Saturday, 25 June 2016

Quail Before The Wrath Of The Artists...

...expressed in, where else, the 'Guardian':

Lucy Prebble, playwright:
I feel nothing but rage. A horrible feeling – and one that helps me understand how these things start, when something important to you ends. I blame you, Cameron, a middle-manager of a prime minister whose ham-fisted leadership was based on one implicit stipulation not to fuck everything up...I hope my kindness grows back. Until then, I’ll call this “historically democratic event” what it was: a jostle for prefect fagged by racists.
Anish Kapoor, sculptor:
I am heartbroken. I hang my head. I feel shame, shame, shame at the xenophobia of this country. There are so many levels of division in Britain. And it’s all so unnecessary. I think the three men involved – Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage – are despicable...How will this affect my art? Some anger does get in there. But what I feel today is mostly shame.
Andrew O’Hagan, author:
It is the revenge of the Brownshirts, a dictatorship of the illiterate and the opportunistic. I’m appalled.
Barrie Rutter, artistic director, Northern Broadsides:
What’s so awful about the vote is that it’s a leap into the dark – and for a while, it will only get darker...Look what Johnson has done to London: left it full of expensive flats, the money moguls have won. These people know the cost of everything and the value of fuck all.
David Lan, artistic director, Young Vic:
We need to start by feeling the depth of people’s fears about the quality of their lives and their future lives...Will the arts now be subject to new rules that inhibit and limit? Will it be harder to achieve the cross-border exchanges that enlighten and enrich?
*munches popcorn*

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Anonymous said...

When do we get to the rending of garments?

Antisthenes said...

It always amuses me that those who agitate the most and are the most aggressive in speech and action are the ones who believe they are against such things. They are more fascist, racist and tyrannical than those they label as such. Here they are demanding that democracy be suspended because it has brought them a result that they do not agree with. They are very dumb and hypocritical people. For instance they say fascists is an extreme right wing group. Well I have news for them it is in fact an extreme left wing group. It's ideology and it's practices all centre around statism and centralisation. You cannot get more socialist than that. A clue of course is in the German Nazis party name of National socialist workers party. When they say they are anti-fascist they are in fact railing against themselves but are too stupid to realise it.

stengle said...

The National Union of Mime Workers and Allied Silent Street Acts will be out in force, demonstrating the collapse of Britain because of the June 23rd vote. It will involve much wearing of white gloves and trying to get through a glass wall.

You, and we, have been warned.

Frank said...

Maybe I was expecting too much of my fellow countrymen but I really didn't expect there to be so many bad losers. Almost a million have signed a petition for a referendum re-run as if they don't realise that we've already had the vote that counts. A million petulant losers. What has this country become? Maybe outside the EU we can grow a backbone again.

Anonymous said...

If these cretins really want to remain in Europe, they can always bugger off to Brussels to live and work. They'll no doubt feel right at home there.

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed the last two days watching the luvvies and other assorted lefties weeping and wailing.
Has anyone else noticed the subtle reporting going on by the news coverage? Remain voters are the well-educated well-spoken ones talking about the damage to the economy by leaving. Then the reporter cuts to a toothless Jeremy Kyler in a football shirt for his opinion. Who doesn't disappoint by talking about immigration.
I'm 100% Leave by the way!!

Woman on a Raft said...

David Lan has understood, then. Better late than never. Now he can get on with portraying it. He might care to look at the Angry Young Men period where regional characters express their frustration at being locked out of the London-based power matrix. We are lucky they confined themselves to sticking a cross in a box. In previous times anger on this scale has errupted in violence.

As you would expect from a luvvie (I love luvvies, I'm off to see some after lunch) Lan is a teensie bit self-focused, but it goes with the territory.

L fairfax said...

Before Johnson London was already expensive.

Andy said...

Thank you for that Stengle, you left me with vivid images and a fit of the giggles. Mind you, I've been wearing an idiot grin for a day or two.

Bill in St Louis said...

What the bloody hell is this? Here in America we have been hearing about this from the usual suspects, (the MSM) who tell us that the stock market will crash, (it rebounded) and that there will be no food and the sky will fall and on and on and on....
But really. All you did was take control of YOUR country back from some unelected beauracrats in Brussels. You didn't set up ovens for fu**s sake. Really though, when you finally get around to kicking all the undesirables out of your country, and becoming a world leader again, you might want to start with those people quoted in the article. SHeesh.

JuliaM said...

"When do we get to the rending of garments?"

Don't most of them look like they come pre-rent anyway?

"They are very dumb and hypocritical people."

There are very few who stay sane for long, in this game. It must be the hero-worship.

"...but I really didn't expect there to be so many bad losers. "

Me neither. And those who say that the 'Leave' campaign would have acted as badly had they lost baffle me.

"Has anyone else noticed the subtle reporting going on by the news coverage?"

Oh, yes!

"But really. All you did was take control of YOUR country back from some unelected beauracrats in Brussels."

Well, actually, all we did was vote to take it back. We haven't even gotten to the 'taking back' part yet! And there's some who think we never will.