Friday 11 May 2018

Local Council Planning Department Speed: Slothlike...

...when faced with a certain demographic, anyway:
Residents are growing concerned after a group of travellers have set up site on green belt land in a village.
A planning application to allow caravans to pitch up on the site has been submitted to Rochford District Council to make the site off Pudsey Hall Lane, in Canewdon, permanent.
They are already starting to lay down hardstanding which is used to park their vehicles and caravans on, even though the application is yet to be approved by the council.
Well, of course they are. They know full well that no-one will do a thing.
The resident said: “They just don’t seem to care that the land is green belt.
“And Rochford District Council aren’t doing a single thing about it.” He continued: “It’s very intimidating and they clearly just seem to be doing what they like.
Something needs to be done.”
Over to the council.
A spokesman for Rochford District Council confirmed that the land was designated green belt and added: “The travellers arrived over the bank holiday weekend.
“The travellers own the land and have submitted a change of use application to the council.
“The planning application is currently invalid as it requires additional information.
“It will not be validated and accessible on the planning portal until officers receive the relevant missing information.”
It doesn't really matter whether it'll be validated, does it?


Anonymous said...

Maybe the villagers should hire one of the Israeli armoured bulldozers and clean up the site. I say the villagers because the council will never do anything to the protected species.


Anonymous said...

"The travellers arrived over the Bank Holiday weekend."
Of course they did. That's when they always turn up somewhere in the country, as they know local authorities are shut down apart from a duty officer at the end of a pre-recorded message. Travellers may be thieving, lying, morally bankrupt twats, but they aren't stupid. The council will use some of their budget to challenge their change of use in the courts; the travellers will use their proceeds of crime to appeal; the council will challenge that appeal, at taxpayers expense; the pikeys, sorry, travellers, will appeal against that (burglaries increasing proportionally); and so it will go on. Meanwhile, the number of tarmaccers, roofers, tree surgeons and, presumably, screwdriver salesmen will grow to enrich the area, together with a newly built dual carriageway for access and egress, and a large proliferation of caravan type housing. The end result will be that the council will run out of taxpayers money, while the travellers will always find money from another pensioner being ripped off or house burgled. Solutions on a postcard please.

JuliaM said...

"Maybe the villagers should hire one of the Israeli armoured bulldozers..."

I'm sure a local farmer has a slurry sprayer that could be put to good use...

"Of course they did. That's when they always turn up somewhere in the country..."

And do councils learn? No, they don't.

Anonymous said...

If, as the report says, they own the land, a "slurry accident" would have repercussions on everyone except those causing the problem