Friday, 25 May 2018

But They'll Come Down Like A Ton Of Bricks If Someone Tweets Something Offensive...

A danger dog terrorising an Angus neighbourhood had a muzzling order placed on it six months before its latest attack on a helpless terrier.
Thus proving the justice system north of the border is as impotent as the one below it...
A neighbour, who may have helped save Dougal when she threw water on the attack dog, is one of a number of people who have spoken out about the “out of control” animal.
“It’s a well-known danger dog and she (its owner) doesn’t have any control over it,” said the woman.
“We have a dog and worry every time we want to take it out.
“Because it’s attacked other dogs before, we’ve been through different scenarios of what we could do if it grabbed our dog. That’s why I threw water on it to try to get it off the man’s dog last week.”
Perhaps you should have held the useless owner's head in a bucket of the stuff instead.
Police seized the Staffie in the immediate aftermath of the recent night-time incident, but it is now back with the owner.
“They did take it away, but they gave it back almost straight away,” said the resident.
Yes, well, they have form for that.


Anonymous said...

Aftershave or perfume held in one of those little spray bottles works wonders if it's aimed at the dogs eyes. Painful but not harmful as the tears will wash away the solution, eventually.

Anonymous said...

I've asked on here previously for one of you half-wits to prove that you have been prosecuted for speeding at 31mph. I'm still waiting. This is another lie that MTG and other lefties repeat endlessly until the lie becomes the truth in their warp minds.

JuliaM said...

"Painful but not harmful as the tears will wash away the solution, eventually. "

Bet the RSPCA would be round like a shot!

"I'm still waiting. "

Give it a while, eh?

I bet Tommy Robinson will be the first!

Anonymous said...