Saturday 12 May 2018

Maybe The Doctor Who Gave Him The Advice Should Be Investigated?

Chef Joshua Jake Duxbury, 21, died as he was travelling from his home in Blackburn on the A59 to Harrogate to work at his mother’s Route 59 cafe at about 8.25am on October 8, 2016.
A witness statement from a lorry driver who was overtaken by former Witton Park Academy pupil Mr Duxbury a few minutes before the collision put his speed then at “up to 100mph.”
Which made the crash obviously survivable. As did something else:
A toxicology report had indicated there was cannabis in the rider’s bloodstream, said senior coroner Rob Turnbull at the inquest in Skipton.
You'd think that would be a source of shame for the family, but they have a rather unique excuse:
Mr Duxbury’s mother Audrey Duxbury told the inquest that her son had ridden motorcycles since the age of seven and was very experienced.
He was first taught by Andy Bradley, who runs Rocket Centre Motorcycle Training at the Trident Centre in Blackburn.
He had been using cannabis on medical advice to deal with sleeplessness and severe night terrors, she said.
Can someone please track down the 'doctor' that suggested an illegal drug as a remedy? No?

I guess they don't exist, then.
Coroner Mr Turnbull said that it seemed death had been instantaneous, and added: “He did not slow down. Why we don’t know. It is a very sad loss.”
And also a miracle the selfish little druggie didn't take any innocent person with him...

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