Friday, 22 January 2021

She Certainly Conned You, Judge...

...didn't she?

Judge Sarah Munro, said Culhane was a 'determined, persuasive and manipulative liar' capable of conning professionals into sympathising with her.

Hmmm, what's the evidence for that? 

' undoubtedly had a very difficult childhood, you were in care, you had special educational needs and you were unable to achieve academically.
'You are prone to severe anxiety. You have been diagnosed with PTSD after a very unpleasant car crash. However you were able to gain employment as a carer (Ed: !!).
'You have also had considerable physical health issues. The probation officer assesses that you crave the attention of men.
'You are somewhat inured to violence at their hands and you lack self-esteem or self respect. You may well use lies as a defence mechanism.'

Well, why not? It clearly works!  

Culhane was handed a jail sentence of two years suspended for two years and White was jailed for 11 years.



Anonymous said...

Pussy Pass?

Is the Judge a Lesbian - probably.

Is there a sisterhood under the skin - probably.

Would I shag that? Not feckin' likely!

Ted Treen said...

The judge might or might not be a lesbian. It does appear incontrovertible that she is a moron.

JuliaM said...

"It does appear incontrovertible that she is a moron."

If only she stood out amongst her fellows...