Saturday 26 May 2018


I was struck, whilst reading the account of the trial yesterday, by the commonalities of this case to so many others.

No, not the uselessness of the police:
...after officers decided to take no further action due to a 'misunderstanding' Bolland texted a friend saying: 'Got NFA. Ha ha ha. Michelle proper put a statement in. I'm buzzing. She's a stupid c*** and I'm going to let everyone know she's a grass.'
Nor even the inability of the other State agencies - despite seemingly not lacking those 'resources' we are always told they hunger for - to resolve things for the innocent party:
She saw at least six different officers, statements were made, risk referral forms completed, fire service personnel carried out two 'safe and well' visits, the family social worker was informed, social services alerted and she begged her landlord, housing association City West, to move her.
No, it was the stark contrast of reality, once again, to the constant whinging of the progressive press that the benefit system is too mean to allow people to live and feed their children.

All three defendants were young, fit, healthy, well nourished and had cash to spare. Despite the fact that none of them had a job:

...had previously failed to complete a community order for drink-driving as he 'went on the sick' and claimed benefits, he told the jury at Manchester Crown Court. ... Like Bolland, he had been drinking and snorting cocaine that night.
He stalked the estates around Walkden in a black hoodie, kept a pit bull-type dog, did not have a job but had money for drink and drugs, and habitually carried a large machete with an 18in blade down his tracksuit bottoms...
The 20-year-old had a string of convictions for threatening behaviour, street robbery and battery. ... Like Bolland she did not have a job but did enjoy drinking and drugs and admitted she could sometimes get 'mouthy'.
So the next time we see some simpering moron taking out a hankie in the pages of the 'Guardian' to demand more benefits, remind her that what she's really asking for is more beer & drugs tokens for the sort of underclass filth that think the answer to a petty squabble is to burn down a house with children inside.

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