Thursday, 28 January 2021

In America, It's Serial Killers... Scotland, it's pitbulls.
Rocco, who was to be destroyed on Thursday (January 21), was saved after lawyers managed to secure a delay.
It’s understood the pet was taken by police after being involved in an incident in which another dog died in January 2020.
He has remained at a kennels facility in the city ever since and while in there, his owner died.

Who's paying? The Scottish taxpayer, of course! 

Plus some animal lovers. Who clearly prefer writing letters to the authorities about poor Rocco unjustly jailed, instead of addressing letters proposing marriage to the Minnesota Mangler...

Campaign group Save Our Seized Dogs has been fighting to save him for the past year. Jayne Dendle, who founded the UK-wide group, thanked the public for their support but warned he could still be killed.
She said: “It’s a case that really pulls on your heartstrings.” Not really.  

Ms Dendle says the group does not believe Rocco is a pit bull type.

It really doesn't matter what a few animal nutters say, does it? If it looks like a pitbull, walks like a pitbull, savages other dogs to death like a pitbull... 

“Everyone who has met him says he is lovely and has a great nature.
“He is not a bad dog.”

I wonder if the owner of the deceased pet thinks that? 


The Jannie said...

The old cliché fits in so many cases - There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers don't care if he is a good dog or not,get the money in is the name of the game.

JuliaM said...

"The old cliché fits in so many cases - There are no bad dogs, only bad owners."

Sadly, there are indeed bad dogs. Not only the bull breeds, but they are equipped to do far more damage.

"...get the money in is the name of the game."

I sometimes wonder who needs to be leashed and muzzled more...