Saturday 26 May 2018

Have You Considered Those Firms That Transport Livestock?

An autistic boy was banned from his school bus after escorts complained about his behaviour.
Yes, his own escorts.
But his mum says he was provoked and the escorts - who travel with Ollie Parker on the bus- should be able to handle his needs.
Is mum an obese munter with tattoos and a permanent air of disgruntlement?

Why, yes, yes she is. Who'd have guessed?
Stacey Corns said: “It is disgusting - they say they can’t cater for his needs. Yes he does kick out and he does spit but these people are supposed to be trained to deal with children with disabilities.”
I expect there's some firms that transport llamas & alpacas, they'll be used to that behaviour...
“Some of the escorts provoke him and make him act up. How they can treat someone like this and then nothing gets done to escorts?”
Because you're not the victim here, love, they are.
The mum-of-five, who doesn’t drive and has four other children at different schools and nurseries in Malvern and Worcester, has struggled to get Ollie to school on time.
Funny there's no mention of Mr Corns, eh?
Miss Corns feels she is being treated unfairly as she struggles with reading and writing and has been told her verbal complaints were “not logged.”
Christ, what a 'family'. 


Ed P said...

Ye Gods - a corn dolly has come to life. Burn the witch!

okjoe58 said...

Some poor soul lives next door to this 'family'

Ted Treen said...

Words fail me.

Libertarian said...

The photo belongs on that sad-face website!

JuliaM said...

"Some poor soul lives next door to this 'family'"

I'm glad it's not me!

"The photo belongs on that sad-face website!"

It does, doesn't it?