Monday 21 May 2018

A Perfect Storm...

Anne Ball, from West Moors, said the man riding the bike did not check to see if she was okay and left her “screaming in pain”.
A cyclist, you say...?
Cycling is not allowed on the main path in the gardens, Bournemouth council said.
Ignoring the rules, you say...?
The cyclist had a dog on a long lead attached to the bike and, as they approached Anne from behind, they passed either side of her.
She became entangled in the dog’s lead and was tripped up, landing “face down on the tarmac”.
With a dog, you say...?
She told the Echo it was only thanks to some “kind passers-by” that an ambulance was called for her.
“Although the man fell off his bike, he got up and pedalled off, leaving me on the ground with a broken ankle,” she said.
 If he's a vegan as well, this will be the perfect storm...
Anne said she had reported Wednesday’s incident to both the police and the council who told her that CCTV in the Lower Gardens would be reviewed.
Ah. Well, they aren't likely to catch him, then. When does this ever work?

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