Tuesday 1 May 2018

No, No, He's The Victim...

During the hearing, references were read out made by those who knew Hatcher, dozens of whom were in court to support him.
His sister’s read: “He is a caring person who would sit with homeless people and listen to them. He would give his last penny to someone.”
Another added that Hatcher was “caring and considerate”.
Presumably, keeping straight faces all the while...
Family man Ben Hatcher struggled with the birth of his child, turning to drugs to help him ease the pain of abuse he had suffered as a youngster.
As you do...
But his usage turned to addiction and to pay off his debts, he armed himself with an eight-inch kitchen knife, a disguise and a plan to rob Golden Amusement Arcade and Quicksilver, both on Shirley High Street, within days of one another and in the early hours of the morning.
The 31-year-old then attempted to rob another Quicksilver in Portswood but was caught after patrons overheard him demand money from a cashier and called the police.
Failed at normal life, failed at crime.
However, in sentencing Hatcher, who pleaded guilty to the charges, Judge Peter Henry said the “frightening experience” for those involved left him with no choice but to jail him.
Hatcher, of Winchester Road, Southampton, was sentenced to five years and three months’ imprisonment.
Is it me, or does the judge sound like he really wished he'd had a choice?


KJP said...

Is it me, or does the judge sound like he really wished he'd had a choice?

I think you would need to have heard it spoken to get the proper inflection. It could be as you say but could also be just a manner of speaking or a statement on sentencing guidelines.

JuliaM said...

True enough, the bland style of modern 'journalism' doesn't allow for the writer to give us a clue.