Tuesday 15 May 2018

The 'Wrong Situation' Being The Dock. Or The Mortuary.

A beautician who hanged out with gang members (sic) as a teenager wants to open a youth club to rebuild a community reeling from the fatal stabbing of 18-year-old Lyndon Davis.
There's that word again, 'community'. I know the area. It's no longer a community. It used to be, once...
Leigh Harris was at home in Reynolds Court, Marks Gate, when she heard police on nearby Padnall Road not far from where Mr Davis was found with a stab injury on March 14.
Days later Miss Harris joined shocked neighbours at a meeting to discuss a spate of violence where she surprised herself by standing up and speaking out about her fears for the community she grew up in.
“There was talk of more police and CCTV, but not much said about how to change the way people live,” Miss Harris said.
Because that's not within the purview of the state. Unlike police and CCTV.
She said she wanted to bring young people’s respect for older people and older people’s respect for young people back.
“I can understand why young people are driven to crime. They come from broken homes. They have all this built up anger. I don’t want them to go down a bad path. Not all kids mixed up in crime are bad, they are just in the wrong situation,” she said.
Ah. Another dim bulb. Just what this 'community' needs.

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