Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Biter Bit, Again?

Miss Spearman, from Rochford, said: “He doesn’t really have any other identifying features except he’s black and white, but mostly white. He also has lice at the moment.
“At the moment he’s no good to anybody.”
No identifying marks? What about his identity chip and his tattoo? You know, the ones every horse must have?
Miss Spearman said she is now concerned for the safety of the three mares and two foals she also keeps at the stables. She said: “We have grown up with horses as we come from a travelling background and have always had them.
“It is very concerning.
“You hear of horses being stolen in other places but not around here.”
Ah. I see.


Northish said...

This poor creature actually has a negative value. The cost of it's micro chip, gelding, and vetinary treatment is way more than it's worth. I just hope it met it's end painlessly.

JuliaM said...

It's probably lasagne now.