Monday 14 May 2018

Well, Aren't They Always?

Ms Hesse said Traynor was initially interviewed and accepted it was her dog but said she had given it away and did not have details for the new owner.
On a second interview in February, she said the dog had escaped after her daughter opened her door while she was out. She also admitted she had given the dog to a friend and admitted trying to hide it from the police but was not against having it destroyed.
If you can find it.
Paul Donoghue, defending, said the single mother, of Castledene Road, Delves Lane, Consett, had never had any problems with the dog but had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.
I though single mothers were all on the poverty line. Was she fattening the dog to provide future meals?
He said his client was on benefits.
Imagine my shocked face. Go on. You can if you try.
Magistrate Aileen Little, said the bench had decided to adjourn the case so a probation report could be prepared and the new owner could be contacted as they had to decide on whether to destroy the dog.
Why? I mean, even if there is a real 'new owner' why should it be up to them?

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