Thursday 17 May 2018

"All Must Have Prizes Ice Lollies!"

A mother of four has accused Hextable Primary School of running a “bullying campaign” against...
It's usually the Education Secretary, isn't it?
...children who have low attendance.
Oh. Well, what's the probl...

Ah. Right.
Rachel Gregory, 46, has a nine-year-old daughter in Year Four at the school, in Rowhill Road. On Friday, April 20, Ms Gregory says her daughter was rounded up with children considered to have poor attendance and “segregated” from other pupils.
She told News Shopper that, at temperatures of 27C, the children with good attendance were treated to ice lollies, allowed to watch a one hour film and given toys to play with.
Meanwhile, the children with poor attendance were denied lollies, given maths board games and were offered limited toys to play with.
Oh noes! The horror, the horror...
Ms Gregory also said her daughter was very upset after she had to watch her classmates – and teachers – eat ice lollies in front of her, while she was not allowed to have one.
“I literally had to drag her into school screaming and crying on Monday,” she said.
At least you've learned that that's what your job as a parent is, to make sure the delicate little flower actually attends the place!
She added that, although she understands attendance is important, she believes the incentive scheme needs “proper guidelines and proper management.”
“What scares me is where this will go in the future,” she told News Shopper.
Oh, haven't you heard, Ms Gregory? Next term, the children with poor attendance will be rounded up, given a 10 minute head start, then the hounds will be released...


English Pensioner said...

A Nine year old. Offered toys to play with! In school?
I thought that stopped when they were five, it certainly did in my days. School were for learning, not play. The only play we had was the weekly visit to the park for sports.

Dr Evil said...

Perhaps a public whipping of the parent or parents for allowing this non attendance might help?

Ted Treen said...

@Dr Evil: Excellent suggestion.

Sobers said...

OT: did you see the Bristol acid murder case, a very good example of the pussy pass in action:

If a man threw acid at his girlfriend, causing such terrible injuries that she was forced by the constant pain to take her own life as a result, how likely would it be for him to be found not guilty of even her manslaughter?

Oi you said...

I am quite appalled that a teacher could think this would work. Demonising kids at that age, doesn't work, especially if it's the parents that are really to blame. Attendance, or lack of, has to be taken up with the parents. In my day, my parents would have received a letter from the Head, with a meeting after school to discuss the problem, if there was one. Perhaps little Johnny couldn't attend because his single mum was off her fecking face on crack?


JuliaM said...

"A Nine year old. Offered toys to play with! In school?"

Immaturity is prized these days. I couldn't wait to grow up!

"OT: did you see the Bristol acid murder case, a very good example of the pussy pass in action:"

Yup. But pushing for murder was a mistake.

"Attendance, or lack of, has to be taken up with the parents."

Does it look like that would work in this case?