Saturday, 16 January 2021

Well, She Sure Is Now...

...and frankly, I can't see it as anything but a good thing:  

Lawyers for the 'womb raider' killer Lisa Montgomery - the first female federal death row inmate to be executed in nearly 70 years - have said she was 'disconnected from reality'...
They are, of course, pinning their hopes on the Eighth Amendment, which - bizzarely - states the government is banned from executing an inmate if the individual cannot rationally understand why it is happening to them. 

Which is strange, because surely it only matters what she thought and believed at the time of the crime?
Aside from arguing the federal government executed a mentally ill woman, Harwell also blasted Montgomery's treatment in the moments leading up to her death.
She told the Huffington Post Montgomery was denied her right to have her spiritual adviser John Francisco present in the chamber where he was going to sing to her as she was put to death.
'It was a needless indignity, and a deprivation of really her basic humanity,' said Harwell.

Frankly, most people will think she gave up any right to insist on basic humanity when she strangled a pregnant woman and cut her unborn child out of her... 


Anonymous said...

Frankly I feel that if you do something severely wrong in your current life, it will be relayed into your next life which will be an extremely hard test.

I see little point in hastening the death of a human who has done wrong just to appease the hatred of those that loved the victim.

Don't mistake my comment for not having sympathy for the victim and their loved ones, but there is judgement for everything we do, by far more superior forces than humans.

Robert the Biker said...

Its amazing how these shysters can always come up with a more or less spurious excuse for these murderous shit, while at the same time ignoring or minimising the suffering of their victims. I believe they have just turned off another murderous nog who murdered three women, he was all misunderstood too.

MTG said...

It was and remains, an horrific crime that just made me shudder. Contrary to all expectations, she was found to be sane yet her execution only compounded the sadness.

Stonyground said...

Unfortunately Anon your beliefs are not supported by a single shred of evidence.

Anonymous said...

True, but if a person's belief is their strength and they can unlock the secrets to understand why good and bad things happen then they can reach their full potential. It gives human life purpose.

Btw I am not religious. No offense to those that are.

Andy5759 said...

The arguments for and against capital punishment will continue. It is my belief that prison exists to remove from our midst those who cause harm or loss. It is hoped that after an uncomfortable experience the criminal will realise the error of their ways. Certain people, who can be proved to be incapable of rehabilitation could be detained indefinitely or be permanently removed by execution. The above case falls into the latter category.

JuliaM said...

"... there is judgement for everything we do, by far more superior forces than humans."

It must be comforting to believe that. There's certainly precious little of it in the real world.

"...he was all misunderstood too."

Except by Trump!

"...yet her execution only compounded the sadness."

Why? When we put down a mad dog, isn't there relief they aren't suffering any more?

"The above case falls into the latter category."

Most definitely.