth to explain the purpose of her journey, she replied she had been shopping. “I had searched the vehicle and there were no items of shopping found within, or on Miss Worth herself,” he said.

Hmmm, doesn't timing matter here? I don't have any shopping when I pull into the Tesco car park, either... 

Miss Worth disputed this, insisting she had told the officer she and her partner were “going shopping."

Gosh! Who to believe? But as the police say, there'll always be another chance: 

The court then heard evidence from PC Mond, who spotted the same BMW on Clingoe Hill later that day. She told the court she wished to stop the car to warn the driver of their speed and followed it to the car park at Hythe Tesco. Miss Worth was again the passenger and PC Mond issued her with a ticket for breaching coronavirus regulations. Giving evidence, Miss Worth told the court she had been left so shaken by the first stop, she and her partner had travelled to her home, in Colchester Road, Wivenhoe, without their shopping. Realising she still needed to buy essentials, the couple and their daughter ventured out to the Hythe Tesco several hours later.

Why is it always her? Surely the driver too has breached the same law? 

Clearing Miss Worth, Judge Cohen said the prosecution had failed to convince her she had not merely been travelling to the shops on each occasion.

They've failed to convince me too. And maybe the Essex plod should rewatch 'A Few Good Men'?

What say you, Reader? 

Pay Up, Taxpayers!

Mr Brooks said Vale had around 90 previous convictions and last July had been sentenced for carrying a kitchen knife in public.

Yes, you read that right. Ninety. 9...0...! 

Rebecca Caulfield, defending, said before then incident Vale had taken heroin and crack cocaine...

No doubt he was able to afford this because he has a high flying city career..? 

Judge Timothy Stead (Ed: Oh, no...) said Vale, who pleaded guilty to charges of affray and criminal damage, he had a “truly formidable criminal record” and added he had caused “real fear” to the staff and customers in the store.
All he got this time? Six months.

What Response Do You Think The Police Would Have In Somalia, Bayle?

Bayle Gelle, of Eden Prairie, told the Star Tribune on Thursday that the dead man was his son, 22-year-old Dolal Idd. Gelle told the newspaper that authorities haven’t given him any more information about what happened. He said several officers carried out a search warrant at his home Wednesday night.
The police they are brutality,” he told the Star Tribune. “I want to get justice.”

Looks like that's exactly what happened. 

And being this is the US, they waited until he fired on them. What do you think Somalian police would do? 

Idd was Somali-American.

Half of that sentence is true, I suspect... 

Monday 4 January 2021

"There were so many warning signs which could have prevented it happening."

The grieving mother of yet another child, like Emily Jones, killed by a well-known threat allowed to remain active and at large despite worrying contact with the authorities who are supposed to keep us safe:
She believes the NHS should be held accountable for failing to detain Glover under the Mental Health Act on five separate occasions, including just nine weeks before Harley's death.
Essex Police also have serious questions to answer, she says, including why Glover's car was not seized from him when officers knew he had threatened to use it as a weapon.
'They can't do everything, I understand that. But I am not convinced that they did everything they could have to prevent this happening,' she says.

She's scathing about the police, and the mental health assessors who dropped the ball in their lackadaisical 'let's not coordinate, it's too much like hard work' fashion. 

Yet let's not let others off the hook: 

Until now, the appalling incident in December 2019 has been reported as a 'hit-and-run', committed by a troublemaker who had been the subject of complaints to police for several years.

Yes, Reporters. Who - if they too did their jobs - would have known immediately that they were reporting what the state agencies wanted. And not what the truth of the matter actially was. 

You Don't Say, Naz...

Bradford West MP Naz Shah says more should be done to combat abuse on social media.
Ms Shah says young people need to be continuously trained up on the dangers posed to them on social media.
Yeah, there's lots of pitfalls on social media, aren't there, Naz?

Sunday 3 January 2021

Perfectly Sensible...

...after all, it's a very heavy metal, and...

Police have released an image of a man who is suspected of hammering at the office of an MP with a dog lead.


Oh Boy, I'd Love To See That...

...not least how they try to get the pig into the helicopter in the first place! 

Sunday Funnies...

They'll just be replaced by 5 new ones, but ok... 

Saturday 2 January 2021

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied, Right?

Judge Christine Laing QC said: “This is a really troubling case. You deserve to go to prison.
“The landlady must have been terrified. When I read she still suffers nightmares, I don’t find it in the least bit surprising.
“You were drunk and high on drugs with a substantial knife trying to get into the pub. You had enough thinking capability to go home and fetch a knife.
“No amount of name calling or racist abuse can justify you doing that.”

So, a spell in the big house looms, right, your honour?


He was given a 16-month suspended sentence, largely because of the length of time which has passed since the crime was in September 2019.

We aren't told why it took a year to come to trial. Nor why that should mean the landlady's ordeal can be so easily dismissed.  

Did You Lose Your Map..?

The 29-year-old, who calls herself Noor, escaped from Yemen when her life was threatened and travelled alone with only smugglers and other desperate migrants for company en route.
It is highly unusual for a woman from a country such as Yemen to embark on this kind of journey unaccompanied. She was determined to flee not only because her own life was in danger but also in the hope of rescuing her four children from the Yemen civil war once she had reached safety.

Well, let's have a look at the map. Gosh, there's a lot of safe count...


Noor’s journey began on 14 November 2019 by plane and continued by Jeep through one desert, then through another on foot before reaching Europe and crossing to the UK by small boat from Calais in July 2020.
She had passed through Egypt, Mauritania, Mali, Algeria, Morocco, Spain and France.

And yet none of them were good enough. I wonder why? 

Now that she has arrived in the UK she wants to campaign against child marriage and lack of rights for girls and women in Yemen.

You couldn't do that in Egypt, Mauretania, Mali, Algeria, Morocco, Spain or France, then? 

Noor has been accommodated in a hotel in London by the Home Office and is waiting for her claim to be processed.

And given the awesome competence of that august body, she'll almost certainly be here next Christmas. No doubt with the rest of her brood.

We are being taken for mugs, aren't we?