Thursday, 2 June 2016

Drugs, Usually...

Mrs Holmes added: "She was covered in blood. She had a bag and said to the ambulance guys ‘if you find him can you give him these beers?’
“It’s so sad. How do people get themselves into this state?”
...also unlimited benefits from a generous welfare state, and lack of consequences:
The Herts and Essex Air Ambulance landed on the green on Cliff Parade, where the crew jumped off and ran up to Broadway.
That's not cheap, is it?
An Essex Police spokesman said: “Police were called with reports a man had been found injured in Broadway, Leigh.
“He was located near High Cliff Drive and taken to hospital with a cut to his neck that required stitches.
“Following enquiries, police are satisfied there was no third party involvement and he has been left in the care of health professionals.


MTG said...

The police choose to forget that they were established to deal with the poor and our down-and-outs. It has preserved the culture of a first line and ineffective public service delegated with the task of dealing with unfortunates, for plod to show the latter only their contempt and derision. During the 60's, Leeds City Police were throwing 'problem' citizens into the Aire and Calder canal, under cover of darkness. Such Fascist 'solutions' were only brought to an end by vociferous student protest at the time. So things could be worse than they are at present.

Anonymous said...

What a cock you are Melvin.

JuliaM said...

I dunno, Jaded, he's not far wrong when it comes to the increasingly not fit for purpose Essex Police, is he?