Monday 28 May 2018

Caveat Inquilinus

Mother-of-three Mandi Steele said: “This situation is tearing us apart. I suffer from cataplexy [fainting fits] which is triggered by strong emotions.
“My nine-year-old son Lennon has PTSD, autism and a heart condition.
“He doesn’t want to come inside the house, and lashed out at me when I dropped him off at school the other day.
“My 21-year-old, Kiall, recently lost his dad and is on the brink of depression.
Christ, does this family have a three legged dog called 'Lucky' too...?
“On top of everything else, this is a lot to deal with.
“We didn’t notice a lot of these issues when we came to view the house.
“We also trusted the health and safety inspection the council carried out.
Really? Council staff, eh?
“We knew we would have to do a bit of cosmetic work, but you don’t expect someone to leave all of this behind them without saying anything.
“We have tried speaking to our housing officer but she was not empathetic at all.
“She just said it was our decision to move in, we rented it as seen and we have to deal with it.
Seems fair enough. So what were the issues?
...they say their new three-bedroom property in Old Barn Way in Southwick is infested with fleas and riddled with hazards.
They say a radiator is hanging off the wall, the boiler is leaking and the fireplace was broken and had to be taken out.
They have not yet been able to move in properly and are instead sleeping at separate addresses and living out of storage boxes and bin bags.
Really? Didn't notice all this when you viewed, eh? But somehow neither did the council?

The Argus contacted Adur and Worthing councils for a comment and answers to questions such as how the house passed the health and safety inspection and what would be done to address the situation.
A council spokesman declined to answer our questions but said: “We are speaking directly to the tenant about the issues raised and will work with them to improve the situation.”
Ah! There you go, look! A happy endi...

Oooh, hang on!
Mrs Steele said: “The housing officer said they will repair the radiator and boiler now.
But she didn’t mention any compensation.”


Anonymous said...

caveat venditor! JuliaM...

Anonymous said...

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jack ketch said...

“My nine-year-old son Lennon has PTSD, autism and a heart condition.

And wins at life with a full house in Entitlement Poker...even if he will bear the handicap of his stupid name for life. Mind you, if he's black then that would be 4 aces.

Ted Treen said...

How do you get PTSD at age (?

Ted Treen said...

*at age 9?

Lord T said...

Ted, By having a mother like that.

JuliaM said...

"caveat venditor! JuliaM..."

I went with the top Google search hit! ;)

"And wins at life with a full house in Entitlement Poker.."

A lifetime on benefits is the top prize!

"Ted, By having a mother like that."

Sadly, so very, very true...