Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Yeah, It Is, Actually...

Recorder Blakey also told Newnes she must carry out 200 hours community service, and pay a £100 surcharge fee, adding: “This is not a let-off.”
Rachel Oakdene, defending Newnes, said her client, who is of previous good character, was “genuinely ashamed, remorseful and contrite” and was “subject to a degree of manipulation from her former partner.”
The barrister added: “For a number of years, she was in a volatile destructive relationship with another male.
“She was extremely isolated from friends and family and subjected to domestic violence {from her ex-boyfriend} and he took issue with her former employment leading her to take the carer job.
“She was desperate to appease him, buying him gifts.”
See, it's all the fault of some man...
Ms Meyler, from Kirkby, has not been paid back any of the £10,000 back since it was taken between August and October last year.


Jim said...

Did you see the other case of the pussy pass at work - the case of the woman who smashed up her ex-fiance's car with a hammer because he refused to pay half of the cost of the deposit on her wedding dress, and was given only a restraining order and told to pay £100 compensation (the damage to the car would run into hundreds if not thousands)?

JuliaM said...

"Did you see the other case of the pussy pass at work.."

Another triumph of the justice system: 'Ian Kingsbury, chairman of the bench, said: “You were aggravated, I know that...'