Saturday 5 May 2018

Technically, He's No Longer Driving, Surely?

A driver who ran out of fuel on the A30 near Exeter today has been reported by police for driving without due care and attention.
You think they might have a bit of sympathy, no? But wait, is it even an offence?
It is not in itself an offence to run out of fuel on a motorway. However, unless there's a mechanical fault with your car, there's no excuse for running out of fuel.
Not letting it get super low is just part of the basic responsibilities of running a car. By running out of fuel, you risk creating a dangerous situation and obstructing the roadway.
 And you're at risk of one of our police arresting you for that. Because they've nothing better to do.

Maybe one of them should hang around an ambulance station or police station waiting to pounce, if this is such an issue...

H/T: IR Jackson via email


MTG said...

Mr Plod...the bloated haemorrhoid hanging out of the asshole of public services.

Anonymous said...

Not arrestable Julia, that's just lazy. Especially as the first paragraph stated a driver doing this was reported not arrested.

Unknown said...

It has happened


JuliaM said...

"Not arrestable Julia, that's just lazy. "

Now you're just splitting hairs...

"It has happened..."

Not, I note, to anyone other than civilians.