Thursday 31 May 2018

Tweet Of The Month

Another dead heat. First up, I can even forgive the Yank spelling...

...and I do love a meme, have I told you that before?

Post Title Of The Month

A joint first dead heat this month!

While DumbJon makes a bid for a stay in the Tower....

....Andy Mac at 'AltNewsMedia' skewers the Grenfell griefwhoring:

Well played, gentlemen!

Quote Of The Month

James Higham on music and politics:
"The foolish left, the very left who protested in the Vietnam days are the same people today dragging us inexorably towards destruction with the mass importation of killers and rapists – in Sweden, women have been warned not to go outside alone, the French have barriers around the Eiffel Tower and still the left are hellbent on their “refugees welcome”, still the left interpret Hamas’s oppression of their own people as someone else’s fault and the left embraces the PTB crackdown on people like us, the new dissidents of today.
The left today is the force of oppression worldwide in their manic, deluded, kumbaya, utopian, cognitively dissonant dystopia. Violence and defamation are their bywords. They’ve lost all capacity to reason. In the 60s, they had all the best tunes – today they are a parody."

Post Of The Month

Bucko is this month's runaway winner, with his dogged pursuit of Kingdom Environmental Services.

Cockfighting Is Back....

Police are appealing for information following a string of assaults outside Caterham chicken shops.
The first attack took place on May 9 at about 3.30pm outside Favourite Chicken/Natwest on Croydon Road. During the assault a young man was knocked unconscious.
The next day police were called to Clark's Shoe Shop on Station Avenue where an assault took place at about 5.15pm.
Wait, that's not a ...

Police are saying this fight has been linked to an incident outside KFC shortly after.
Of course. And in other news:
Police called the review and said the [redacted] management had "no control or understanding of the premises".
"You have to have quite strong management in places of this type," PC Gary Watson told the committee. "The manager on that night was arrested. He didn't do his job."
Nightclub? Rough East End pub?


Wednesday 30 May 2018

Yes, Just Like All The Other Laws...

A police spokeswoman said: 'Thames Valley Police was called to reports of a person being in possession of an air rifle near Moorland Primary School in Church End Lane, Reading, Berkshire.
'On arrival, a child was in possession of an unloaded air rifle, with no access to ammunition.
'The weapon was removed by the parents of the child and taken to another address.'
Not confiscated then? Like it would be had this been anyone else.
'There were reassurance patrols around school closing time and will be again in the morning [Friday], although the situation has been resolved and the family involved were given advice.'
Why would anyone be reassured by the UK Police?

Yeah, Right, He's An Animal Lover....

...and I'm the Queen of Sheba:
A convicted drug runner has built a massive kennel complex as he tries to make a career move into puppy breeding.
Trading one career in misery for another. Great.
Scott Bennett, 37, was jailed for 15 months after he was caught with 6kg of cannabis in his car in 2015.
After his release, he erected the £180,000 deluxe kennels without planning permission at the posh farmhouse where he lives in Strathaven, Lanarkshire.
I guess prison taught him nothing. As usual.
He is seeking retrospective permission for the development but has been told he has no chance of getting approval because of the “industrial” scale of the building.
Good. And perhaps the authorities should be looking a little more closely at his source of income. £180k is a large amount for an ex-con to be able to lay his hands on, isn't it?
Bennett claims his crime days are behind him and that his puppy venture arises from being an animal lover.
He did learn something in prison after all, then. He learnt how to concoct unlikely excuses.

Tuesday 29 May 2018

It's Going To Be 'How It Works' Soon. Mr John....

Peter John, 81, said he thought the invasion by the women was 'ridiculous' and urged the them to use the pond for female swimmers.
Mr John, from Hackney, said: 'They're saying, 'I want to identify as a man today'. That's not how this works.'
Sorry, chum, it soon will be. That's why they are doing this.
Ken Menczer, 70, from Camden, said: 'We should be introducing disability measures over transgender measures.
'That's more important. I think they're completing abusing a situation.'
They are pointing out how it will be abused. As sure as eggs is eggs, and human nature is human nature.
One man shouted: 'They aren't men!'
*gasp* HATE CRIME!!!
Another said: 'This is ludicrous. If I turned up at the female-only pond and claimed to be a woman I would never get let in.'
If this Gender Recognition Act legislation goes through, they won't be able to stop you. Oh, they'll try.
PC Barry Macefield of Hampstead Heath constabulary, said: 'They've had a chance to make their point which they have done peacefully – but you can't enter a facility designated for the opposite sex, and if this occurs with men in the women's ponds we'd deal with that too.'
It seems PC Barry is ignorant of the proposed legislation too. Which is hardly surprising.
He added: 'The rules need clarity.'
They're about to get something, PC Barry. I wouldn't necessarily call it 'clarity' though...

We'll Add This To The List Of Things 'You Don't Understand', Sonny...

Southend rapper Sonny Green, 23, who led Saturday’s march (Ed: Yup, this dim bulb...) said: “I just don’t understand the need for a gift shop to be selling all different kinds of knives, as well as air rifles and other recreational firearms such as paintball guns.”
Is it not implicit in the name 'gift shop'? I mean, if it was a hairdressers or a florist, you might have a point.
These aren’t gifts, at least not to to me. While we have crimes like these happening on our streets, I don’t think there’s a place for them to be seen as a bit of fun.”
Paintball guns shouldn't be seen as 'fun'? What on earth...!
The owner of the shop, who did not want to be named, said that they had been selling many of the knives and air rifles for around 40 years.
He also pointed out knives and potential weapons could be bought at a number of supermarkets and DIY stores, and that they always carefully asked for proof of identification.
This attention-seeking moron doesn't care. He just wants to get his name in the papers. And the papers are happy to oblige.

Monday 28 May 2018

Caveat Inquilinus

Mother-of-three Mandi Steele said: “This situation is tearing us apart. I suffer from cataplexy [fainting fits] which is triggered by strong emotions.
“My nine-year-old son Lennon has PTSD, autism and a heart condition.
“He doesn’t want to come inside the house, and lashed out at me when I dropped him off at school the other day.
“My 21-year-old, Kiall, recently lost his dad and is on the brink of depression.
Christ, does this family have a three legged dog called 'Lucky' too...?
“On top of everything else, this is a lot to deal with.
“We didn’t notice a lot of these issues when we came to view the house.
“We also trusted the health and safety inspection the council carried out.
Really? Council staff, eh?
“We knew we would have to do a bit of cosmetic work, but you don’t expect someone to leave all of this behind them without saying anything.
“We have tried speaking to our housing officer but she was not empathetic at all.
“She just said it was our decision to move in, we rented it as seen and we have to deal with it.
Seems fair enough. So what were the issues?
...they say their new three-bedroom property in Old Barn Way in Southwick is infested with fleas and riddled with hazards.
They say a radiator is hanging off the wall, the boiler is leaking and the fireplace was broken and had to be taken out.
They have not yet been able to move in properly and are instead sleeping at separate addresses and living out of storage boxes and bin bags.
Really? Didn't notice all this when you viewed, eh? But somehow neither did the council?

The Argus contacted Adur and Worthing councils for a comment and answers to questions such as how the house passed the health and safety inspection and what would be done to address the situation.
A council spokesman declined to answer our questions but said: “We are speaking directly to the tenant about the issues raised and will work with them to improve the situation.”
Ah! There you go, look! A happy endi...

Oooh, hang on!
Mrs Steele said: “The housing officer said they will repair the radiator and boiler now.
But she didn’t mention any compensation.”

A Millennial Is Told 'You Can't Do That'...

...and hilarity ensues:
This shocking video shows the moment a New Jersey officer repeatedly punched a bikini-clad girl in the head during an arrest on Memorial Day weekend.
*gasp* The brute! There can be no excuse.

Can there?
Weinman, who went to the beach with her family and a friend, posted the incident on Facebook with a lengthy description of what she says happened.
 Hmmm, OK. I'm sure this will paint her in the best light, since it's her story. Won't it?
She claims the incident started when the cops approached her on their four wheelers and asked her and her friend for their ages because there was alcohol near them.
'I had alcohol, it’s Memorial Day weekend and 90 per cent of people are underage drinking on the beach, without a doubt,' she wrote.
Ah. Well, that paints a somewhat different picture. She's breathalysed and it's negative. At that point, the incident would have been over, in any other encounter.

But not this one. Despite being sober as a judge, little miss 'I didn't do anything wrong' decides to mouth off.
'I asked them don’t they have something better to do as cops than to stop people for underage drinking on the beach, saying to that there’s so much more serious stuff going on... the cop said, "I was gonna let you go but now I’ll write you up" and he asked my name.
Gosh, it's almost as if there are consequences in the real world, eh? You didn't learn that life lesson at college!
Weinman said that she didn't 'do anything wrong and anything could’ve been written down on that paper so I wouldn’t give it to him'.
*settles in with popcorn*
She said the officers told her that they were going to arrest her despite her telling them that she was at the beach with her young daughter.
I'm unaware of the rule that states the cops can't arrest a person because she has a daughter. Maybe it featured in one of those 'Law & Order' episodes I never finished?
'He told me he’s arresting me and started coming towards me to put handcuffs on me. I cautiously was backing up from him (facing him) and yelled for my daughter's father,' Weinman wrote.
Bang to rights, love! You resisted arrest and started calling for help from a third party to continue to resist arrest. You're lucky you weren't shot.
'Stop resisting!' one of the officers yell before the other is seen hitting her twice in the head before body slamming her on her back. 'I'm not resisting. I didn't do anything wrong,' Weinman is heard saying as she kicks her legs at the officers.
Honey, you did everything wrong! Here, watch this. I know you aren't black, but it still applies.
'You're not allowed to hit me like that,' Weinman repeatedly tells the officers who continue to hold her down and proceed to handcuff the young woman.
This is the sort of generation that has come through the US educational system without any discernible learning happening. Arrogant, convinced of her 'rights', totally unaware of the existence of any consequences  and thoroughly unprepared for reality.

I'd feel smug, if it wasn't for the fact that we are heading down the same path...

Sunday 27 May 2018

Horticulture With The 'Daily Mail'...

...yeah, it's about as good as their zoology. Who's surprised?


Don't they label stock images?

Blimey, I'd Find Easier Pickings If I Was You, Lads....

...they sound a bit too well armed to me! But then, I suppose, it is Basildon.

Sunday Funnies....

No. 4 isn't much of a threat to me. I hate the stuff!

Saturday 26 May 2018


I was struck, whilst reading the account of the trial yesterday, by the commonalities of this case to so many others.

No, not the uselessness of the police:
...after officers decided to take no further action due to a 'misunderstanding' Bolland texted a friend saying: 'Got NFA. Ha ha ha. Michelle proper put a statement in. I'm buzzing. She's a stupid c*** and I'm going to let everyone know she's a grass.'
Nor even the inability of the other State agencies - despite seemingly not lacking those 'resources' we are always told they hunger for - to resolve things for the innocent party:
She saw at least six different officers, statements were made, risk referral forms completed, fire service personnel carried out two 'safe and well' visits, the family social worker was informed, social services alerted and she begged her landlord, housing association City West, to move her.
No, it was the stark contrast of reality, once again, to the constant whinging of the progressive press that the benefit system is too mean to allow people to live and feed their children.

All three defendants were young, fit, healthy, well nourished and had cash to spare. Despite the fact that none of them had a job:

...had previously failed to complete a community order for drink-driving as he 'went on the sick' and claimed benefits, he told the jury at Manchester Crown Court. ... Like Bolland, he had been drinking and snorting cocaine that night.
He stalked the estates around Walkden in a black hoodie, kept a pit bull-type dog, did not have a job but had money for drink and drugs, and habitually carried a large machete with an 18in blade down his tracksuit bottoms...
The 20-year-old had a string of convictions for threatening behaviour, street robbery and battery. ... Like Bolland she did not have a job but did enjoy drinking and drugs and admitted she could sometimes get 'mouthy'.
So the next time we see some simpering moron taking out a hankie in the pages of the 'Guardian' to demand more benefits, remind her that what she's really asking for is more beer & drugs tokens for the sort of underclass filth that think the answer to a petty squabble is to burn down a house with children inside.

Have You Considered Those Firms That Transport Livestock?

An autistic boy was banned from his school bus after escorts complained about his behaviour.
Yes, his own escorts.
But his mum says he was provoked and the escorts - who travel with Ollie Parker on the bus- should be able to handle his needs.
Is mum an obese munter with tattoos and a permanent air of disgruntlement?

Why, yes, yes she is. Who'd have guessed?
Stacey Corns said: “It is disgusting - they say they can’t cater for his needs. Yes he does kick out and he does spit but these people are supposed to be trained to deal with children with disabilities.”
I expect there's some firms that transport llamas & alpacas, they'll be used to that behaviour...
“Some of the escorts provoke him and make him act up. How they can treat someone like this and then nothing gets done to escorts?”
Because you're not the victim here, love, they are.
The mum-of-five, who doesn’t drive and has four other children at different schools and nurseries in Malvern and Worcester, has struggled to get Ollie to school on time.
Funny there's no mention of Mr Corns, eh?
Miss Corns feels she is being treated unfairly as she struggles with reading and writing and has been told her verbal complaints were “not logged.”
Christ, what a 'family'. 

Friday 25 May 2018

But They'll Come Down Like A Ton Of Bricks If Someone Tweets Something Offensive...

A danger dog terrorising an Angus neighbourhood had a muzzling order placed on it six months before its latest attack on a helpless terrier.
Thus proving the justice system north of the border is as impotent as the one below it...
A neighbour, who may have helped save Dougal when she threw water on the attack dog, is one of a number of people who have spoken out about the “out of control” animal.
“It’s a well-known danger dog and she (its owner) doesn’t have any control over it,” said the woman.
“We have a dog and worry every time we want to take it out.
“Because it’s attacked other dogs before, we’ve been through different scenarios of what we could do if it grabbed our dog. That’s why I threw water on it to try to get it off the man’s dog last week.”
Perhaps you should have held the useless owner's head in a bucket of the stuff instead.
Police seized the Staffie in the immediate aftermath of the recent night-time incident, but it is now back with the owner.
“They did take it away, but they gave it back almost straight away,” said the resident.
Yes, well, they have form for that.

Just Potty...

A mum will sit on a loo in front of the public all day today...
Blimey, what's she been eating? support disabled people.
Sarah Brisdion, 38, from Brockenhurst, wants to raise awareness of the “dire” conditions that her son and thousands of other disabled people face when using the toilet away from home.
It seems ordinary disabled toilets aren't sufficient. The ratchet only ever goes up, doesn't it?
Sarah will be joined in the Baker Street, London, window, by actress Samantha Renke.
Sarah added: “Toilets are not glamorous. We shy away from talking about pee, poo and periods.”
Well, once we're all older than five, yes. Although if you grow up to be a left-wing 'comedian', you may find you revert back...
“There are currently only 1093 Changing Places toilets in the whole of the UK which sounds a lot but Wembley Stadium alone has 2,618 toilets.
“Fortunately in Southampton the number of Changing Places is growing, making our city more accessible than most. But there is still a way to go.”
Well, at least they aren't expecting the taxpayer to fund it, but the shopper undoubtedly will, with higher prices.
Coxford ward councillor Keith Morrell said the campaign “should be applauded”.
For its aims, or for getting his name in the paper?

Thursday 24 May 2018

Would They Complain About Gravity Too..?

...or is it just Darwinism they'd object to?
Teenagers diced with death by grabbing onto the back of a bus and riding it along a busy road. The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon and it was captured on a driver’s dash cam as the teens hitched a ride up Crown Hill in Rayleigh.
The witness said: “The whole way up the road, they were jumping on the back of the bus and trying to climb on the roof while it was in traffic.
“I could see the funny side of it, but being in the car behind it was dangerous and the parents would be soon complaining if they did get hurt.”
Gosh, would they really?
Rayleigh councillor Jamie Burton said he hopes it is a one off and that parents and schools should address how dangerous this is with their children.
You have a rosy-tinted view of the efficacy of Essex parents and Essex schools, Mr Burton...

Low Hanging Fruit Again....

...and a salient reminder to always, always record any encounter with them, no matter how initially harmless it may seem.
Because you can no longer trust the 'Great British Bobby'. If you want to know the time, get a watch.

And is anyone as tired as I am of seeing this sort of thing, when compared to the rank cowardice they show when the target might put up a fight?

They can't even get their own stories straight, A pox on them all.

Wednesday 23 May 2018


Note that 'must do' is the headline, and only in the subheading is it clearly not mandatory...
To support employees who are observing Ramadan, Peninsula Employment Law director Alan Price has provided some key tips for employers.
Oh boy. *girds loins*
Fasting during sunlight hours will have a different effect on each individual, although the likely impact will be to lower productivity levels of employees, especially towards the end of the day.
Managers should be understanding of this and take practical steps to reduce the effect, such as scheduling important meetings early in the day or allowing employees to have a period of rest when they are showing fatigue.
Great! Siestas for all! I mean, who wouldn't want to emulate the economic powerhouses that are Spain and Mexico?
As daylight hours increase, observing Muslims will be required to start their day earlier than normal to eat a meal in the early hours, before sunrise. This can lead to a substantial gap before the working day starts and the employee is likely to be detrimentally affected by a long working day. Where possible, offering flexible working hours during Ramadan, such as starting earlier, will help the employee as they will be at work during the hours they have the most energy. Additionally, it will allow them to finish work earlier and avoid strenuous mental or physical activity during the later hours of the day.
Fine. But that also applies to people who are naturally early birds, doesn't it?

And what if a business's main work is done early morning? Should they hire more staff because their current ones aren't feeling up to it?
Flexibility around the employee’s duties can also be considered. For example, requiring them to attend a client lunch while fasting may not be appropriate. Instead, consider whether the location of the meeting can be amended or agree that food will not be served.
So you'll inconvenience Joe, Susan, Parvin, Vilkas and Yoshi so as not to upset Mohammad?
Employees who observe Ramadan may submit requests to take a substantial amount of holiday over the month.
And who'll do the work, if there's a holiday rota and everyone else booked theirs first?
Colleagues are often an employee’s greatest support at work. Fasting and fatigue during Ramadan can affect the employee’s personality, however, by making them short-tempered or irritable. To increase understanding across the workforce, employers can provide employees with general information on Ramadan, the religious requirements and how this may affect fellow members of staff.
"Sorry you got a punch on the nose, Bob, but you see, it's not a disciplinary matter, because it's Ramadan'. "
Simple steps like suspending cake mornings for a month can also help employees feel more comfortable.
Not the ones who like cake, it won't!

 From my cold dead hands, chum!

You know, I think I liked Alan Price better when he was warbling about his dancing bear...

H/T: SackTheJudge via Twitter

Well, He's Probably Better Behaved Than The Children....

A primary school has welcomed a four-legged friend onto its register - in the form chocolate Labrador George.
Research has shown the benefits of having therapy dogs in schools.
Well, I guess it depends on who trains them!
Head Nicola Nelson said: "To bring him into school we have conducted a full risk assessment and made sure parents were fully informed well in advance so they had the opportunity to tell us about any allergies or phobias children may have.
"The news of the school dog was very positively received and the children were very excited about him starting. We already have a long list of children who would like to take him out for walks.
"We are hope that George will provide our children with a sense of responsibility, whilst also helping to improve emotional wellbeing - for staff too."
You couldn't make it up....

One hopes some thought has been given to the poor animal's future welfare.

Tuesday 22 May 2018

Outrage Bus Stalls At First Corner....

An over officious traffic warden has been slammed on social media after slapping a parking ticket on a fire engine.
What? WHAT?! Is he a moron? Couldn't he see the building on fire and the men standing there with their hoses in their hands?!

Well, no. Understandably so.
It was parked outside Kings Leisure Centre in Moat Road, East Grinstead, on double yellow lines because the crew thought as an emergency service they were entitled to park there.
But only police vehicles are entitled to do so unless it is an emergency.
The on-duty crew were using facilities at the gym as East Grinstead Fire Station’s fitness area is undergoing renovation.
That paints a rather different picture, doesn't it? But the outrage works.
Mid Sussex District Council and WSFRS have now resolved the issue and the fine was withdrawn yesterday.

And This Nonsense Is Why We Have A 'Youth' Problem...

An officer who strip searched a teenager three times in a fortnight has had his appeal against his punishment quashed.
Two Essex Police officers were reprimanded during misconduct proceedings which heard the youth was stopped four times in Southend.
On three occasions he was strip searched without an appropriate adult being present.
I wonder just what 'appropriate' might mean in this situation. Someone from a zoo?
The report from the IOPC revealed officers believed the teen, referred to as Boy R, was connected to the notorious Bush Boys gang and was carrying drugs.
They weren't strip searching him for fun, were they?
On August 17, the boy was strip searched in the back of an unmarked police van and officers found a small quantity of cannabis.
Boy R then swallowed the cannabis and was taken to hospital where he was handcuffed for five hours.

Monday 21 May 2018

Beg To Differ, Your Honour!

Inquiries found the dog belonged to Suleman Halane, 22, from Hartlepool, and on the day of trial at Teesside Magistrates’ Court he admitted being the owner of a dog dangerously out of control.
He was banned from keeping animals for five years, given a 12-week curfew, a 12-month community order and ordered to pay £620 costs from his benefits.
Yes, it's that case.
Halane, who came to Hartlepool after being homeless in London, intended to breed from this dog and another Caucasian Shepherd called General, the court was told.
That dog has been taken in by the RSPCA but must also be put down due to its demeanour, the court heard.
Jesus wept, who'd buy animals like these?
The judge said the authorities ‘cannot be blamed in the least’ for how the case was handled.

Maybe the police can't, as I suspect they'd have been shooting this thing sooner or later.

But I think the DWP, HMRC & Home Office might be asked how a 22 year old man on benefits can afford to buy and keep two ferocious animals with the intention of turning them into a production line of ferocious animals for sale to....someone who needs ferocious animals.
Halane was said to come from a “troubled background” of gang culture in London but “kept away from it” and abstains from drugs and alcohol.
Probation added he was “extremely ashamed of himself and knows he shouldn’t have done it.”
John Relton, defending, said that Halane, of Baden Street, Hartlepool, had been the subject of some disdain in his local community for what he did.
Which 'local community'..?

A Perfect Storm...

Anne Ball, from West Moors, said the man riding the bike did not check to see if she was okay and left her “screaming in pain”.
A cyclist, you say...?
Cycling is not allowed on the main path in the gardens, Bournemouth council said.
Ignoring the rules, you say...?
The cyclist had a dog on a long lead attached to the bike and, as they approached Anne from behind, they passed either side of her.
She became entangled in the dog’s lead and was tripped up, landing “face down on the tarmac”.
With a dog, you say...?
She told the Echo it was only thanks to some “kind passers-by” that an ambulance was called for her.
“Although the man fell off his bike, he got up and pedalled off, leaving me on the ground with a broken ankle,” she said.
 If he's a vegan as well, this will be the perfect storm...
Anne said she had reported Wednesday’s incident to both the police and the council who told her that CCTV in the Lower Gardens would be reviewed.
Ah. Well, they aren't likely to catch him, then. When does this ever work?

Saturday 19 May 2018

The Wisdom Of A Dick....

Scotland Yard chief Cressida Dick has today called on social media giants to remove so called 'Drill' music videos that she says 'glamourises' violent crime.
Ms Dick, Britain's most senior police officer, said that drill music has 'lyrics which glamourise violence, serious violence, murder, stabbings.'
 Hmmm, really? Is that unusual?
"At break of day when that man drove away I was waiting 
I crossed the street to her house and she opened the door 
She stood there laughing 
I felt the knife in my hand and she laughed no more"
Well! Will you be demanding YouTube removes all Tom Jones material? If not, what's the difference?
'I am working closely with social media companies to work out what they can do about this.'
Don't they have people who can tell them that? People who are, frankly, better educated in the law than you appear to be?
'For us, if its against the law, it's against the law and it ought to be taken down.'
Really? Interesting viewpoint. Where is it hosted? Is it against the law in that country? If not, well, it doesn't matter what you think, does it?
'We are constantly responding to these things. Very often we get out there and try and search the people involved.
'But we need evidence to get these people locked up. What they say on the video may not be sufficient for a criminal charge.'
So it's not against the law after all? Jesus, woman, what sort of wooly-minded bollocks is this, for London's so-called 'top cop'. Are you good for anything?
Asked by a caller if cuts to policing were to blame for the spike in violent crime, Ms Dick said: 'We are definitely seeing an increase and I think there's lots of reasons for it.
'There's a connection ... to the drugs markets and what's going on with those, undoubtedly.
'Obviously, some changes in people's financial and economic circumstances that affect all kinds of things which have a direct or indirect effect on young people.'
Ah. I see you are. Good for pushing sub-Marxist Common Purpose soundbites about how 'poverty causes violence'...

I Guess This Is 'All Part Of Living In A Diverse City' Too, Eh, Mayor Khan...?

A teenager was "kept as a prisoner" in Swansea and forced to hide Class A drugs, including inside her body, after being lured there by London drug dealers, a court has heard.
The 19-year-old told police that she cried every day after arriving in the South Wales city and realising that the men who were holding her would not let her leave.
The men? Yeah, you guessed it:
On Friday Mahad Yusuf, 21, and Fesal Mahamud, 20, were handed nine- and 10-year sentences, respectively, at Swansea Crown Court, for their roles in trafficking the woman and for conspiracy to supply heroin and cocaine as part of a so-called county line operation.
And why Swansea?
Ms Rees said the operation, run by the Enfield-based DA (Dem Africans) gang, involved the supply of Class A drugs into "provincial areas" through a process called "cuckooing".
She said the leading members were based in London while operatives were sent to areas such as Swansea to live in the houses of "vulnerable" drug users, who were at risk of exploitation.
Wheel out the usual excuses!
Neil Baki, defending Mahamud, said his client was "ashamed" of his actions.
Barry Smith, for Yusuf, said his client had little understanding of the scale of the operation and was not involved in sending out the bulk text messages. He said Yusuf was "young and immature" and had shown "genuine" remorse.
Don't they always?
Yusuf was jailed for six years and four months for the drugs offences and two years, eight months for trafficking, a total of nine years.
Mahamud was sentenced to six years and nine months in a young offenders institution (YOI) for the drugs offences and one year three months for the trafficking.
Anyone want to guess what they'll actually serve?

Friday 18 May 2018

"What is the future of the country with school kids that behave like this."

We look to London, with all its stabbings and shooting, and we can see that, can't we?
Police in Wimbledon can now forcibly remove kids as old as 16 from the town centre following reports of fighting between "rival" schools.
A school dispersal zone was put into place this afternoon (April 25) due to a "rise in youth violence between children from a collection of local schools."
Hmmmm, I wonder what the demographic is here? I wonder if it's the same one that causes daily havoc on the c2c commute?

How can we find out? Well, we could look at the comments:

Ah. The fact some bleeding heart SJW has to leap in and start blathering about 'capitalism' and 'foreign wars' tells you a lot of what you need to know.

As does the immediate bleating about why the behaviour of these feral animals should be excused...

A Real Shaggy Dog Story...

Harry - a banned breed of pit bull - was picked up by a dog warden last August and kept in kennels while his owners lodged an appeal with Sevenoaks Magistrates Court.
Couple Beth Golding and Jake Myers claimed their dog was a gentle animal who had been left stressed by his experience but the court heard he was a banned breed and the onus was on them to prove he was not dangerous.
Which task they were up to, right?

Reader, they were not....
The court heard how Harry the dog, who lived with Miss Golding in a three bedroom maisonette in Cheshire, had been staying with her partner's brother while the family went on holiday last summer.
Representing Miss Golding, Alison Morgan said there was a suggestion the animal had been sold but it was unclear how he ended up in Kent.
As murky as a chav's job prospects!
Miss Golding, 22, said her dog had never posed a risk to her two young children, age one and two and while at home had been obedient and loving.
She said she had owned Harry from the age of four weeks but had bought him believing him to be a Staffordshire bull terrier, a legal breed of dog.
She said since being told Harry was a pit bull after he was picked up last summer she had adapted her home putting up six feet fences around the property and child gates in every room.
She must have a really well paying job, eh?
Kent Police dog handler, Tracy Cook said she visited Harry at kennels at a secret location in the county last October where she assessed him to be "too much for a dog handler to handle"
She said despite the presence of two leads he had nearly pulled over her colleague, PC Nigel Marshall and had a "highly driven prey drive" with "endless resiliance."
Translation: The usual chavdog nightmare threatening everything in its path while the owner is absorbed in Facebook on their mobile... behaviourist, Nickola Engel said she did not consider the dog "presented a risk to anyone" and claimed his anxious behaviour and pulling on the lead could be attributed to the two months he had spent in kennels.
You really can pay any 'expert' to say anything you need them to in court, can't you?
But under questioning she admitted the dog had broken its lead in an attempt to get to some geese, pulling her over during a visit two days before that of the police assessment.
...chairman of the magistrates bench, Anne Lightbody said they could not be sure the dog did not continue to pose a risk to public safety and therefore ordered him to be destroyed.
Thank god! Could the vet do the necessary on the useless mouthbreathing owners too?

Thursday 17 May 2018

"All Must Have Prizes Ice Lollies!"

A mother of four has accused Hextable Primary School of running a “bullying campaign” against...
It's usually the Education Secretary, isn't it?
...children who have low attendance.
Oh. Well, what's the probl...

Ah. Right.
Rachel Gregory, 46, has a nine-year-old daughter in Year Four at the school, in Rowhill Road. On Friday, April 20, Ms Gregory says her daughter was rounded up with children considered to have poor attendance and “segregated” from other pupils.
She told News Shopper that, at temperatures of 27C, the children with good attendance were treated to ice lollies, allowed to watch a one hour film and given toys to play with.
Meanwhile, the children with poor attendance were denied lollies, given maths board games and were offered limited toys to play with.
Oh noes! The horror, the horror...
Ms Gregory also said her daughter was very upset after she had to watch her classmates – and teachers – eat ice lollies in front of her, while she was not allowed to have one.
“I literally had to drag her into school screaming and crying on Monday,” she said.
At least you've learned that that's what your job as a parent is, to make sure the delicate little flower actually attends the place!
She added that, although she understands attendance is important, she believes the incentive scheme needs “proper guidelines and proper management.”
“What scares me is where this will go in the future,” she told News Shopper.
Oh, haven't you heard, Ms Gregory? Next term, the children with poor attendance will be rounded up, given a 10 minute head start, then the hounds will be released...

Another 'Benefit' Of The EU....

A rise in the number of dogs reported to the RSPCA with cropped ears has sent shockwaves to British animal lovers over the return of the sick procedure. The RSPCA described the procedure, which was made illegal ten years ago, as mutilation carried out purely for cosmetic reasons. The animal welfare group has urged potential dog owners to avoid importing dogs or buying the animals from breeders if they use the painful ear cropping.
 The 'importing dogs' is the clue here. Because although we made it illegal, continental Europe didn't.
Although cropping, which forces dogs ears to grow upwards, is unnecessary, the RSPCA has reported a dramatic 157 percent surge in cases in the past two years.
Although ear cropping was made illegal in England and Wales in 2007, some owners bypass the laws by importing dogs which have already been cropped. One company describing itself as the largest provider of cropped Dobermans in the UK charges between £2,000 and £3,000 for an imported puppy.
The sooner we are out of this corrupt organisation, the better.

Wednesday 16 May 2018

Happy Families, Burnley Style...

A woman sank her teeth into her mother’s arm and “latched on” while she punched her mum about the head.
Blackburn magistrates heard Bethany Wallace only released her grip when her mum’s partner slapped her across the face.
I hear there's a technique you're supposed to use with fighting dogs, to get them to release.

But looking at the pictures, I suspect Bethany might consider that foreplay.
He had already been assaulted by Bethany’s brother, Bradley Wallace, and was then hit over the head with a walking stick by her.
His own? Or someone else's?
Phillip Turner, defending Bradley Wallace, said Mrs Wallace and her partner had been out and bought some takeaway food on their way home.
Mr Coughlan went into their house but Mrs Wallace went next door to invite their neighbour round.
“Bradley had been invited by his mum to join them,” said Mr Turner.
“Mr Coughlan told him he wasn’t allowed in and an argument started. Bethany arrived and joined in and then Mrs Wallace became involved.”
He said Bradley Wallace accepted he punched Mr Coughlan because he thought he had assaulted his sister.
So very different from the home life of our own dear Queen, eh, reader?

Well, There's Always A First Time....

Thanet Councillor Suzanne Brimm faces three charges related to Freedom of Information requests for details about a dog DNA scheme including getting rid of records so that they could not be disclosed.
It is believed to be the first time that anyone has been charged under section 77 of the Freedom of Information Act.
 One to watch!
Cllr Brimm, who previously who held a Cabinet post in the council as a UKIP member before quitting the group to become Independent, has denied the charges and will go on trial at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court on September 3.
 And what about that scheme? Well....
Thanet's dog DNA scheme used high-tech testing to try and work out which owners had failed to pick up after their dogs as part of a zero tolerance approach.
The scheme was launched last July but later abandoned.
 Yeah, there's a lot of that going around....
The charges allege that she blocked, concealed or destroyed records held by Thanet council “with the intention of preventing the disclosure by TDC of information” in response to FOI requests between July 31, 2017, and September 2 and 5, 2017.
A further charge says that between her election on May 7, 2015 -and February 9, 2018, Cllr Brimm “being a data controller, processed personal data without having entry in the register maintained by the Information Commissioner.”
The Campaign for Freedom of Information said that this there (sic) has "never been a s77 FOI prosecution before."
It's going to be interesting to see what the real issue is here, isn't it?

Tuesday 15 May 2018

What Is The Penalty For Giving False Information To The Public...?

“The owner was standing right next to us and he didn’t do anything and when I asked him to put the dog on a lead or a mussel (sic) he just started laughing,” he said.
 A fairly typical reaction.
The police were called to the park and Mr Turner was given first aid and taken to the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead.
 And they arrested the owner, yes?

Oh, silly me.
A police spokesman said: “On Sunday at around 8.15am it was reported a man was bitten after trying to separate two dogs fighting in Greatness Park, Sevenoaks.
“It is alleged an alteration (sic) then took place involving one of the dog owners and another man. Police attended the scene and carried out enquiries.
No injuries were reported as a result of the altercation and no arrests have been made.”
Now, it doesn't take a genius to spot the obvious flaw in this statement, does it?

Lazy policing is sadly to be expected. This is a different sort of policing. What should we call it?

Ah, yes.

The 'Wrong Situation' Being The Dock. Or The Mortuary.

A beautician who hanged out with gang members (sic) as a teenager wants to open a youth club to rebuild a community reeling from the fatal stabbing of 18-year-old Lyndon Davis.
There's that word again, 'community'. I know the area. It's no longer a community. It used to be, once...
Leigh Harris was at home in Reynolds Court, Marks Gate, when she heard police on nearby Padnall Road not far from where Mr Davis was found with a stab injury on March 14.
Days later Miss Harris joined shocked neighbours at a meeting to discuss a spate of violence where she surprised herself by standing up and speaking out about her fears for the community she grew up in.
“There was talk of more police and CCTV, but not much said about how to change the way people live,” Miss Harris said.
Because that's not within the purview of the state. Unlike police and CCTV.
She said she wanted to bring young people’s respect for older people and older people’s respect for young people back.
“I can understand why young people are driven to crime. They come from broken homes. They have all this built up anger. I don’t want them to go down a bad path. Not all kids mixed up in crime are bad, they are just in the wrong situation,” she said.
Ah. Another dim bulb. Just what this 'community' needs.

Monday 14 May 2018

Ah, Wonderful, Enriching Diversity!

The Old Bailey heard that the 16-year-old victim and friends were in Plashet Road the afternoon of October 12 when a Mercedes containing Miah and his stepson, Yasin Patel, pulled up near them.
As the group scrambled in different directions, Patel chased down and stabbed the 16-year-old multiple times in his left leg and chest, Miah joining in the attack while he was on the ground.
Meanwhile Islam, of Fowler Road, Forest Gate, was having his hair cut in a nearby barber shop. Grabbing a baseball bat from the boot of his car, he approached Miah from behind and struck on the back of his head, fracturing his skull. He then hit him again after he fell to the floor. Islam drove away from the scene but returned to the barbers a short time later — while police and paramedics tended to the injured boy.
Just a normal day in Forest Gate, nothing to see here....
Investigating the attack, Detectives from the Met’s Homicide and Major Crime Command uncovered CCTV footage of Islam arriving in his BMW and visiting the barbers before the brawl.
After detectives tracked down the BMW, Islam’s solicitor contacted police the following day to say Islam would hand himself in. The next day, October 23, Islam was arrested and charged.
The story behind this should be interesting, shouldn't it?
“It appears that Islam was not involved in the initial fight which Titu was a part of, but he took it upon himself to casually arm himself with a baseball bat and carry out an alarming, sudden attack on Titu which resulted in a critical head injury from which he could not recover,” said Det Sgt Perry Benton, who led the investigation.
“Patel was identified as the person who stabbed the 16-year-old victim who fortunately did not suffer serious, lasting injury. The motive for this attack is unclear, although we believe it may have been due to a disagreement between Patel and a relative of the victim.
“This was a despicable show of violence in broad daylight on a residential street which resulted in a man dead and a young victim stabbed, and two people now facing long jail terms for their part in this incident.”
Import the tribal Third World, import Third World tribal attitudes and social mores.

Well, Aren't They Always?

Ms Hesse said Traynor was initially interviewed and accepted it was her dog but said she had given it away and did not have details for the new owner.
On a second interview in February, she said the dog had escaped after her daughter opened her door while she was out. She also admitted she had given the dog to a friend and admitted trying to hide it from the police but was not against having it destroyed.
If you can find it.
Paul Donoghue, defending, said the single mother, of Castledene Road, Delves Lane, Consett, had never had any problems with the dog but had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.
I though single mothers were all on the poverty line. Was she fattening the dog to provide future meals?
He said his client was on benefits.
Imagine my shocked face. Go on. You can if you try.
Magistrate Aileen Little, said the bench had decided to adjourn the case so a probation report could be prepared and the new owner could be contacted as they had to decide on whether to destroy the dog.
Why? I mean, even if there is a real 'new owner' why should it be up to them?

Saturday 12 May 2018

There's A Time Limit On Pathetic Excuses? Who Knew?

Mark Heffernan, 41, was parked in Pitchcroft car park near Worcester Police Station after a night out and told officers he was sleeping to avoid driving home drunk.
The former army serviceman, who now delivers palliative care equipment and medication to relieve the suffering of terminal patients, was allowed to keep his licence when appearing before magistrates on Thursday.
He must have had an amazing story!
Mrs Sue Roberts, chair of the bench, said: “Exceptional hardship would be caused to the patients under your care if you were to lose your employment.”
Right. Because it's not like they could employ anyone else to do it?
Lesley Ashton, prosecuting, said the defendant was found in his car at 5.40am on March 30 by officers.
She said Heffernan initially refused to give his name and date of birth and claimed he was asleep, before providing a positive breath sample.
“He did not understand what the issue was. He was just ignorant of the law,” said Mr McQuian.
And that's no excuse, surely?
Mr McQuian said Heffernan visits his three daughters from a previous relationship in Teesside each weekend, with a driving ban meaning he would be unable to see them.
He can't take a train?
He said he also has a two-year-old child with his current partner, who he drives to his grandmother’s house each day, before work.
He can't take a cab?
Mr McQuian argued that his client, who has learning difficulties, had made good progress in getting a handle on his PTSD...
He's looking more and more like a liability, rather than a model employee!
Heffernan’s licence was endorsed with 10 points, already carrying three, and he was ordered to pay a total of £426 in fines and costs. Mrs Roberts added: “You cannot use the same excuse for another three years.”
Bet he's back in three years time using it!

Good lord, who knew all you needed to become a magistrate was to be a living brain donor?

Maybe The Doctor Who Gave Him The Advice Should Be Investigated?

Chef Joshua Jake Duxbury, 21, died as he was travelling from his home in Blackburn on the A59 to Harrogate to work at his mother’s Route 59 cafe at about 8.25am on October 8, 2016.
A witness statement from a lorry driver who was overtaken by former Witton Park Academy pupil Mr Duxbury a few minutes before the collision put his speed then at “up to 100mph.”
Which made the crash obviously survivable. As did something else:
A toxicology report had indicated there was cannabis in the rider’s bloodstream, said senior coroner Rob Turnbull at the inquest in Skipton.
You'd think that would be a source of shame for the family, but they have a rather unique excuse:
Mr Duxbury’s mother Audrey Duxbury told the inquest that her son had ridden motorcycles since the age of seven and was very experienced.
He was first taught by Andy Bradley, who runs Rocket Centre Motorcycle Training at the Trident Centre in Blackburn.
He had been using cannabis on medical advice to deal with sleeplessness and severe night terrors, she said.
Can someone please track down the 'doctor' that suggested an illegal drug as a remedy? No?

I guess they don't exist, then.
Coroner Mr Turnbull said that it seemed death had been instantaneous, and added: “He did not slow down. Why we don’t know. It is a very sad loss.”
And also a miracle the selfish little druggie didn't take any innocent person with him...

Friday 11 May 2018

Local Council Planning Department Speed: Slothlike...

...when faced with a certain demographic, anyway:
Residents are growing concerned after a group of travellers have set up site on green belt land in a village.
A planning application to allow caravans to pitch up on the site has been submitted to Rochford District Council to make the site off Pudsey Hall Lane, in Canewdon, permanent.
They are already starting to lay down hardstanding which is used to park their vehicles and caravans on, even though the application is yet to be approved by the council.
Well, of course they are. They know full well that no-one will do a thing.
The resident said: “They just don’t seem to care that the land is green belt.
“And Rochford District Council aren’t doing a single thing about it.” He continued: “It’s very intimidating and they clearly just seem to be doing what they like.
Something needs to be done.”
Over to the council.
A spokesman for Rochford District Council confirmed that the land was designated green belt and added: “The travellers arrived over the bank holiday weekend.
“The travellers own the land and have submitted a change of use application to the council.
“The planning application is currently invalid as it requires additional information.
“It will not be validated and accessible on the planning portal until officers receive the relevant missing information.”
It doesn't really matter whether it'll be validated, does it?

They Never Look Like They Miss Any Meals Themselves, Do They?

Sandra Mullen, 56, and her daughter Julie Mullen, 26, each admitted a charge of animal cruelty. They were both ordered to serve 150 hours community service.
It's a constant of these cases - black or white, male or female, they are always, always, absolute porkers...
A vet who carried out a post mortem on the dogs noted they were both severely underweight, and had died "painful and miserable" deaths.
The judge told the women they were both "utterly unfit" to look after animals due to "wilful neglect".
They should be thrown into a cell with narrow bars, and told their release is dependent on them being able to fit through those bars...

Thursday 10 May 2018

Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth, And Demanding A Unicorn

A former rough sleeper claims he lived off takeaways after moving into a property without a cooker last year.
Mathew Hatch-Diespecker, aged 29, said Fortis Living failed to refit his kitchen. He claims that left him with a shoddy kitchen with a layout that doesn't allow him to install both a cooker and a washing machine.
He says he ate fast-food for five months until he managed to install a cooker, and is still living without a washing machine.
You used to live on the streets. Isn't this better? I'm pretty sure you didn't have a cooker and a washing machine next to your park bench either!
Mr Hatch-Diespecker, of Rodborough Drive, Worcester, said: "It's making me feel down about everything.
"The kitchen is meant to be the heart of the home and if the heart is not working properly how's the rest of the body meant to work properly.
"When I moved in a year ago I was told I was due to have a few things updated in my house. None of it has been done to date.
"They said the kitchen was meant to be fitted up-to-date within two months of me moving in.
"I am frustrated that they have failed to provide the correct layout as it means I am unable to have both a cooker and a washing machine."
The sheer ingratitude is enough to make you weep. Or kick something.
He added: "Before I got the cooker in I had to get food every day, it was costing me money and it was an inconvenience. I had to pretty much live off takeaways."
Luckily, Mr Hatch-Diespecker was able to get a cooker from his father, who lives in Thailand, in October. However he still has no washing machine.
He said: "My grandmother's currently helping me do washing. She collects it from me.
"If I can't get in touch with her I have to go to the laundrettes in town and it costs me about £2.50 per load. It's too expensive."
What else do you have to spend your money on then? Oh, wait, my mistake. OUR money!
Mr Hatch-Diespecker, who suffers from epilepsy and fibromyalgia, was made homeless in 2013, after suffering a mental breakdown and falling behind on rent. He said his current situation is playing on his mental health.
I'm pretty sure their must be far more deserving cases out there. Perhaps another spell of rough sleeping would adjust his attitude somewhat?

Slow Learners...

West Midlands Police is beefing up its dangerous dog unit in response to a 12 per cent increase in attacks and offences in the last year.
Finally! They can start with their call handlers.

And an eye on the costs, too:
Officers are also taking action to speed up enforcement action to slash the £430,000 a year costs of keeping dogs in kennels before destroying them or sending them back to their owner.
Looks like someone has finally realised what I've been saying for a long time.
The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner’s board was also told that while animal cruelty is often seen as a low priority it often an indication of other criminal activity from domestic violence to organised gangs.
 What took them so long?
But offences involving banned fighting dog breeds - including the Japanese Toza, the Pit Bull Terrier - have fallen year on year down from 122 in 2016-17 to 91 last year.
 Why are there still cases? These things were supposed to be eradicated by this law.
Chief Inspector Dawn Miskella said: “Nationally there has been a correlation between organised crime and dangerous dogs offences. We often find we are dealing with dangerous dog type issues when we are dealing with other forms of criminality, for example if we execute a warrant at an address where we’d got drugs intelligence we would often find a certain type of dog at those addresses.”
There's little need for them if you're a law-abiding person, is there?

Wednesday 9 May 2018

"Pussy Pass? Nyet"

Look who's back in the news....
Alexandra Woolnough, also known as Al Capone, attacked Robert Yeeles with a bottle as he sat drinking in her Brighton home.
The 42-year-old Russian claimed she attacked Mr Yeeles in self defence.
A jury at Hove Crown Court took less than an hour to convict her of the unprovoked attack.
How much less...? Was it 20 minutes?
“Officers came from Worthing believing she was the complainant,” Mr Pottinger said. She told police nothing had happened and they went on their way, he added.
She was jailed for two years and ordered to pay £3,000 in court costs and another £1,000 compensation to Mr Yeeles.
Bet she'll be out in half that.

As Pathetic Excuses Go....

...this one doesn't even make it out of the starting gate.
A grandad-of-six is in hot water with the council after doubling the height of his garden fence to...
Oh, boy! *settles in with ppcorn*
...protect his beloved Jack Russell Terrier from being killed by foxes.
Ha ha ha ha! You're kidding, right? A Jack Russell? The breed used by hunts since time immemorial to go down holes after foxes?
When he got the keys, Mr MacKay said he spoke to a housing manager who he claims gave him the all-clear to make his fence 6ft high.
Didn't get his name, didn't get it in writing...?
However, he has now been told by Hull City Council that he did not have permission to build the fence higher as he shares his garden with neighbours.
Mr MacKay is desperate to maintain the tall barrier so he can keep Snowy safe, as he is convinced foxes will jump into his garden and tear apart his treasured terrier.
I've got news for you - foxes can climb six foot fences with ease.
Snowy, described by his owner as a “soft dog who wouldn’t hurt anybody,” has always lived outside after being nurtured by a farmer who kept him outdoors.
I think he's seen foxes before. And survived. Better think up a better excuse.

Tuesday 8 May 2018

A Penny For Those Thoughts...

It wasn't just drink, either...
Allan Player, 34, from Thundersley, was driving a black Seat Ibiza when he struck a white Mercedes Sprinter van at about 3am. Mr Player, was treated by paramedics but died at the scene.
Essex Senior Coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray, presiding at Essex Coroners’ Court yesterday heard Mr Player’s car crossed onto the opposite side of the road before crashing with the van.
PC Alan Barlow, from the Essex Police Forensic Collision Unit gave evidence after attending the scene. He said: “Mr Player had 177 milligrams of alcohol per 100ml of blood in his system, while the legal limit is 80, this is twice the legal limit.
“The evidence showed the Mercedes driver was wearing a seat belt however Mr Player was not wearing a seat belt.
And that's not even the end of it!
PC Barlow said: “I went to the scene at about 4.50am and examined the road surface, the conditions and the two vehicles that were involved in the crash.
“Evidence showed Mr Player was driving at about 60mph in a 30mph area and that he lost control of the car before it crashed with the van.
“On the morning of the incident, it was a cold morning and the road surface was wet.”
Mrs Beasley-Murray expressed her condolences to his family and all those who loved him.
Would have been better off thanking providence the selfish chav didn't take any innocent drivers or pedestrians with him.

I think 'the real truth' is pretty self-evident, isn't it?

"It's like banging your head against a wall and this is not a little crime."

Natasha says she contacted West Midlands Police straight after the incident and received a call back the following day.
"Someone rang me and we ended up in an argument as he wasn't bothered about the injuries," she said.
"I'd been attacked by this dog and he was talking about police resources - if this had been a child they might not have survived.
"Then I heard nothing after that and I kept chasing to get updates and then I went to Little Park Street station as it had been over a week.
"I was promised that someone would ring and no phone call came. So I rang them on Friday to ask what's going on and I keep getting passed from pillar to post and that dog is still out on the street."
Funny that they should worry themselves about police resources. They seem to waste enough of them themselves. Sometimes spectacularly.
A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: "We were made aware of a dog attacking another dog and its owner in Radford Road in Coventry just before 9pm on Monday, April 23.
"The attack is believed to have taken place just before 8.30pm that night.
"The 32-year-old woman sustained injuries to her hand and was treated at hospital. Her dog was also injured and required veterinary treatment.
"Enquiries remain on-going and anyone with information is asked to call police on 101, quoting crime reference 20CV/90589W/18."
Yes, I'm sure you're on the case.

Maybe divert some of the resources you expend on monitoring your Twitter account trying to head off the latest PR disaster on to walking a beat instead?

Monday 7 May 2018

And They Can't Claim Racism..!

Yesterday, a driver who claimed to be asthmatic in order to avoid taking Mr Ahmad and his guide dog Walt, was fined £500, with £500 costs, and ordered to pay £100 compensation to Mr Ahmad at Leicester Magistrates’ Court.
He will also be referred to the city council’s Licensing Enforcement Sub-Committee to decide whether he can keep his Hackney Carriage and private hire vehicle driver’s licence. Refusing to take a guide dog is an offence under the Equality Act 2010.
 Yes, you guessed it.
Driver Mohammed Jauffer, who works for Everest Taxis in Loughborough Road, Leicester, was booked to take Mr Ahmad from the Brew Dog pub in Berridge Street/Friar Lane in the city centre, to the Flamingo Bar on Loughborough Road, on September 15 last year.
Magistrates heard when he arrived to collect Mr Ahmad, Jauffer, 36, of Stockton Road, Northfields, Leicester, refused to take Mr Ahmad’s guide dog, claiming he was asthmatic.
When Mr Ahmad asked the driver if he had the necessary medical exemption certificate, Jauffer, who pleaded guilty to the offence, apologised for not having one and said he was allergic to dogs.
Later that day, 48-year-old Mr Ahmad who was registered totally blind as a young man before going on to have a highly successful career, encountered a similar situation. Mr Ahmad, who joined the GB Paratriathlon squad and set the world record for the fastest Blind Ironman, had taken a taxi from his Oadby home to give one of his inspirational talks to Blaby Beaver Scouts. While there was no problem on the way there, the taxi driver who arrived to take him home - booked through the same company - tried to refuse taking him, saying that he too was allergic to dogs, he said.
 And then of course, it was 'Wait, you're one of us!'...
Mr Ahmad added: “When I threatened to report him, he said "why brother are you going to report me?"
“I pointed out that he was acting unlawfully and that he could lose his licence. He soon changed his mind."
Mr Ahmad said the driver reluctantly opened the tailgate to allow Walt into the car.
This needs to stop. The punishment should be immediate forfeiture of the licence. Obey our laws, or find another way to earn a living.

Well, I Would Get 'Confused' After 10 Pints Too....

The court heard Mr Hassan picked up Kirman, who said he had drunk 10 pints of lager, and his partner from Marchwiel, near Wrexham, after a rock concert. He was forced to drive along country lanes because of a series of road closures.
The court heard this caused Kirman to become aggressive, telling Mr Hassan he would "smash your face in" and banging on the glass separating the driver and passengers. Apollo Taxis told Mr Hassan to drive to Wrexham town centre for safety, where Kirman tried to drag him out of the car.
Defending barrister Neil Usher told the court Kirman had become confused and thought he was being taken off route because he was being kidnapped.
A likely story! Who'd want to kidnap an ordinary bloke?


And the partner? Well, you guessed it!
The court heard his partner, Paula Vaughan-Smith, 48, accepted a caution for a public order offence and proceedings against her had been dropped.
She had since lost her administrative job with North Wales Police.
It's clearly not just one rotten apple, is it?
His partner said the driver had been taking them “a silly way” and had been rude to them, and the defendant told two special constables who arrived: “I am Superintendent Rob Kirman but I don’t want to use that.”
Errr, you did, by telling them.
He claimed he told the two specials what had gone on and he thought they realised that “he was not the bad guy”.
Newsflash, sunshine: the general public can no longer see much difference...

H/T: Sobers via comments