Thursday 31 May 2018

Cockfighting Is Back....

Police are appealing for information following a string of assaults outside Caterham chicken shops.
The first attack took place on May 9 at about 3.30pm outside Favourite Chicken/Natwest on Croydon Road. During the assault a young man was knocked unconscious.
The next day police were called to Clark's Shoe Shop on Station Avenue where an assault took place at about 5.15pm.
Wait, that's not a ...

Police are saying this fight has been linked to an incident outside KFC shortly after.
Of course. And in other news:
Police called the review and said the [redacted] management had "no control or understanding of the premises".
"You have to have quite strong management in places of this type," PC Gary Watson told the committee. "The manager on that night was arrested. He didn't do his job."
Nightclub? Rough East End pub?


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