Thursday 31 May 2018

Quote Of The Month

James Higham on music and politics:
"The foolish left, the very left who protested in the Vietnam days are the same people today dragging us inexorably towards destruction with the mass importation of killers and rapists – in Sweden, women have been warned not to go outside alone, the French have barriers around the Eiffel Tower and still the left are hellbent on their “refugees welcome”, still the left interpret Hamas’s oppression of their own people as someone else’s fault and the left embraces the PTB crackdown on people like us, the new dissidents of today.
The left today is the force of oppression worldwide in their manic, deluded, kumbaya, utopian, cognitively dissonant dystopia. Violence and defamation are their bywords. They’ve lost all capacity to reason. In the 60s, they had all the best tunes – today they are a parody."

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