Wednesday 9 May 2018

As Pathetic Excuses Go....

...this one doesn't even make it out of the starting gate.
A grandad-of-six is in hot water with the council after doubling the height of his garden fence to...
Oh, boy! *settles in with ppcorn*
...protect his beloved Jack Russell Terrier from being killed by foxes.
Ha ha ha ha! You're kidding, right? A Jack Russell? The breed used by hunts since time immemorial to go down holes after foxes?
When he got the keys, Mr MacKay said he spoke to a housing manager who he claims gave him the all-clear to make his fence 6ft high.
Didn't get his name, didn't get it in writing...?
However, he has now been told by Hull City Council that he did not have permission to build the fence higher as he shares his garden with neighbours.
Mr MacKay is desperate to maintain the tall barrier so he can keep Snowy safe, as he is convinced foxes will jump into his garden and tear apart his treasured terrier.
I've got news for you - foxes can climb six foot fences with ease.
Snowy, described by his owner as a “soft dog who wouldn’t hurt anybody,” has always lived outside after being nurtured by a farmer who kept him outdoors.
I think he's seen foxes before. And survived. Better think up a better excuse.


Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

Foxes can dig too.

JuliaM said...

"Foxes can dig too."

As can Jack Russells!