Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Pity They Didn’t Attack A Police Dog…

…because I bet you’d have taken action pretty quickly then, wouldn’t you?
A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said two German shepherds were reported missing from a company in Levenshulme just before 9am on Sunday, March 6.
A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “The dogs, Ronnie and Reggie, were reported missing from a company in Levenshulme.
“The security gates had been bent back and the two security dogs were missing. The owner didn’t know if they were out and missing or if they had been stolen.
“They were located safe and well and no offence was recorded.
"It was reported that the dogs had escaped a couple of times before.”
How is it that no offence was recorded, then?
Donna, 44, was walking her two-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Pug cross when she saw two German Shepherds circling a jogger. When they spotted Kaspa they raced across the road towards Donna.
She said: “I lifted Kaspa in the air and one of them grabbed him. I was pulling him away and screaming.
"I was really panicking. It was awful.
“Three men stopped their cars in the road to help. They jumped out of their cars and managed to get the dogs off. We were really scared.
“The dogs ripped all the skin off Kaspa’s hip bone and they bit my left hand and thumb. He needed surgery.
“I was told they had escaped from a scrap metal place in Levenshulme. Apparently the dog warden took them back to the owners but it’s not the first time they have escaped.
“It’s really dangerous. Kaspa is lucky to be alive.”
They take this sort of thing a lot more seriously when it’s their own dogs


The Meissen Bison said...

You'd think it was the reincarnation of the Kray Twins except that they've strayed off their manor.

JuliaM said...

I suspect identity politics played a hand in the reluctance of the police to act.