Sunday, 5 June 2016

Geography Challenge With The Daily Mail...


H/T: Stephen Brown via email


stengle said...

My son went to Taiwan for a few days, as he always wanted to go to a country not recognised by the UN. Or rather they were until the shitty UN, or Useless Nutcases as they prefer to be known, decided to throw Taiwan out.

So how's that preference of Communist, nasty mainland China working out, guys?

pjt said...

Sorry, what's the fail? Taiwan is in China and the island is the seat of government of Republic of China.

This is the main thing the governments of People's Republic of China (aka P.R.C. aka China) and Republic of China (aka R.O.C. aka Taiwan R.O.C.) agree about. Historically, the main disagreement is concerning which one of them is the legal government of all of China.

R.O.C. has even nominally occupied some islands far away in South China Sea, the idea being that the claim to these islands is a sign of the R.O.C. claim to all of China and thereby commitment to the "one China" policy. People's republic of China has much larger resources and could invade and occupy these islands, but doesn't do so, because that would likely drive R.O.C. towards becoming a Republic of Taiwan, i.e. non-Chinese, separatist nation. That would be casus belli.

Mike Fagan said...

"Taiwan is in China."

No it isn't.

The State in Taiwan may be known officially as the Republic Of China, but for all intents and purposes this is an anachronism. Taiwan is a de-facto independent, democratic State and very few people regard here themselves as "Chinese". The only reason Taiwan is not known officially as the Republic of Taiwan is due to worries about Chinese aggression against Taiwan.

selsey.steve said...

I'm the one who sent our befanged hostess the picture.
I lived in Hong Kong for thirty years and learned enough never, ever to call a Taiwanese person "Chinese"; that's fight-starter!
The Taiwanese are fiercely independent and immensely proud of their country. The PRC knows that the Straits of Formosa is a ditch that they will never cross.

Ted Treen said...

I'm old enough to remember the PRC shelling Quemoy in '58. After the first crisis in 54-55, I should think most Taiwanese remain very distrustful and suspicious of the PRC.

JuliaM said...

"So how's that preference of Communist, nasty mainland China working out, guys?"

Not well!

"Sorry, what's the fail? Taiwan is in China.."

It's in the PRC, yes. But that's not the same thing. It's a distinction that the 'Mail' can't have grasped.