Thursday, 16 June 2016

"You've done a man's job, sir. I guess you're through, huh?"

Superintendent Rory Freeman, local policing area commander for South and Vale, praised the officers' actions for their "bravery and professionalism".
He said: "This incident highlights the inherent dangers and risks attached to policing. I would like to commend both officers who were injured in the line of duty for their bravery and professionalism.
"I would like to praise all staff and officers who were called to and continue to investigate this incident."
 Shocking! Awful!
Steve Trinder, a retired Thames Valley police officer and current Mayor of Wantage, said the attack was a reminder of how dangerous an officer's job could be.
He said: "From my 30 years in the service and having worked with all sorts of criminals from burglars to murderers you never know what you are going to come across.
"Quite often officers are there on their own dealing with very serious incidents and you just have to think on your feet.
"I remember when I was up in Yorkshire during the miner strikes and they had put a breeze block on a car and let it go into us. Even now with all the equipment officers are given it is still so dangerous."
"All we wanted to do was just catch the baddies and keep the community safe."
Well said! When two burly coppers aren't safe from...well, what was this incident that put them in hospital? It must have been a full scale riot, surely?
Two female police officers were rushed to hospital after being injured while breaking up a morning street fight between two men in Didcot.
One officer suffered a head injury and her colleague injured her wrist during the attack at about 6.30am yesterday. They had been called to the A4130 between Vauxhall Barracks and Great Western Park to defuse a fight between two 20-year-olds.
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Anonymous said...

Acceptable casualties as far as the social engineering twonks are concerned. In the interests of equality, why not send two women to stop a street fight? The best way to deal with this may have been either to stand back, report in, and wait for back-up before acting, or simply watch the fight and arrest the winner. In my time I have known several female Police officers who ably assisted in street or pub fights but they used their intelligence and always asked for back-up - you can't do this now as there are no Police officers to provide that back-up, only CSOs, who can only observe, report and offer reassurance. The days are, sadly, also long gone when females were respected and no self-respecting yob would consider hitting one. So, whose fault is this? The divisional commander who insisted that female Police officers can team up and face what the world throws at them; the political cretins who support this; or the women themselves who demand equality (while also demanding special privileges 'because they are women')?

MTG said...

@ Penise. This is all about £££££'s compensation, you ninny!

James Higham said...

Some people are wont to dismiss the danger inherent in the female. Those talons, teeth and stilettos can cause much damage, as can a kick in the goolies. With my wives/gfs, it was important to get them in a full nelson and scissor hold early, apologize for whatever I'd supposedly done and turn it to making love. Didn't always work and think I still have some of those bruises and mercifully, until recently, still operative goolies.

Anonymous said...

The compo route doesn't always work. The court order compensation, which then becomes a civil debt. The offender doesn't pay, leaving the victim to have to resort to civil legal action, which often costs more than the amount owed and there's still no guarantee of getting any money (£2.00 a week is all I can afford, your Worship). Then there are the new rules imposed by Tom 'Walter Mitty' Winsor where a Police officer may have a pay reduction if an injury, even one incurred on duty, means they can't do front line Policing. If the injury is severe enough to take them off front line duty, they can be summarily dismissed - no pension, just a repayment of their pension contributions (less an administrative fee). If this had come in a year or two earlier, PC David Rathband would have been kicked out as a blind Police officer would have difficulties doing his job. There is very little loyalty these days being shown from the top floors and they wonder why morale is crap. Getting the sh#t kicked out of you is not the way to go. Nice to hear from you by the way. Hope you're keeping well?

Andy said...

All of the above makes me wonder who would wish to be a cop. The answer to that question causes me to shudder.

Anonymous said...

No point arguing with MTG. He's the expert on everything.
I've been assaulted a few times in my 27 years. Only once have I been awarded compensation and actually got paid out (£50). That time I was assaulted by someone with a job which is very rare. They took it out of her wages direct. Every other scumbag failed to pay up.
So the next time i'm getting punched I will lie back and think of the money. NOT.

Anonymous said...

Just lie back and think of England, Jaded.

JuliaM said...

"...or simply watch the fight and arrest the winner."

And hope he's already been too wounded to put up resistance? I like your thinking... :)

"Some people are wont to dismiss the danger inherent in the female. "

They should read more Kipling... ;)

"There is very little loyalty these days being shown from the top floors and they wonder why morale is crap. "

I hear this from civil service friends. It's not just the police.

"That time I was assaulted by someone with a job which is very rare."