Saturday 19 May 2018

I Guess This Is 'All Part Of Living In A Diverse City' Too, Eh, Mayor Khan...?

A teenager was "kept as a prisoner" in Swansea and forced to hide Class A drugs, including inside her body, after being lured there by London drug dealers, a court has heard.
The 19-year-old told police that she cried every day after arriving in the South Wales city and realising that the men who were holding her would not let her leave.
The men? Yeah, you guessed it:
On Friday Mahad Yusuf, 21, and Fesal Mahamud, 20, were handed nine- and 10-year sentences, respectively, at Swansea Crown Court, for their roles in trafficking the woman and for conspiracy to supply heroin and cocaine as part of a so-called county line operation.
And why Swansea?
Ms Rees said the operation, run by the Enfield-based DA (Dem Africans) gang, involved the supply of Class A drugs into "provincial areas" through a process called "cuckooing".
She said the leading members were based in London while operatives were sent to areas such as Swansea to live in the houses of "vulnerable" drug users, who were at risk of exploitation.
Wheel out the usual excuses!
Neil Baki, defending Mahamud, said his client was "ashamed" of his actions.
Barry Smith, for Yusuf, said his client had little understanding of the scale of the operation and was not involved in sending out the bulk text messages. He said Yusuf was "young and immature" and had shown "genuine" remorse.
Don't they always?
Yusuf was jailed for six years and four months for the drugs offences and two years, eight months for trafficking, a total of nine years.
Mahamud was sentenced to six years and nine months in a young offenders institution (YOI) for the drugs offences and one year three months for the trafficking.
Anyone want to guess what they'll actually serve?


Anonymous said...

They will have 50% of their sentences reduced 'for good behaviour' as soon as their prison van goes through the gates. Meanwhile, they will learn new criminal methods mixing with their own, ready to use on their release.
If they are so proud of their gang name, why not send these two sh*t bags to the sh*t hole that is Africa?
We are governed by idiots, and because we keep electing them, that makes us idiots too, innit!

JuliaM said...

"We are governed by idiots, and because we keep electing them, that makes us idiots too, innit!"

*nods sadly*