Monday, 6 June 2016

I Think This Might Be Why Stella Creasey & Her Ilk Want To Silence The Internet...'s because when the usual suspects - minor B-list celebritards - start bleating and whining over trivialities...
McGowan, 42, accused the film of using “casual violence against women” to market the latest instalment.
The poster – which is often accompanied by the tagline “Only the strong will survive” – shows Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence, being choked by Oscar Isaacs villainous character.
Voicing her fury in a Facebook post, McGowan called on 20th Century Fox to ban the poster.
...the Internet immediately responds with merciless mockery:

Well played, Internet, well played indeed!


John M said...

Crticism from McGowan, whose career is signified by a string of second rate TV shows and B-list schlock movies.

JuliaM said...

Yup. Maybe she's really cheesed off she didn't get a cameo?