Saturday, 18 June 2016

Doesn't Sound Like A 'Win' For The Native Finnish Youth Though...

Problem one: Finland’s otherwise flourishing startup scene has a chronic shortage of developers. Problem two: the 32,000-plus asylum seekers who arrived in the Nordic country last year – many young, highly educated and computer literate – face waiting for years before they land a job.
“Essentially, we just thought: there is a way to at least start addressing these issues,” said Niklas Lahti, the chief executive of Helsinki-based web services company Nord Software.
“We can teach refugees coding so they can become software engineers.”
 Well, I suppose if you've no home-grown unemployed, it makes a sort of sense, doesn't it?

Oh. Hang on.
Statistics Finland reports that the unemployment rate in Finland reached ten percent in June 2015, up from 9.2 percent one year earlier. Youth unemployment is over 22 percent already, with no signs of improvement in sight because there are no jobs or internships to be had.
Seems there are. But you don't qualify, Mikko or Venla. Come on down, Mahmud and Shazia!
The project, Rahman said, is “making integration happen. It’s win-win for everyone. For society, because these jobs need doing, and because the faster asylum seekers integrate and contribute, the better for everyone. And for refugees, because they can actually start building the new lives they crossed Europe to make for themselves.”
At the expense of the native Finns. Oh, well, it's not like that's a recipe for disaster, is it? Something to remember when you enter the polling booth on Thursday...


Antisthenes said...

The euro is now doing for Finland what it has done to Greece, Spain, Italy and France (although previous French socialists and Hollande have not helped much either but then the EU is pretty much in France and Germany's image) and others. The EU equals a disastrous interstate political system, currency union, out of control migration problem and much more. David Cameron et al think it is a wonderful institution and we should be grateful to be a member. Moronic shysters the lot of them.

Andy said...

Random comments I have heard from random people in the last few days convince me that the Leave vote will be substantial. I have yet to hear a positive voice for remain.

JuliaM said...

"Moronic shysters the lot of them."

But they - personally - are doing very well out of it.

"I have yet to hear a positive voice for remain."

I'd like to think so, but then I recall that Pauline Kael misquote.