Thursday 30 June 2016

Post Title Of The Month

Anna Raccoon sums up the close to a very sorry saga of British 'justice':

Quote Of The Month

The inimitable Anna Raccoon weighs in on the De Freitas case:
"As it happens, the CPS declined to bring rape charges against Mr Economou, and given the flimsy evidence they have considered sufficient to support prosecution in the past couple of years, one could sardonically surmise that Mr Economou must have been able to prove that since a date roughly six months before Ms de Freitas was even born, he had at all times been accompanied by the Archbishop of Canterbury, a company of armed Highgate feminists, and the Director of Public Prosecutions, not to mention corralled in Guantanamo prison."

Post Of The Month

Tim Worstall on independent vs established charities.

Ah, That Old Favourite...

...the SODDI* defence:
Bethan Jones, defending, told the court Griffiths claims he had been attacked and knocked unconscious by another man over a drugs-related matter.
The alleged attacker had then cut off Victor’s ears and threatened to do the same to Griffiths.
Ms Jones said Griffiths had suffered a serious brain injury 14 months ago which had also affected his mobility and strength and his left arm was paralysed.
She said he physically would not have been capable of carrying out the attack.
And, let me guess, incapable of working for a living too?

About time he suffered another brain injury. I'm sure the inmates will oblige, should he actually get any time behind bars.

* Some Other Dude Did It

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Post Title Of The Month: Special Brexit Edition

A dead heat, with Bill Sticker:

And Mark Wadsworth:

...both in a photo finish!

Quote Of The Month: Special Brexit Edition

A welcome return to blogging for Woman On A Raft:
"A signal has been sent to the European Union - specifically Ms Merkel - "This is not your border to open." Germany has twice plunged Europe in to war. This signal prevents them from making the same old mistake but in a new way: i.e. thinking they own the place.
Now, let us have a cup of tea and remember we are British. Exactly as we were yesterday."

Post Of The Month: Special Brexit Edition

LegIron on the aftermath of the Referendum.

The Body Condition Of The Owner Isn't As Low...

...the moral condition, well, that's quite another matter:
The body condition of both dogs was scored at one out of nine on a scale used by vets, the worst rating possible.
The pictures make me want to have five minutes in a locked room with the 'woman' concerned...
The court heard Barlow began caring for the dogs when her ex-partner was jailed.
She told Inspector Smith her then partner’s mother had initially looked after the dogs, but Barlow had been forced to take over when she was hospitalised in July last year. Barlow said Booma had not been eating but admitted not taking them to see a vet or calling the RSPCA.
But maybe I'm too hasty? Maybe she didn't have the resources to fe...

Mr Mitchell said the defendant also had her own dog, another male Staffie called Chaos, which appeared well fed and in good condition, and supplies of dog food were found in the kitchen.
She hasn't gone short of any meals either.
Scott Phillips, representing Barlow, told the court his client, a chef in a local restaurant, accepted full responsibility for the deaths of both dogs. He said: “She knows she is going to lose her own dog as well and that will destroy her.
If only that wasn't meant figuratively.
Judge Shaw said: “The picture described of Bandit curled up unresponsive by his dead friend is a very sad one.” He sentenced Barlow to 12 weeks in prison, suspended for one year, and ordered her to complete a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement course.
She was also banned from keeping animals for five years and ordered to surrender Chaos to the RSPCA.
Poor beast had a lucky escape.

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Actually, Antoine, I Think You'll Find There's Another Option...

Negative images of black teenagers aren’t at the top of the search results because Google is racist, but because society reflects our institutional and subconscious prejudices.
If people want to see positive images of black young people they are going to have to start writing, searching, reading and sharing them. This is the only way to change the negative perception of black teenagers, and black people.
Or black teenagers could stop murdering each other in such numbers that they are the leading cause of death in their areas?

We Don't Have An Unlimited Pot Of Money... just why should we double our efforts?
Andy Winter, chief executive of Brighton Housing Trust, said: "I don't believe anyone is a lost cause.
"What everyone of us needs to be doing is doubling our efforts when there is a window of opportunity - and there always is a window of opportunity - to respond in a timely fashion and to help people get the support they need."
So, the support services are under strain, are they?
"Brighton and Hove is incredible lucky to have such a range of support services available.
"But people do struggle to understand the system and it is the practical reality of the way it works.
"It does take effort of all parties to do something that will be effective to that individual in dire circumstances."
Yes. All parties.
A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “It’s a sad case. However, we cannot pre-empt any inquest, which we would expect to provide full details of the involvement of care agencies.
“We always do all we can within the law and our resources to help people but some have multiple, complex issues. We rely on their co-operation and engagement, which is not always forthcoming."
Hmmm, I'm sensing a pattern here...
Before he died, Sonny had moved on from various temporary accommodation homes, hostels and hospitals for treatment relating to his legs, drugs problems, and mental health issues.
He had been in contact with mental health services, housing departments and hospitals across Brighton and Worthing - but his family have told how he did not attend some appointments and could not understand the system.
His grandmother Jennifer Tingay said: "I tried everything I could to help him but I think there should have been more help for him."
Seems like there was enough. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

Monday 27 June 2016

It Seems Whenever You Do Something To Assist The Disabled.. run the risk of creating more of them!
A total of 307 incidents were recorded last year, three times the number before the £1.5 billion walk-through fleet was introduced on the Metropolitan, Circle, Hammersmith & City and District lines.
The problem is worst at Baker Street, where 52 people — one a week — fell last year. Blue warning lights have been introduced to alert passengers to the bigger gap between train and platform.
Transport for London today admitted problems were exacerbated by making the new S-stock trains level with the platform to improve wheelchair access.

The RMT and ASLEF of course see this as a reason to immediately push for more staff. But, I dunno...
TfL was unable to provide details of injuries sustained by passengers but said the falls were caused by “distraction from use of smartphones, rushing [and] intoxication”.
Sounds more like we should let Darwinism run its course to me.

Did The Dog Eat Your Homework As Well?

Cllr Kayes, who is the Dorset County Councillor for Bridport, as well as representing the town on the district council and serving as its current mayor, said she removed the post as soon as she realised it could be seen publically.
She said: "It was my private opinion at 7am. It certainly wasn't said in my capacity as mayor. It isn't necessarily what I felt, but I was upset."
Cllr Kayes runs two Facebook account, one in her official capacity and another with private settings.
She added: "People have a right to a private life, even when they are politicians. I am really sorry if it has caused anyone offence but I was privately expressing my opinion in the heat of the moment for a private audience.
"My account was hacked and the settings changed so a private message could be seen publically. I believe this was done with the intention of causing me damage."
Sure it was.

I mean, the only other alternative is that you're too dim to keep seperate accounts, and surely no-one would elect you if that was the case. Right?

Saturday 25 June 2016

Final Brexit Post...

...I've seen lots of elections and referenda come and go, but I can't remember one where the media canvassed the voters for buyer's remorse afterwards so hard. Can you?
...many voters have since spoken out saying they are shocked at the poll's outcome and did not believe their Leave votes would actually count.
Another voter, Mandy, said: “I was very disappointed about the result, even though I voted to leave, this morning I woke up and the reality did actually hit me. “But if I had the opportunity to vote again, it would be to stay.”
Other voters have also posted on Twitter that they regretted their decision to vote in favour of leaving the EU. One said: “I personally voted leave believing these lies and I regret it more than anything, I feel genuinely robbed of my vote.”
Another posted: “Urm I think I kinda regret my vote, I had no real reason to pick what I did!!
Sadly, 5News have since deleted the video interview that was doing the rounds yesterday afternoon, showing one of our youth 'explaining' her remorse on finding out that voting has consequences, unlike so much of the rest of her life up until now. Pity.

Never mind. Every cloud has a silver lining:

 Hard to believe the 'Indy' went bust, isn't it?

Update: The 'Mail' has that video

Zoe Continues The Search For A New Electorate...

...because the current one disappoints her so:
The capital was diverse, and united: “I think it’s going to be a catastrophe for the UK, but also for the whole of Europe,” said Constanza, 28, who came here from Venice six years ago to study, and is now an interior designer. “If you ask me today, I probably will leave tomorrow, because I am really upset.
 'You heartless monsters', thinks Zoe. 'How could you upset Constanza?'
Anders Carlsson, 25 and from Sweden, understands it better, seeing it as part of a pattern. “We have put up borders, you have to show a passport when you travel from Copenhagen to Malmö now. I think the past year, the refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, I think people in Britain feel the same, that it’s too much.”
 Anders gets it. I wonder if Sweden might be the next to demand a referendum?
Marie, 26, who comes from France and does artwork for Playstation, was utterly dejected. “Maybe I need a plan B for my life. As hard as it seems, I’m a Londoner. I have no idea what’s happening in France. This is home. When you’re not allowed to vote, you already feel like you’re an under-citizen. I really see it as a beautiful wedding, and one day, instead of fixing the problem, the husband just leaves.”
Yes, Marie. After his needs and concerns have been blithely ignored for so long, he's got no other choice, has he? Now you have to pay your own way - hubby ain't buying your shoes any more.
In front of a hairdresser, Colin Smith, 46, originally from the outskirts of Glasgow, was also on the point of tears. “I’m gutted. I’ve got plans for my future and I feel like they’ve been ripped out of my hands. Not that I want Scotland to be independent, but if they go, I’ll be applying for a Scottish passport. I can’t believe this decision was ever allowed to happen.
 You might think that's pretty rich coming from a Scot, but I couldn't possibly comment..
Linda, 36, came here from the Czech Republic 16 years ago and works in children’s services. “I don’t know what it will do to me as an individual. The contact and energy you get from people you meet, that won’t change. But on a legal level, of course [my status] will change. That’s what people were voting for, to make that difference. I want to see everybody’s vote on them …” “Like a tattoo, in or out?” I queried. “Yes.”
 A tattoo, to mark out 'the other'? Hmmm. That's a very European solution, if I may say so, Linda...
Grace, 24, was having the time-honoured breakfast of a Diet Coke and a fag. She’s from Derby and didn’t vote. “Because you didn’t care?” “No, I cared. I just couldn’t get hold of my polling card. I would have voted in.” Maybe next time we do this, we should try Scottish rules, and give a vote to everyone who lives here. Except, right. There won’t be a next time.
Oh, I don't know, Zoe. Never say never, right?

Quail Before The Wrath Of The Artists...

...expressed in, where else, the 'Guardian':

Lucy Prebble, playwright:
I feel nothing but rage. A horrible feeling – and one that helps me understand how these things start, when something important to you ends. I blame you, Cameron, a middle-manager of a prime minister whose ham-fisted leadership was based on one implicit stipulation not to fuck everything up...I hope my kindness grows back. Until then, I’ll call this “historically democratic event” what it was: a jostle for prefect fagged by racists.
Anish Kapoor, sculptor:
I am heartbroken. I hang my head. I feel shame, shame, shame at the xenophobia of this country. There are so many levels of division in Britain. And it’s all so unnecessary. I think the three men involved – Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage – are despicable...How will this affect my art? Some anger does get in there. But what I feel today is mostly shame.
Andrew O’Hagan, author:
It is the revenge of the Brownshirts, a dictatorship of the illiterate and the opportunistic. I’m appalled.
Barrie Rutter, artistic director, Northern Broadsides:
What’s so awful about the vote is that it’s a leap into the dark – and for a while, it will only get darker...Look what Johnson has done to London: left it full of expensive flats, the money moguls have won. These people know the cost of everything and the value of fuck all.
David Lan, artistic director, Young Vic:
We need to start by feeling the depth of people’s fears about the quality of their lives and their future lives...Will the arts now be subject to new rules that inhibit and limit? Will it be harder to achieve the cross-border exchanges that enlighten and enrich?
*munches popcorn*

H/T: @QuietlyBritish via Twitter

Friday 24 June 2016

" don't have Cameron to kick around any more, because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference."

The UK right now is beginning to resemble a penultimate 'Game of Thrones' episode. Who next? Osborne, for certain.

And there's rumours the Labour Party is about to move in on Corbyn.

One Shouldn't Gloat, One Knows....

...but screw that!

C'mon! You know they'd be doing it if the result had been different. 

*sips from crystal glass full of progressive tears*

"How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee?"

Rise, like lions after slumber 
In unvanquishable number! 
Shake your chains to earth like dew 
Which in sleep had fallen on you: 
Ye are many—they are few!

Thursday 23 June 2016

Decision Day

Well, it's finally here:

And I ask only two things of you, readers. The first being, that you vote. Never mind the cynical 'Voting changes nothing!' or 'They are all the same!', this vote does count. This vote really, really matters. This vote will affect things for years to come.

So get out there, in the rain, if necessary. Make time. Go put your 'X' where you think it'll do the most good.

The second being, that you vote the way you'd planned to vote last Wednesday morning. Ignore the people telling you to vote this way, or that way, because the murder of an MP has 'changed the debate' and 'we have to make her death mean something'.

It hasn't. We don't. And - leave or remain - I can think of nothing more dangerous than allowing the idea that voters can be swayed by murder to take hold.

This will be today's only post.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

"Build, Build, Build - But No Cat Flaps!"

Catherine Shoard needs to put a bell round her inner control-freak's neck:
As the cat population rises, so the number of rare birds and animals will fall. As more and more houses are built, less and less land is left – land such as Lodge Hill in Kent, the main breeding ground for nightingales in the UK, now earmarked for development. These birds may seek refuge in nearby scraps of scrub, but they will be rich and convenient pickings for all the moggies that move in next door.
So we have to build more houses for people, but those people can't have any pet cats? Guess this silly cow is another one for Longrider's list.
Building needs to happen. So do measures to protect endangered species. A huge new estate on heathland outside Bournemouth was initially only granted approval with the guarantee of a cat-proof fence ringing its fringe. You could go further. Conditions of sale can be imposed regarding parking spaces and types of tenancy and restrictions over commercial use. Why not cat ownership, too?
Why not licence progressives? They do far, far more damage.

There Must Be Some Other Meaning Of 'Obviously' Common To Southend...

Mr Murdoch, of Hampton Gardens, Southend, said his main instinct was keeping Tara well away from the snake due to fears she could be hurt.
He said: "I was walking my Alsatian puppy when I saw a large snake on the path in front of me. It was about 3ft to 4ft long, raised its head, opened its mouth and stuck its tongue out then slithered off into the long grass near the children's playground.
"I took some photographs and kept my puppy well away from it. There is obviously a colony of them living there in the long grass."
There is...?

Well, don't worry. It's the Jap soldiers who don't realise the war's over you've really got to watch out for...

Tuesday 21 June 2016

You Can Lead A Council Tenant To The Fire Safety Regulations...

...but you can't make them actually read them:
Despite fire safety leaflets being sent to residents, many were not aware their flats were made fire-proof for up to 60 minutes thanks to these new front doors. As a result, those on the ninth floor tried to escape rather than remain in their flats when the fire took hold.
Miss Chitiga added that she would have done the same thing as Mrs Abrey and leave the flat and feels the council should have done more beforehand to inform people.
 What do you want them to do, come round and read them to you?
She added: “I think you have to take advantage of every opportunity to educate residents about new developments."
Perhaps a pop quiz on the fire safety procedures, followed by eviction for failure?
However Mark Flewitt, councillor for housing, planning public protection, spoke on behalf of the council contractors and said residents were written to and meetings were held about the doors.
He said he has spoken “at length” to estate managers South Essex Homes (SEH) and showed the Echo leaflets handed out to new tenants from January 2016 that includes advice to remain in flats in case of fires in communal areas.
You're wasting your breath. Some people think everything's the fault of someone else.

Slow Crime Day, Sussex Police?

Jamie has launched a fierce attack on Sussex Police for proceeding with the legal action. He said: "We are not criminals, we are six young people trying to make careers, and now because of the actions of Sussex Police we have criminal records. That is not fair, that is not justice.
"It was surely clear to everyone it was a stunt. We threw around 150 wristbands out of the two vehicles and we know for a fact that shoppers stopped and picked them up.
"It was never our intention to upset or offend anyone, it was just a prank. There were security staff all around because of the Coca Cola Truck but not one of them came towards us.
"Little did we know that people were going to dial 999."
 I think you're rather overestimating the intelligence of the general public, frankly.
Sussex Police contacted him on the day of the incident but it wasn't until March that he and his five friends received calls from officers asking them to attend the station for questioning.
Clearly, a very serious incident that needed dealing with quickly, then..?

Monday 20 June 2016

Proof, As If It Were Needed....

...that some people just feel the need to punish themselves:
I’m a level one gal in a level 12 world, but I’m scraping by. I time my dodges carefully, angling just right to catch the boss as he lunges where I’m no longer standing. Then I jump back, down an estus flask and restore my health, staying a whisker out of reach. But this time I’ve miscalculated. I’m not quite far enough away. The game forces me to watch as my outmatched, under-levelled character meets the business end of an axe in a frustratingly long cinematic sequence. “YOU DIED,” the screen glares. Yeah, I know.
I start again, this time favouring the monster’s unarmed side. And again, attempting an ultimately futile parry/riposte combo. Each time, the screen fades out and I’m met with that message. “YOU DIED.”
Eventually, I start to see those words whenever I shut my eyes. I’m getting dangerously close to going back on the rules I’ve set for myself this playthrough: that I must use the weakest character the game has, and that I’m not allowed to level her up. Ever.
My character, who I call Soul Level One Sally, will remain the mostly pathetic creature in Lothric for the entire game, and I’ll be seeing “YOU DIED” a lot.
And...this is supposed to be fun? Relaxation? Don't you have anything else to do?
Before I give in to this temptation to renege, the oven timer dings and I’m freed to tend to a completely different, yet weirdly related task: my latest round of egg-and-dairy-free donuts.
Ah. I think I see now.
Why do we do this? It’s fun to find games within games, and the players who undertake these challenges choose to make the games they love not just more difficult but more personal by setting themselves up with extra rules. It might seem counterintuitive, but constraints add to the pleasure – and it’s this philosophy, learned from games, that led me to the ultimate culinary challenge run: veganism.
Vegans, folks. Masochists, all...

"Muslims Din't Do Nuffin'..!" Part 457823654

The latest Ofsted report, published this week, said: 'Leaders and staff have had training in preventing extremism and radicalisation, and been given the latest Government safeguarding guidance.
'However, the impact of this work has not rectified safeguarding weaknesses.
'A large number of copies of a leaflet containing highly concerning and extremist views, such as "Music, dancing and singing are acts of devil and prohibited", were discovered during the inspection.
'The leaflets were found in areas shared by the school and adjoining mosque which are used by leaders and in areas used by the pupils from the school.'
Oh dear! How are they going to get out of this one? I mean, surely the usual excuses won't cut the mustard anym...

In a statement issued after Ofsted's latest findings were published, the school - which has a music curriculum - said the leaflets had no association with the mosque or the school and had been 'dumped' by a member of the public.
The school statement added: 'These leaflets were not on the display board or anywhere near the display board.
'They were clearly dumped by a member of the public, ironically next to the sign where it is clearly signposted 'Strictly no posters or leaflets'.

Still, at least if no-one's buying that, you've always got the racist card, right?
'Furthermore in regards to the inspection in question, the conduct of the Ofsted inspectors during this inspection were unacceptable and racist.'
There you go!
As well as claiming that an Ofsted official refused to take off their shoes when visiting the mosque, the school alleges that its equality statement was dismissed as being 'just a piece of paper'.
Well, sounds pretty much like that's just what it is, doesn't it?

Sunday 19 June 2016

Someone's Having Fun Assigning Court Cases...

A Forest fan was banned from football for putting a security guard in a headlock and allegedly biting another in the privates.
Nigel Dicks, defending....
No! Stop! My sides!!

H/T: Paul Dover via email

Errr, I Don't Think It's Working...

The 23-year-old, from Linlithgow, shouted and swore at Sheriff Peter Hammond when he was locked up for five-and-a-half months yesterday.
His face contorted with rage, Mullen interrupted the sheriff’s sentencing statement to claim he had done nothing wrong – even though he had pled guilty to injuring a pub-goer by smashing a glass tumbler and breaking a barmaid’s finger by throwing a bar stool at her.
He shouted over the sheriff: “I go to my anger management. I’m trying my hardest. I’ve asked for one more chance to make a go of things. I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, all I do is walk my dog.
“I’m trying to sort myself out here. Gie’s a chance.”
 You couldn't make it up, could you?
As Mullen became more and more enraged a police officer went to help a G4S security guard control him in the dock.
The accused struggled violently with the two men as he was led, still protesting loudly, to the cells. He could be heard kicking the courtroom door.
He also shouted and swore for several minutes until more security guards brought him under control and took him down to the cells.
Or maybe they do anger management differently across the border?

H/T: Vova in comments

Sunday Funnies...

As games get more complicated, there's more to go wrong...

Saturday 18 June 2016

There's No Time, It Seems....

...too disrespectfully inappropriate for the Open Borders mob to push their poisonous beliefs. This is the widower of MP Jo Cox:
Brendan Cox has let it be known that he is determined to continue with the work in memory of his wife, who was killed on Thursday, but believes this will only succeed if lessons can be learned from why the right has so far taken the initiative on the migration issue.
In a paper he wrote a few weeks before his wife was killed which he has circulated – and asked the Guardian to quote from – Cox argues that one of the problems is that those hostile to refugees are better organised, more focused on galvanising public opinion, and better at tapping into human emotions, including over wider economic insecurities.
 But don't worry! They have figured out that time is on their side, and they can just wait until there's a new electorate:
...he claims that the core of support for refugees is highly motivated and probably has demography on its side. “In the US, UK and France, young people (18-34) are between three and four times more supportive than older people. In addition, people who know refugees and immigrants are much more likely to be supportive of them and of migration as a whole.
“As our societies become more diverse and immigration reaches more communities, more communities are likely to become less prejudiced and more supportive. Like the battle for LGBT rights, there could be a tipping point when debates stop being abstract and start to be based on personal experience.”
Mmm, that's worked so well in places like Brick Lane, hasn't it? And Ilford.
In conclusion, Cox writes: “There is no reason we can’t quickly shift the debate back to the mainstream and in doing so not only help refugees and migrants, but also help marginalise the resurgent populist right. To do so we need to readjust our efforts to reflect that power on this issue is with the people.”
They really think only of 'helping refugees and migrants'. There is is, for all to see. The British public? They can go to hell.

And this is why I'm not joining in the eulogising of this MP.

Doesn't Sound Like A 'Win' For The Native Finnish Youth Though...

Problem one: Finland’s otherwise flourishing startup scene has a chronic shortage of developers. Problem two: the 32,000-plus asylum seekers who arrived in the Nordic country last year – many young, highly educated and computer literate – face waiting for years before they land a job.
“Essentially, we just thought: there is a way to at least start addressing these issues,” said Niklas Lahti, the chief executive of Helsinki-based web services company Nord Software.
“We can teach refugees coding so they can become software engineers.”
 Well, I suppose if you've no home-grown unemployed, it makes a sort of sense, doesn't it?

Oh. Hang on.
Statistics Finland reports that the unemployment rate in Finland reached ten percent in June 2015, up from 9.2 percent one year earlier. Youth unemployment is over 22 percent already, with no signs of improvement in sight because there are no jobs or internships to be had.
Seems there are. But you don't qualify, Mikko or Venla. Come on down, Mahmud and Shazia!
The project, Rahman said, is “making integration happen. It’s win-win for everyone. For society, because these jobs need doing, and because the faster asylum seekers integrate and contribute, the better for everyone. And for refugees, because they can actually start building the new lives they crossed Europe to make for themselves.”
At the expense of the native Finns. Oh, well, it's not like that's a recipe for disaster, is it? Something to remember when you enter the polling booth on Thursday...

Friday 17 June 2016

I Hope That's The Wrong Tense, And It Should Have Been 'Worked'...

Simon Minsk, defending, told the court that Sutcliffe, who is of previous good character, had not been in full control of her emotions.
He said: “This quietly spoken and gentle woman of 43 behaved in a manner that was completely out of character as she was overcome with emotion.
“She was unable to contain her emotions and that is partly because she has not been taking her medication in the past couple of days.”
Well, that's understandable, I suppose, seeing your brother go down for sex with a child under fourteen. But still, reprehensible behaviour, nonetheless.

So...what does this troubled soul do for a living?
The single mum, who works as a child carer...

The Left Suddenly Think Collective Guilt Is Fitting After All...

Two things caught my attention yesterday. The first was this column in CiF in the morning:
Criminal responsibility for terrorism is a notoriously tricky subject. There were some discrete events for which Muslims had little direct responsibility. However, it was Muslims who breathed toxic energy into the spirit of disorder that engulfed the city. And so I return with a message. I write this for my fellow Muslims, the mindless majority who have yet to be blamed, yet are guilty by joint enterprise.
The truth is, as a national religious community it is time to start taking responsibility for our members. The reality is that the corpus of Muslim culture, however much it has improved, still requires surgery. A bit of honesty is desperately required. So let us recap. Muslims turned up in huge numbers to an English city in a country in the middle of a state of emergency. .. They paraded flags bearing the names of the small towns and cities whence they came. They prayed excessively and they sang abusive songs, about Islam, about the English, about anyone who was not Muslim...
An imam who has seen the light?

No. I've changed a few things. This is Tom Walker, a Cardiff barrister, writing about England football fans and the culpability he thinks they all share for those who commit violence abroad. I guess if you are mostly white and British, you can be blamed for anything and everything.

This was followed by the afternoon's shooting of an English Labour MP, and the immediate seizing on initial reports that her (mentally deranged) attacker was reported to have shouted 'Britain First'.

This was gleefully used to good effect by those who really should have known better, even as paramedics worked on the woman:

We need more female MPs for a 'kinder, gentler politics', don't we..?

The death brought out the worst in the sort of people who'd damn anyone who might suggest that inflammatory rhetoric from Muslim hate preachers might drive Muslims to acts of terror, all suddenly convinced that this murder must be linked to politics, all without a shred of hard evidence. 

The same people that probably scoured the news reports of Omar Mateen's killing spree and sighed with relief when it transpired he might be bi-polar will be demanding you overlook the clear signs of mental illness and vote for Remain, or 'the fanatics will win'...

Truly, if it wasn't for low standards, the progressive left would have no standards at all.

Thursday 16 June 2016

"You've done a man's job, sir. I guess you're through, huh?"

Superintendent Rory Freeman, local policing area commander for South and Vale, praised the officers' actions for their "bravery and professionalism".
He said: "This incident highlights the inherent dangers and risks attached to policing. I would like to commend both officers who were injured in the line of duty for their bravery and professionalism.
"I would like to praise all staff and officers who were called to and continue to investigate this incident."
 Shocking! Awful!
Steve Trinder, a retired Thames Valley police officer and current Mayor of Wantage, said the attack was a reminder of how dangerous an officer's job could be.
He said: "From my 30 years in the service and having worked with all sorts of criminals from burglars to murderers you never know what you are going to come across.
"Quite often officers are there on their own dealing with very serious incidents and you just have to think on your feet.
"I remember when I was up in Yorkshire during the miner strikes and they had put a breeze block on a car and let it go into us. Even now with all the equipment officers are given it is still so dangerous."
"All we wanted to do was just catch the baddies and keep the community safe."
Well said! When two burly coppers aren't safe from...well, what was this incident that put them in hospital? It must have been a full scale riot, surely?
Two female police officers were rushed to hospital after being injured while breaking up a morning street fight between two men in Didcot.
One officer suffered a head injury and her colleague injured her wrist during the attack at about 6.30am yesterday. They had been called to the A4130 between Vauxhall Barracks and Great Western Park to defuse a fight between two 20-year-olds.
Comments are closed. How odd...

She's Got A Point, Hasn't She?

Dorcas Hayes, 33, was shocked when she discovered her son had spent the afternoon at Countess Wear Community School washing cars and cleaning driveways.
Kai, 7, was among a group of Year 2 to Year 6 pupils, all aged between six and 11, who were taken out of class to raise just under £200 for the school in the 'bob a job' day exercise.
However Dorcas branded it 'hypocritical' of the school, after claiming she was told she would be fined £60 if she took her son out of lessons for a holiday.
Hmmm, what does the school have to say for itself?
Headteacher Catherine Rees defended the decision.
*settles in with popcorn*
She told MailOnline: "Families at Countess Wear Community School receive a newsletter from the school every week, keeping them informed of all aspects of school life. The newsletter is emailed to all parents, posted on the school website and a paper copy is available from the school office.
"Developing positive links with our local community is a central part of our school's aims and we have incredibly supportive and involved families and members of our community. We actively encourage involvement from our community and at our recent Farmers' Market and Ground Force Day, we had a super turnout from local residents.
"We want all our children to grow up as caring, active and responsible members of their community. During our recent week of volunteering, we have received many positive messages thanking our staff and children for their hard work in the local community."
Funny. I thought 'educating children to read, write and add up' would be a central part of a school's aims. How terribly old-fashioned of me...

H/T: @RudaMalpa via Twitter

Wednesday 15 June 2016

How About 'Encouraging The Public' By Charging The Liar?

Detectives investigating an alleged rape in York now say it never happened.
Oh, another one of these 'rare cases'?
On Wednesday, a police spokeswoman said the woman had since confirmed to officers "that the events reported did not happen", and "no further action will be taken in this case".
*sighs* Of course not....
"The investigating officers were extremely pleased with the response from the public and students following the media appeal and thank everyone for coming forward to assist the investigation. We encourage the public to continue to support investigations in this way."
Aren't they going to get a bit tired of assisting police in snipe hunts?

"Propaganda Costs...And Right Here's Where You Start Payin'!"

Thousands of children were jumping for joy and after scoring in a penalty shoot-out and on bouncy castles at the Barking Learning Centre on Saturday.
Families gathered for a fun day full of activities and children entertainment (sic) to celebrate Islam Awareness Week at the Town Quay, Barking library on the day.
Although, there was plenty of budding footballers, poet’s (sic) and animal-lovers, the main theme of the event was to remove any misconceptions surrounding Britain’s second largest faith group.
No wonder Barking and Dagenham Council is £2.9mil in the red...

Tuesday 14 June 2016

So, Police Cars Travel Faster Than Light, Do They?

Christopher Moran, whose son was friends with Mr Hicks, 18, said there was "hardly any traffic" when the van he was driving was overtaken by a moped, followed by the first of two unmarked police cars which he said he believed were travelling at around 60-70mph on Caledonian Road.
Four to five seconds later the first of two unmarked police cars with blue flashing lights "flew past" his white Toyota van, he said.
"My van actually rocked, the speed they were going, it made me nervous," he told coroner Mary Hassell.
"I thought it was my son driving and I got extremely nervous.
"I was so nervous, so I chased the police in my van.
As you do...
"The inquest also heard from driver Raitis Liepins, who described the moment Mr Hicks flew off his moped and collided with his dark blue Saab after swerving onto the wrong side of the road on Wheelwright Street.
He said the moped made a "really sharp movement" as it attempted to overtake a vehicle, which could have been caused by the driver losing control when trying to brake.
Then, Mr Liepins said, the moped fell sideways and Mr Hicks "hit my car with his body", leaving blood on the road.
It took five or six seconds from when he first saw blue flashing lights for the police cars to arrive at the accident scene, the court heard.
Another Darwin Award handed out.


Sarah Lyons-Padilla (apparently a research scientist at Stanford SPARQ: Social Psychological Answers to Real-world Questions) thinks she has the magic bullet to prevent atrocities like Orlando.

You'll never guess what it is...
...excluding Muslims is more likely to exacerbate terrorist tendencies, while welcoming Muslims is more likely to quell radicalization.
You'll note that, as of 06:20am this morning, this editorial, posted at 7:00pm last night, is not open for comment.
Many assume that people who commit terrorist attacks in the name of Islam are religious zealots. Actually, many Muslim radicals were not particularly religious at the get-go. Indeed, a substantial number of Isis sympathizers are converts to Islam – hardly lifelong devotees.
So we should ignore their stated aims, their confessions, their admiration of other terrorist atrocities (even as the latest attack gets under way) and listen to people like Sarah.

What could possibly go wrong?

Monday 13 June 2016

I Think What They Are Developing Is Chantelle's Bank Balance...

Enabling Enterprise is working with staff and pupils at the Wood Lane school to develop life skills.
Chantelle Scott, education associate for Enabling Enterprise, said: “Challenge day is such a great way for the children to build on the skills they have been practising through their projects.
“We all had such a fantastic time – you could feel the buzz around the school.”
 And what vital 'life skills' does this impart, that's clearly beyond the reach of their regular teachers?
Year four, five and six pupils from Five Elms in Dagenham tested their problem solving skills by collecting evidence for a sweet-stealing scenario as part of challenge day.
Meanwhile youngsters in years one to three created colourful greetings cards.

It's Really No Wonder No-One's Buying 'The Guardian' Anymore...

Yesterday's 'Mail' headline:

Yesterday's 'Guardian' headline:


Today's 'Mail' headline:

Today's 'Guardian' headline:

OK, back to normal...

...who the hell wants a paper shilling for Islamic extremism 24/7/365?

Saturday 11 June 2016

If This Is Your 'Better Future', I Want No Part Of It...

A woman who blamed a Stanford University sexual assault victim for drinking too much alcohol has issued a defensive apology, marking the latest controversy surrounding an athlete who avoided prison time for attacking an unconscious woman.
Her apology for what? Why, simply writing a letter that the feminists felt might be a little too near the truth for their liking:
Leslie Rasmussen, a childhood friend of former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, who was convicted of three felonies, wrote a letter to the judge saying that the assault was “a huge misunderstanding”, Turner is “not a monster”, and that she thought it was unfair “to base the fate of the next ten + years of his life on the decision of a girl who doesn’t remember anything”.
And why the need to be defensive (a description I note the 'Guardian' has never used in the context of any statement made by a failing government department...)?

Well, because the Internet lynch mob promptly set out to ruin her, of course. The irony that they are probably the same subset of progressive whackos spitting feathers at the hobbling of Gawker by billionaire Peter Thiel will not be lost on anyone...
The letter – a selection of which the judge read in court, saying it was a useful reference that highlighted Turner’s strong character – went viral this week, sparking national outrage from people who said it perpetuated rape culture and cast blame on victims.
In the wake of significant backlash, Northside Festival, a New York music showcase, announced Tuesday that it had dropped Rasmussen’s band from its lineup, and her group, Good English, has now released an apology from Rasmussen.
And even that wasn't enough to satiate the mob:
After publication of this article, Rasmussen posted a second apology on her personal Facebook page, saying it was wrong for her to make assumptions about what happened that night.
“Most importantly, I did not acknowledge strongly enough the severity of Brock’s crime and the suffering and pain that his victim endured, and for that lack of acknowledgement, I am deeply sorry. I fully understand the outrage over Brock’s sentencing and my statement. I can only say that I am committed to learning from this mistake. I am 20 years old, and it has never been more clear to me that I still have much to learn.”
And, naturally, this unedifying display of silencing of the heretic is immediately taken up this side of the pond:
If we truly want to fight for a better future, we need to work together to dismantle the rape culture in society and make sure all survivors get the justice and support that is deserved.
I don't think I really want a future where those who point out the obvious are immediately electronically lynched, frankly.

Compare And Contrast...

Country takes in immigrant, whose dreams aren't realised:
An Iraqi asylum seeker in Britain allegedly tried to join ISIS after six months because he did not like living in Sheffield, a court has heard.
Shivan Hayder Azeez Zanagana, 20, known as Aziz, lived with his brother in South Yorkshire between November 2015 and May this year, when he was arrested.
Aziz is said to have become homesick and missed his mother and siblings.
Youngsters foolishly get themselves in trouble, need state help:
The parents of 34 teenagers rescued by lifeboats and a helicopter after becoming trapped by the rising tide on a rocky shoreline in Kent have raised £5,000 for the Dover RNLI in gratitude.
The boys, all 13 and 14 year-olds, were on an outing on Monday organised by the Ahavat Yisrael community centre in Stamford Hill, north London.
Spot the difference?

Friday 10 June 2016

I Think They're Too Young To Vote, Love...

In a letter to parents, head teacher Kate Jennings said the children had been offered counselling following the traumatising attack.
She wrote: “Unfortunately on a trip to the south site for class photos, children witnessed a stabbing on Gosport Road.
"Staff reacted quickly and got all of the children back to school within minutes and everyone was safe.
"We will be offering slots for children to speak to a councillor (sic) if this is something that you [parents] would wish."
Hope that isn't indicative of the learning to be had at this school...

A Letter To Bernard Hogan-Howe

Dear Bernie,

I'm delighted to hear that you are ready to back people who see crime being committed! May I say that this is a rare chance for me to say something nice about you on this blog, for once. I know we haven't always been in agreement, in fact, I've often had nothing good to say about your reign, but finally, it seems you are on the side of the 'man in the street' (unless he's a Brazilian electrician, of course. But I kid...).

Just one thing, though. Can we have some clarification on just what you mean by 'crime'?

You see, it seems there's a bit of a disconnect here between what the police consider a crime, and what the public would. After all, the public wouldn't normally do much more than shrug and say 'Silly old sod!' if someone decided to have a few sherberts and then sunbathe in a deckchair, but apparently it's a crime and you'll be arrested! Before I pop off to Southend seafront, can I just check if that's only applicable to London? If not, I think you'd better get the paddywagons ready, Bernie - there's thousands of 'em down there!

And the public were absolutely certain that, when they went to help a woman whose dog had sadly died on the street only to be met with abuse & her intent to leave the corpse there and walk away, a crime had been committed, it seems your officers didn't think so.

Still, it's nice to know that I can 'get stuck in' when a burglar breaks into my home and the Met won't arrest me. Unlike Essex plod. Or like the Met used to do.


Ambush Predator

Thursday 9 June 2016

Translation, Please..?

Representing himself and speaking through an interpreter, Horvath told the magistrates he is a father of three who works ad hoc for an agency in an unspecified line of work.
Is he a spy? I think James Bond has better driving skills...

Yeah, That's Probably The Reason For The Machete Fights..!

Secretary of the Mitcham Society, Sandra Vogel, expressed concern about the frequency of violence in the town centre, but was positive about the police response.
Ms Vogel said: “Any area is going to have its issues, and there does seem to have been a spate of fights and other things going on in the town centre recently.
“It seems as if when things happen the police do deal with them very quickly.
"We hope that this sort of thing doesn’t have a negative impact on the town centre, which is going through a whole load of changes at the moment to try and bring more people to visit it.
It may be there just isn’t enough for young people to do in Mitcham at the moment.”
Yes. I'm sure that's it. What else could it be?

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Yeah, It Is, Actually...

Recorder Blakey also told Newnes she must carry out 200 hours community service, and pay a £100 surcharge fee, adding: “This is not a let-off.”
Rachel Oakdene, defending Newnes, said her client, who is of previous good character, was “genuinely ashamed, remorseful and contrite” and was “subject to a degree of manipulation from her former partner.”
The barrister added: “For a number of years, she was in a volatile destructive relationship with another male.
“She was extremely isolated from friends and family and subjected to domestic violence {from her ex-boyfriend} and he took issue with her former employment leading her to take the carer job.
“She was desperate to appease him, buying him gifts.”
See, it's all the fault of some man...
Ms Meyler, from Kirkby, has not been paid back any of the £10,000 back since it was taken between August and October last year.

No, You Are Just Asking For Free Energy...

Mr Rogerson, who bought his Leaf just under a year ago because of the financial savings possible, said: “It is quite frustrating, really, because they want people to use electric vehicles but then don’t give you any help for it. We are not asking for the world.”
TANSTAAFL, Mr Rogerson.

So you won't be driving your SmugCar at the Bradford taxpayer's expense, any more...

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Propping Up The Feckless...

Operations Director Howard Wardle said the health profile of Eastbourne shows that around 20 percent of children live in poverty.
He said: "Having a family and raising children is expensive, and we continue to see a rise in the number of families using our services; struggling to meet the basic needs of family life, from food to clothing to children’s essentials.
"We believe every child has a right to start life with their needs met; that no child should go without."
Then start educating their parents as to their responsibility for this.
The project is being led by Anna Morse, Sarah French and Roisin Murphy, who will be hosting events across the town to promote the project and raise funds to be able to buy new mattresses and essentials. The project is not funded and relies solely on donations.
That's now. Want to bet that in time, it'll be a registered charity, and be in line for local authority funding?

Pity They Didn’t Attack A Police Dog…

…because I bet you’d have taken action pretty quickly then, wouldn’t you?
A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said two German shepherds were reported missing from a company in Levenshulme just before 9am on Sunday, March 6.
A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “The dogs, Ronnie and Reggie, were reported missing from a company in Levenshulme.
“The security gates had been bent back and the two security dogs were missing. The owner didn’t know if they were out and missing or if they had been stolen.
“They were located safe and well and no offence was recorded.
"It was reported that the dogs had escaped a couple of times before.”
How is it that no offence was recorded, then?
Donna, 44, was walking her two-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Pug cross when she saw two German Shepherds circling a jogger. When they spotted Kaspa they raced across the road towards Donna.
She said: “I lifted Kaspa in the air and one of them grabbed him. I was pulling him away and screaming.
"I was really panicking. It was awful.
“Three men stopped their cars in the road to help. They jumped out of their cars and managed to get the dogs off. We were really scared.
“The dogs ripped all the skin off Kaspa’s hip bone and they bit my left hand and thumb. He needed surgery.
“I was told they had escaped from a scrap metal place in Levenshulme. Apparently the dog warden took them back to the owners but it’s not the first time they have escaped.
“It’s really dangerous. Kaspa is lucky to be alive.”
They take this sort of thing a lot more seriously when it’s their own dogs

Monday 6 June 2016

Remember, Citizen, Leave It To The Professionals!

Only the State's well-trained agents are skilled in the law:

And only they are honed by years of professionalism:

They are equipped to deal with the most important and pressing cases of disorder:

This has been a public service blogpost.

I Think This Might Be Why Stella Creasey & Her Ilk Want To Silence The Internet...'s because when the usual suspects - minor B-list celebritards - start bleating and whining over trivialities...
McGowan, 42, accused the film of using “casual violence against women” to market the latest instalment.
The poster – which is often accompanied by the tagline “Only the strong will survive” – shows Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence, being choked by Oscar Isaacs villainous character.
Voicing her fury in a Facebook post, McGowan called on 20th Century Fox to ban the poster.
...the Internet immediately responds with merciless mockery:

Well played, Internet, well played indeed!

Saturday 4 June 2016

It's 'Can't They Both Lose?' Time Again...

Oh boy! *gets popcorn*

"But Assault Or Murder Them And It's Holiday Camp Time!"

Treat people badly and you’re not going to get good results,” says Mick Winn, the governor in charge of the unit who is escorting me along the gently winding paths.
Oh, I dunno, Mick. It seems to have worked pretty well for these women, doesn't it?
Winn opens a cell door and I see it is exactly like any prison cell, except it has an ensuite toilet and shower room.
“A lot of our women have body image issues. Having their own space to shower in private is really important to them.” He leads me to what he describes as “the quiet area”. There are easy chairs and a sofa, books and magazines, and a fish tank full of brightly coloured fish (paid for by the sale of the eggs from the chickens). By now the women on the unit have been let out of their cells and a number are waiting to speak to me in a communal room used for creative pursuits such as art, crafts and baking.
How cosy. Many old people's centres would love to be so well appointed.
Winn says: “You get really protective about the women, especially when you get to know their backgrounds. It doesn’t take away the seriousness of their criminality, but when you see where they have come from and you hear the stories of what they’ve suffered, you can understand how they get into drugs, alcohol, violence.”
Do you ever wonder why thousands of others brought up in the exact same circumstances manage to stay out of prison, Mick? Does that question ever flit briefly across your progressive brain?

Friday 3 June 2016

Beautiful Shoebury-on-Sea...

Maplin Way and Delaware Road in Shoebury were closed at about 2pm after police were called to a disturbance in Maplin Way.
Southend Council advised that school collections at Thorpedene Primary School were affected.
...where Essex plod close a road for two hours because of a punch up.

The Gentle Sex..

The defendant was given two years in prison, suspended for two years, with a 60-day rehabilitation activity requirement and a six-month alcohol treatment programme in February.
Which act of mercy - due to her by virtue of her possession of a womb - she treated with the same contempt as always...
Unemployed Whittaker walked free from court again on Thursday, after admitting assaulting Mr Moss by beating him, although the suspended sentence may yet be activated at the higher court.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Good one! Yeah, sure it will...
The magistrates imposed an eight-week curfew, between 8pm and 8am. They ordered the defendant, of Fenwick Street, Burnley, to pay £100 compensation, £85 costs and an £85 victim surcharge out of her benefits.
We pay. Again.

Thursday 2 June 2016

Drugs, Usually...

Mrs Holmes added: "She was covered in blood. She had a bag and said to the ambulance guys ‘if you find him can you give him these beers?’
“It’s so sad. How do people get themselves into this state?”
...also unlimited benefits from a generous welfare state, and lack of consequences:
The Herts and Essex Air Ambulance landed on the green on Cliff Parade, where the crew jumped off and ran up to Broadway.
That's not cheap, is it?
An Essex Police spokesman said: “Police were called with reports a man had been found injured in Broadway, Leigh.
“He was located near High Cliff Drive and taken to hospital with a cut to his neck that required stitches.
“Following enquiries, police are satisfied there was no third party involvement and he has been left in the care of health professionals.

Well, I Guess Falsely Reporting Rape Got Old... they moved on to abduction:
Police door-knocked homes and scoured the streets looking for the three reported offenders. Meanwhile, the debate for CCTV cameras in the area also flared up as a result of the report.
It was four days before the allegations were found the be untrue.
I'm shocked, shocked! 
Acting Superintendent Quarmby was not prepared to say whether charges would be laid against the girl, but said inquiries were continuing.
I'm betting the answer's 'no'...

H/T: @AngryExile via Twitter

Wednesday 1 June 2016

The Biter Bit, Again?

Miss Spearman, from Rochford, said: “He doesn’t really have any other identifying features except he’s black and white, but mostly white. He also has lice at the moment.
“At the moment he’s no good to anybody.”
No identifying marks? What about his identity chip and his tattoo? You know, the ones every horse must have?
Miss Spearman said she is now concerned for the safety of the three mares and two foals she also keeps at the stables. She said: “We have grown up with horses as we come from a travelling background and have always had them.
“It is very concerning.
“You hear of horses being stolen in other places but not around here.”
Ah. I see.

Labour To Remain Unelectable Part 247895

Speaking at a private book launch earlier this month, McDonnell said: “I had an email from a woman called Monique who said these are the issues that I face and this is what we need from you and Jeremy Corbyn when you go back into government.

“The idea she brought forward was that we should have a minister for neurological diversity. I think that’s a brilliant idea.”

Ahhh, Labour. Don't ever change...
Craine, a mother of three from near Swansea who now relies on tax credits to supplement her income as a life coach, said she was “elated” and “blown away” by McDonnell’s response.
Labour's new voting demographic shows how they are getting back to their roots and... Hey! Stop laughing at the back!

H/T: @CateMoore via Twitter