Thursday 17 May 2018

Another 'Benefit' Of The EU....

A rise in the number of dogs reported to the RSPCA with cropped ears has sent shockwaves to British animal lovers over the return of the sick procedure. The RSPCA described the procedure, which was made illegal ten years ago, as mutilation carried out purely for cosmetic reasons. The animal welfare group has urged potential dog owners to avoid importing dogs or buying the animals from breeders if they use the painful ear cropping.
 The 'importing dogs' is the clue here. Because although we made it illegal, continental Europe didn't.
Although cropping, which forces dogs ears to grow upwards, is unnecessary, the RSPCA has reported a dramatic 157 percent surge in cases in the past two years.
Although ear cropping was made illegal in England and Wales in 2007, some owners bypass the laws by importing dogs which have already been cropped. One company describing itself as the largest provider of cropped Dobermans in the UK charges between £2,000 and £3,000 for an imported puppy.
The sooner we are out of this corrupt organisation, the better.


wiggiatlarge said...

The same goes for tail docking, though most EU inc the UK countries now ban the practice some still don't and it isn't banned in the USA and many other places.

Lord T said...

There are a lot of things that our nanny state bans that are available in the EU.

One thing though, they all have to come to the UK via some method and I would suspect that big dogs are easier to find than a bag of drugs.

So it is the customs lot that are letting these dogs in and failing in their work. Too busy clamping down on smokers I suspect.

JuliaM said...

"The same goes for tail docking..."

I wonder - I've seen a lot of non-docked breeds. But still an increase in cropped ears. Iy's peculiar.

"So it is the customs lot that are letting these dogs in and failing in their work."

Ah, the legendary in their own lunchtime Border Farce. The shippers probably describe them as cats, and they get nodded through...