Saturday 19 May 2018

The Wisdom Of A Dick....

Scotland Yard chief Cressida Dick has today called on social media giants to remove so called 'Drill' music videos that she says 'glamourises' violent crime.
Ms Dick, Britain's most senior police officer, said that drill music has 'lyrics which glamourise violence, serious violence, murder, stabbings.'
 Hmmm, really? Is that unusual?
"At break of day when that man drove away I was waiting 
I crossed the street to her house and she opened the door 
She stood there laughing 
I felt the knife in my hand and she laughed no more"
Well! Will you be demanding YouTube removes all Tom Jones material? If not, what's the difference?
'I am working closely with social media companies to work out what they can do about this.'
Don't they have people who can tell them that? People who are, frankly, better educated in the law than you appear to be?
'For us, if its against the law, it's against the law and it ought to be taken down.'
Really? Interesting viewpoint. Where is it hosted? Is it against the law in that country? If not, well, it doesn't matter what you think, does it?
'We are constantly responding to these things. Very often we get out there and try and search the people involved.
'But we need evidence to get these people locked up. What they say on the video may not be sufficient for a criminal charge.'
So it's not against the law after all? Jesus, woman, what sort of wooly-minded bollocks is this, for London's so-called 'top cop'. Are you good for anything?
Asked by a caller if cuts to policing were to blame for the spike in violent crime, Ms Dick said: 'We are definitely seeing an increase and I think there's lots of reasons for it.
'There's a connection ... to the drugs markets and what's going on with those, undoubtedly.
'Obviously, some changes in people's financial and economic circumstances that affect all kinds of things which have a direct or indirect effect on young people.'
Ah. I see you are. Good for pushing sub-Marxist Common Purpose soundbites about how 'poverty causes violence'...


MTG said...

I remember Leeds City police response to the 1960's poor. They drowned the homeless in the canal system and not of these vile, state criminals was ever convicted of murder.

Anonymous said...

She started off so well..........
We thought she would be different from her predecessors as she has already had her police career once. She already has her pension that can't be taken away if she doesn't tow the party-line. I'm hoping I'm wrong and she does grow a pair...let's wait and see.

As for the videos-they often help us solve the murders of gangsters.Most are so dim they sing a song about stabbing a "bro", then go and do it. Self-service policing is the way forward.

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious Melvin. Keep it up.

Sackerson said...

@MTG: Not quite, perhaps, but:

JS said...

I'm no expert on drill music an how it equates, but "Delilah" certainly isn't an example of pro-violence lyrics.
The protagonist of the song clearly regrets the moment of jealous madness which caused him to kill Delilah and, distraught, is waiting for his inevitable punishment. It is far more like a cautionary tale than a celebration.
I've had to point this out more than once to ban-everything-we-don't-like feminists and I'm sorry to have to do this here.

MTG said...

Thank you, Sackerson. I am aware of the case, although the original drownings which followed many 'police chases', date back to 1961. It was a particularly corrupt decade when Leeds solicitors were reluctant to represent any action against Leeds City Police. A covert blanket of Masonic influence, almost amounting to total Lodge control, fell over the judicial arena, solicitors, local government and Crown agents/interests. The influence was so diffuse that it even threatened students at the time. I recall being ensnared by this evil during 1965 and beyond, immediately following a student protest in Leeds.

JuliaM said...

"They drowned the homeless in the canal system..."

Ah. The good old days.

"She started off so well...."

Eh? I can only think you must be talking about someone else!

"@MTG: Not quite, perhaps, but:"

'As a black man in a still overtly-racist Britain...' *rolls eyes*

"I'm no expert on drill music..."

Me neither, Frankly, I'd rather stick a drill in my ear than listen to it.