Saturday 30 July 2022

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DumbJon on the Tory Leadership contest: 

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Longrider on the response to eco-loons on the continent: 

"This is precisely how to deal with such behaviour. It is antisocial behaviour and is happening on private property, so the property owner or his security is entitled to remove them. If this is done every time it happens, eventually, they will tire of the game. It only continues here because our authorities are too weak mined to actually do something about it."

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David Thompson chronicles the madness for our delectation...

All These 'Isolated Incidents' Are Starting to Add Up, Kate...

Lincolnshire Police Chief Superintendent Kate Anderson said today: 'Officers were called to the scene of the incident at Fountain Lane, Boston, at around 6.20pm on Thursday.
'A nine-year-old girl sadly died as a result of what we believe to be a stab wound.
'We have arrested two people in connection with the incident.
'We believe this to be an isolated incident.'
Just like all the others. Stay calm, citizens. Go back to work. We're here to protect you from killers. 

When we've ensured no hurty words or problematic images have been shared on social media, and burglars don't face insurmountable challenges as they rob you, of course...

Friday 29 July 2022

Guess Who's Affected Most By Heatwaves..?

Go on, guess!

Bet you got it right!

Researchers at the University of Manchester and Friends of the Earth found one in three people from minority ethnic groups lived in areas most exposed to extreme heat, compared with just one in 12 white people.

Since they mostly hail from countries much hotter, why is this an issue? 

Mike Childs, head of science, policy and research at Friends of the Earth, said: “Extreme heatwaves will be more frequent and severe as the planet warms. While the UK and Europe are suffering with 40C heat, parts of India and Pakistan faced temperatures of around 50C earlier this year.
“Our research … shows that the poorest people and people of colour are disproportionately impacted by extreme weather in England. This is true across the UK and internationally. The communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis also have the lowest carbon footprints – they have contributed the least but are being hardest hit by rising global temperatures.”

*rolls eyes* It is, of course, just the beginning of a pitch:

Awareness of the disproportionate impact of climate change must feed into policy, Childs said.
Environmental justice must be at the centre of governments’ climate strategies,” he said.

Backed up with alarmist rhetoric, as they all are these days: 

“Unless carbon emissions are cut drastically, we will face even more health-threatening heatwaves in the UK and large parts of the planet could become unliveable.
“Action is urgently needed to adapt frontline neighbourhoods to cope with extreme weather, with more green spaces and trees for shelter, home insulation to keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer, and air-conditioned community centres for people to get some respite from the heat.”

Anything else? A pony for every Tom, Dick and Harpinder, while you're at it? 

Hey, Met Police, How's That Diversity Drive Going..?

A Metropolitan Police officer who was caught secretly photographing a woman in a Primark changing room before being caught with 'vile' images of children has been give a suspended sentence.
Swaleh Chaudhry, 36, spied on his victim while she was changing her trousers before she spotted his camera at the changing room in Wandsworth on March 30.
Following his arrest, a search of his Wandsworth home uncovered devices with hundreds of pornographic images and videos of children and animals.
Oh, OK, never mind...

Thursday 28 July 2022

One Is Coincidence, Two Is Happenstance...

...yeah, I think we all know the rest, don't we?
The news sparked fury from the Campaign Against Antisemitism, who said it was 'beyond belief' that prosecutors had decided to drop the case.
A spokesman said: 'This incident was caught on video that went viral, with plenty of witnesses on the plane, including Ryanair cabin crew.
'It is beyond belief that sufficient evidence cannot be amassed to establish jurisdiction and that potential culprits are free to go without sanction.
'This is the third time in almost as many months that the CPS has dropped or reduced charges against suspects in high-profile anti-Semitic hate crime incidents, and members of the Jewish community are writing to us in indignation.'

Well, quite! How do the CPS wriggle out of this one?

A spokesman said: 'Following a careful review of all the available evidence, we concluded there was insufficient evidence to prove that the alleged offences took place in British airspace and therefore within remit of our courts.'

It's not like planes are tracked to within an inch by radar is it? 'Air Crash Investigation'? No, never heard of the show....  

'The CPS takes racism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism in sport extremely seriously because of the devastating impact it has on victims and wider society.
'Where there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest, we will prosecute these cases. We are working with sporting bodies and the police to advise them on the evidence required to build strong cases so that offenders can be brought to justice.'

You want them to do your job for you? Well, why not? They couldn't do much worse... 

You'd Have To Be Intoxicated... kick the end with the teeth

The British Transport Police spoke highly of PD Frankie's efforts on the night and took to Facebook to detail the events that took place.
The Facebook post reads: "Great work PD Frankie. Busy #NightShifts for PD Frankie.
"Firstly she detained a burglar hiding in #SouthLondon & last night when dealing with a violent male at #ManorPark, she was repeatedly kicked in the head. This didn't deter her and she swiftly dealt with him & he was subsequently arrested! #gofranks. 
"The suspect was arrested for causing unnecessary suffering under the #AnimalWelfareAct, in addition to a number of other offences."

Extra Bonio if the scum can't walk for six weeks! 

Wednesday 27 July 2022

Have You Never Heard Of 'Alterations' Then..?

Students at the Stanway School, in Winstree Road, Colchester, were subjected to an “informal” uniform check which reportedly left some pupils feeling violated.

Blimey! Uniform checks? Did they make them strip in the corridor, or something?

One fuming mother says some of the girls involved protested against the measuring but said their objections were disregarded.

What were they checking, knicker elastic? Bra cup size? 

Would you believe....skirts?

Speaking anonymously, she said: “The teachers said if the skirts were shorter from the knee to their access cards then they would have to buy a new skirt.
“Most of the girls’ skirts were not rolled up and just fitted normally, but they had their blazers pulled back so the teachers could get to them.”

Oh noes! The humiliation of having your blazer pulled back! Call the UN and the ECHR! 

“My daughter was almost crying; she suffers with anxiety (Ed: probably caught it from her neurotic mother...) as it is and was left shaking and distraught about the whole situation - I was disgusted when she told me.
“Young women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes and those with small waists, like my daughter, cannot have a skirt that fits both their waist and reaches their knee.”

Yes, of course she can. She takes them to a seamstress, like I do when I buy a skirt that's a lovely fit for waist and hips, but too long for my liking. 

Sheesh! What the hell is wrong with parents these days? 

Suicide By Cop Naturist

A man who was shot dead by an elderly naturist after allegedly performing a sex act in front of a woman on a nudist beach in France was already known to the police, it has emerged.

Seems the French cops are as useless as our own when it comes to the mentally ill causing trouble... 

The 46-year-old exhibitionist was gunned down at 'La Mama' beach in the Grand parc Miribel-Jonage on the outskirts of Lyon around 10:30am local time on Saturday morning.
The shooter, a 75-year-old nudist, took umbrage with the man who had shouted insults at the beachgoers and then began pleasuring himself while staring at another woman, according to French police.

Oh dear how sad never mind... 

Keen beachgoers flocked back to the shores this morning to enjoy the weather, seemingly unperturbed by the killing less than 24 hours before, according to Le Progres.

Why should they be perturbed? The place is certainly safer now than before! 

Tuesday 26 July 2022

I Know Our Justice System Is Slow....

...but how come the victim's aged 6 years in just over a month?

A Nigerian senator’s wife accused of plotting to traffic a homeless man into the UK to harvest a kidney for her daughter has been granted bail.
Beatrice Nwanneka Ekweremadu, 55, together with her husband Ike Ekweremadu, 60, allegedly trafficked the 21-year-old to London from the streets of Lagos in order to harvest his organ.
They are accused of plotting to traffic him to transplant his organs to their daughter who suffers from kidney failure.
How is he suddenly 21? He was just 15 when they were first arrested!

Just One...?

It's a criminal, not a Cornetto!
Essex Police have made one arrest following road disruption by protesters on the M25 throughout today (Wednesday, July 20).
Road users have been left stranded in miles of congestion after members of the Just Stop Oil campaign demonstrated on the gantry above the road near to the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge that links Essex and Kent. It resulted in the M25 having to be closed between Junctions 30 and 31 shortly after 11am.
Serious delays have been felt all the way back into Essex, stretching as far back as Junction 28 (Brentwood).

And why only one arrest, then? What do you have to say for yourselves? 

Chief Inspector Anna Granger said: “I want to thank the public for their patience and understanding while we dealt with this incident. We are well prepared for incidents of disruption on our roads and to keep Essex moving, and we enacted these quickly. This was a challenging incident to resolve due to its nature but we resolved it as quickly and safely as possible.

The public aren't impressed. As well they might not be: 

 If this is what Essex Police think they are 'well prepared for', what would it look like if they weren't, I wonder..?

H/T: IanJ via email 

Monday 25 July 2022

But It Was Your Only Good Song, Pat...

Singer Pat Benatar said she will stop performing her song Hit Me With Your Best Shot in light of...


...recent mass shootings in the US.

Well, that just leaves 'Love Is A Battlefield' ... until someone has a word with you about that whole situation in the Ukraine, eh? 

“Fans are having a heart attack and I’m like, I’m sorry,” Benatar, who is in the middle of a US summer tour, said. “I tell them, if you want to hear the song, go home and listen to it. [The title] is tongue-in-cheek, but you have to draw the line.”
“I can’t say those words out loud with a smile on my face, I just can’t. I’m not going to go on stage and soapbox – I go to my legislators – but that’s my small contribution to protesting,” Benatar said. “I’m not going to sing it. Tough.

I guess fans might as well just stay home altogether. The sound's better, it's cheaper and you've got enough money, right, Pat? 

Look Who's In Trouble Yet Again...

The fugitive son of a police sergeant is still being hunted three days after a court ordered his arrest over an assault.

'Fugitive son of a police officer, eh...? Surely not

Despite holding a warrant for his immediate detention, police have been unable to find 20-year-old Max Coopey who skipped bail and failed to appear in court on an assault charge on Tuesday.

God, I hope his parents put up the bail, and will now be liable! 

It was expected that officers from Thames Valley Police would go to the Coopey family’s £1 million home in The Burlings, Ascot, Berks. However, a spokesman for the Wimbledon court said today that Coopey had still not been found and arrested.
I smell a rat.

Sunday 24 July 2022

Oh, Pussy, Oh Pussy Cat..!

What happens when the software auto-fills a word that follows 'kitty' into a cross-reference headline on the front page of today's Daily Telegraph -- and not one member of the editorial staff noticed. 

H/T: Neil McCarthy via email



H/T: Stephen Brown via email

Sunday Funnies...

There you go again, archaeologists, destroying all my fantasies...

Saturday 23 July 2022

"But Not Those Pesky Traffic Officers..."

Henry declined to answer questions outside Nottingham Magistrates' Court on whether she would resign from her position.
Henry was captured over the speed limit twice near a primary school in Daybrook, Nottingham, as well as roads in Chilwell, Beeston and on the city's A610.
Speed cameras clocked the PCC's speed as high as 40mph in a 30mph zone, with other excess speeds recorded at 35mph and 38mph. Henry was caught in 30mph zones at four locations in Nottingham in March, May and June last year.
It says a lot for the power of Mercedes and Lexus engines that they could reach those speeds with her in the driving seat...
The judge dismissed Henry's application to keep her driving licence due to 'exceptional hardship'.
Use JustEat in future, love.

Gosh, What Could Possibly Be The Reason For This?

Police forces in the UK and across Europe are suffering from a growing “culture of extremism”, according to a report that warns of an increase in officers sharing racist and far-right content online.
In France, Belgium, Germany and Hungary former high-ranking police officers have become extreme-right mayoral and parliamentary candidates.

Could it be because they are sick and tired of seeing the pandering that goes on to feral 'communities' and have decided to do something about it? 

In the UK, a series of recent cases involving the Metropolitan police have further damaged the reputation of a force long accused of being “institutionally racist”. They include officers sharing images on WhatsApp of two murdered black sisters. Another group of officers, at a central London station, were found to have joked about rape, killing black children and beating their wives.

Those officers were dealt with under existing Professional Standards guidelines. Are the authors of this report saying that the example of a few means the majority are wrong 'uns? 

Because with Telford and Rochdale once again in the headlines for child abuse in certain 'communities', that's a bit dangerous, isn't it? 

The report also warns that the “thin blue line” avatar and hashtag are still seen on the Twitter feeds of police officers, including a safer neighbourhood team in London, and they have been observed on the uniforms of officers in Manchester.
In the US, the thin blue line avatar and “blue lives matter” movement are associated with white nationalism, with serving and retired officers implicated in the Capitol Hill siege.

This isn't the US. It's Britain. And I didn't see the authors of this report getting out of bed to criticise the flying of Pride flags, did you Reader? 

Fekete warned that the thin blue line had become a “besieged and misunderstood minority group” with a proliferation of victim narratives that represent rank-and-file officers as the aggrieved party in debates on police racism and use of force.

Because they often are! Can an 'aggrieved party' no longer speak out about what they feel aggrieved about, Fekete? Because there goes a hell of a lot of the progressive press... 

The report also warns of a link between racist attitudes and operational practice, particularly in relation to predictive policing and racial profiling. Last December, concerns were raised about the Met’s Operation Pima in which 61% of individuals identified within intelligence reports as the “most prolific or violent offenders” in London were black.

Ah, once again, unfortunate reality leaps out from a dark alley waving a knife and demanding you hand over the evidence, Fekete... 

Friday 22 July 2022

Yes, Sometimes People Do Make Mistakes... our so-called 'justice system' most of all.
Victoria McInerney caused thousands of pounds of damage when she smashed into a set of traffic lights on a main road in the early hours before falsely claiming that a thief had been behind the wheel. She punched the air with delight after walking free from court over the incident today, Tuesday.
The sales director and pilates studio owner was also allowed to keep her driving licence.

Wait, what?  

Michael Scholes, defending, told the court that his client acts as a carer for several family members and has a history of physical and mental health problems. He also described her as 'hard-working, responsible and well thought of young woman'.

Past tense, presumably? 

Mr Scholes added: 'There was a significant degree of brain fog. The extremely bad decision taken is so out of character that it suggests there must have been other factors beyond simply wanting to avoid responsibility.
'She is in a position to make reparations. It's entirely reasonable to suggest she will not trouble the courts again and she has the potential for a productive future.
'She is just the last person you would expect to see before the courts for this type of offence. Sometimes people make mistakes, and some mistakes have more serious consequences than others.'


Sentencing, Judge Louise Brandon said: 'You deliberately provided false information to the police, and you did so in circumstances where you must have mulled it over before you did it. You caused valuable resources to be wasted when they could have been used elsewhere.
'It's clear you are someone who is held in high regard by anyone who knows you. You are of impeccable and positive good character.
'You deeply regret what you did. In panic, you didn't think through the consequences of your actions.'

But I thought she'd 'mulled it over', Louise? 

'You have had time to reflect and taken responsibility. I accept there were other factors in play, and that it was not all about wanting to avoid responsibility.'

She has only 'taken responsibility' because they had her bang to rights on CCTV... 

'Offences of this nature undermine the very nature of the criminal justice system.'

Not as much as judges like you letting people like her off... 

'But I very much doubt that we will be seeing you in this court again. You have never been before the courts before, and you don't pose a risk to the public in my judgement.'

The next time she gets behind the wheel sozzled, is it too much to hope it's one of the judge's friends or relatives in the path of her vehicle?  

Perfectly Understandably, Andreas...

Museum director Andreas Beitin said: 'We thought that flies didn’t come under the Animal Welfare Act.'
You'd have to be insane to treat them as anything other than revolting disease-bearing pests, after all. Rather like, say, art directors.
The RSPCA slammed the 'so-called "art exhibition"' and said: 'There would be national outcry if such an exhibition involved any other animal – such as a dog.'
Well, yes. But it didn't.

Thursday 21 July 2022

Let's Stop This 'One Bite Allowed' Nonsense...

A woman's whose dog attacked a postman has been ordered to keep her pet muzzled and on a lead in public.

Why? Why isn't the thing destroyed immediately and her fined a huge amount? 

In her police interview the defendant said Roxy has separation anxiety and one of the triggers is shoes.

Wait, there's mitigation for bloody dogs now...?! Christ, defence solicitors will have to work overtime... 

The court heard Roxy has been assessed by a police dog expert.

Ah! A police expert, eh? 

She found the defendant is a responsible dog owner who has Roxy on a lead and ensures she wears a muzzle in public.
She has also bought a new letterbox to ensure postmen do not have to approach the front door. She is having a taller fence fitted and a more secure gate. And a stairgate has been fitted at the front door to prevent Roxy getting out.
Her view was that the defendant is a fit and proper person to have control of a dog and is a responsible dog owner.
She added: "From what I have seen of Roxy she is not a dangerous dog."

The poor bloody victim might have a different opinion, but who cares about him? 

And why is someone allowed to keep an animal that requires that level of security to prevent it harming anyone? 

Paul Kay, mitigating, said the defendant has no previous convictions. She lives on her own with her five-year-old grandson. The front door was open as they were going to the shop. She went in a separate room to put on her shoes.

What, the things that trigger the dog? Oh, FFS! 

But Have You, Amanda..?

It must be time for yet another 'My child spend my money on online games because I didn't bring them up right' story, and right on cue:

"Now some time has passed it's definitely something we look back on as a family and can joke about - she's a lovely girl and I know she's learnt her lesson."

She's a thief. She's old enough to know what she did is wrong. 

She added: "We had lots of tears and lots of apologising to which I replied, 'that's not going to pay the credit card bill though is it Elizabeth’.

Does she get pocket money? Stop it. Does she do chores? Increase them, What does this lily-livered woman do for a living, anyw... 

Amanda, a financial manager...


Wednesday 20 July 2022

And Thanks To Modern Tory Broken Promises...

Travellers last night sang 'we shall not be moved' after storming a former fire station in Hull and putting a 'lock and chain on the gate' stopping anyone else from entering. won't be. Because their promise to make trespass a criminal offence was just another broken one. 
Humberside Fire and Rescue have confirmed they are aware of the 'unauthorised encampment' and working with partner agencies to take relevant action.

The usual sloth and inaction, while the travellers spit in our faces. 

A local resident said: 'Police arrived on the scene immediately but were unable to stop the whole scale takeover of the fire station which is still utilised by the fire department for training and storage.
'Residents were in the street last night, astonished at the ease the travellers gained entrance to the facility with travellers heard singing 'we shall not be moved'.
The police arrived on the scene for an hour before returning to duties.

It's a disgrace.  

Yes, Of Course It Was A Handy Sudden Diagnosis Of 'Autism'...

Paul Rogers, mitigating, said the only thing his client could do was apologise. He said: "He can't change what happened but if he could he would."
Mr Rogers added that he must carry the responsibility of what he has done for "the rest of his life". He said Bassam has since been diagnosed with autism.


...after all, anorexia wouldn't be believed, would it?

Tuesday 19 July 2022

"He's been at it all day rambling on, but never in my life did I think he would go to the school with a meat cleaver."

Another parent, who was the first to call police, said: 'It was an accident waiting to happen. Today he sounded very distressed and he's been using foul language all day. He just sounded incredibly upset and distressed throughout the day.'

Ah, yes, the nutter with the weapon is the real victim here... 

'You could hear and see him from the back garden brandishing knives. My husband who works from home ran down the stairs and said he's on the front going into school with a meat cleaver, and I was just on the phone talking to the police straight away and talking through to them until they got here.'

Some other people weren't prepared to wait for that, and tackled the man.  

'The teachers acted very quickly and got everybody in the school hall, three men were trying to calm him down, but he was very, very agitated and then he moved further in and then it was seven men who were watching what he was doing and then one of them actually wrestled him to the floor.' 

Those men are heroes.  

English As She Is Spoke...

I'm starting to think that the local rags are being staffed by people for whom English might just be a second language. See this howler from the Eastern Daily Press:
"It became clear the broken down boat was been towed by the other and the crew confirmed everyone was safe and happy."


H/T: Dave Ward via email

Monday 18 July 2022

Well, I'll Tell You What I Don't Expect...

Another neighbour, 33, said: 'It is crazy. She is sweet. It was some kind of drive by gone wrong. Someone would not shoot Sue.
'This isn't right. She is 50, when you hear about this kind of thing you would think it would happen to a 17-year-old or something.
'Violence around here is worrying but it is the government's fault...

Wait, what? Did Liz Truss and Jacob Rees Mogg perform a drive by shooting in Brockley, or something? 

...[as] there is no youth centre.'


'When I was growing up there was a youth centre and I would go. Now none of that exists, what do you expect people to do?'


It's Time To Play 'Guess The Breed'!

Collie? Unlikely as they were both young.

German shepherd? Hmm, could be...

Ah. Of course. Yet it looks like a nice house, in a fairly nice area. Why would normal people want creatures like these? Still, at least it wasn't some random child or person in the street this time. 
South Yorkshire Police says two dogs have been seized and removed from the property...

Why weren't they immediatly shot at the scene? Surely your armed cops have had time to go to the range and practice a bit by now? 

The force said neither are considered 'banned breeds' under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

It's time we either stopped considering breed alone, and decided on size, temperament and reputation, or extended that list a hell of a lot... 

H/T: IanJ via email

Saturday 16 July 2022

Spitting In All Our Faces Again....

The vile ringleader of the notorious Rochdale child sex grooming gang has been appointed ‘equalities representative’ at his maximum security jail.
Shabir Ahmed was handed the role in a move branded an ‘insult’ to his victims despite having attempted to blame his crimes on Western society for allowing young girls to ‘parade on the streets’.

I need a new tag, it's no longer 'You couldn't make it up', but 'You don't have to make it up'... 

Sources said the role of equalities representative involved ‘collating’ views from inmates on the same wing and reporting back to prison staff.

Why are they soliciting grievances from these animals?  

Whistleblower Maggie Oliver, who resigned as a detective over failings in how police handled grooming cases in Rochdale, said it was ‘an insult to victims’.

Just one of so very many lately. 

A Prison Service spokesman said last night: ‘This role includes no safeguarding responsibilities and is intended to improve the behaviour of the prisoner.’

The only thing that would do that was, sadly, abolished in 1965. The year I was born. And look how safe and just that's made society... 

No Wonder The NHS Is In Crisis...

Mr Walmsley said Challoner had 20 previous convictions for 46 offences, including multiple cases of stealing cars as well as possession of a knife and assaults.
Michael O'Brien, defending, said his client had been experiencing serious mental health problems and was receiving treatment, including medication, while in prison.He told the court:
"He was clearly suffering from poor mental health at the time of these offences. There's some suggestion the driving and the accident was a suicide attempt, and that has been borne in mind by the mental health liaison team in the prison."

Think how much taxpayer money could have been saved if he'd achieved his aim! 

...the judge referred to Challoner as a "habitual car thief" and said the defendant's mental health issues were "no excuse" for the robbery of Mr Ellis's car and its destruction in the crash.

Well, d'uh! 

Challoner was jailed for 35 months for the robbery with an additional five months for the aggravated vehicle taking, while a six month sentence for possessing the knife was left to run concurrently with the robbery sentence, making a total of 40 months.
He was also disqualified from driving for two years from the date of his release from custody.

And as soon as he's off crutches, he'll go right back to thievery. Why isn't there some other option for persistent recidivists? 

Friday 15 July 2022

Not As Much As It Affected Anthony's Life...

Donna Grant, of Folkestone, struck Covid test delivery driver Anthony Akpeki in the dark, leaving a passer-by to discover his body. The 52-year-old mother is said to have fled from the scene in Dover to her Folkestone home in her wrecked Ford Focus. Grant previously pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving, however she denies having smoked cannabis before the crash.

Just another waste of oxygen who refuses to accept her guilt... 

It was previously ruled she could have a Newton Hearing, a mini-trial at Canterbury Crown Court in which a judge establishes disputed facts. Grant claims cannabis found in her blood the day after the crash was due to her smoking the drug when she arrived home after the incident.

Sure, sure, I expect that's exactly what happened... 

She struck him directly outside Hillbrow on a stretch of road without a pavement, propelling his body into the carehome’s skip, Canterbury Crown Court heard.Following the crash Grant immediately drove her damaged grey hatchback - which had a cracked windscreen and broken headlamp - to her home in Fairway Avenue.
While there, she sent WhatsApp messages to area managers showing the damage, claiming she hit a “green box,” the prosecution said. She would later make searches on her phone for the phrases ‘hit and run Dover’ and ‘body found in Dover,’ said prosecutor Nina Ellin.

Ah, or maybe not. The repair garage skewers that claim... 

Mr Asbury said Grant repeatedly asked if the car was a ‘write-off’ and the interior “stank of cannabis.” There was “cannabis scattered all over the car,” he added.

Is she remorseful? Is she hell: 

“I can’t even recall what police station I was in that day,” she said. “To be told you’ve killed someone, that’s traumatising.
It has affected my life, very much so,” she added, her voice breaking.

The typical lack of remorse coupled with self-pity one expects from the modern day underclass. 

I Didn't Think Someone Like You Could Spell 'Privacy'...

An OnlyFans model, 32, was left 'gobsmacked' after she was arrested and locked up by police for putting rubbish bags next to her bins eight years ago.
Heather Underwood, from Knutton, said a police officer knocked on her door at 9.50am on Thursday and told her she was 'wanted' with a warrant out for her arrest.
'I was shaking, I had no idea what he was talking about,' she said.

Well, she doesn't look like the sharpest knife in the drawer... 

The mother was taken to a custody suite in Stoke on Trent, where she was told that the warrant was from 2014 and related to when she lived in a property in Leek Road and had 'flytipped' by leaving a number of black bin bags next to her rubbish bins.
Ms Underwood was taken from the custody suite to North Staffordshire Justice Centre where she was kept locked in a cell, only to be told at 2.30pm that the case had been discontinued.

What? Why? 

The mother-of-two was been left gobsmacked by the ordeal, calling the arrest 'embarrassing'.
'The most degrading part of it was when I had to use the bathroom and the toilet just had a glass window, I didn't even have any privacy when I went to the bathroom.'

You live your life on social media for money. I'm amazed you even understand the concept. 

Thursday 14 July 2022

Saved By The Bell(ends)...

Flagship plans to clean up the internet may be dropped by the Government, it emerged last night.
The Online Safety Bill had been due to go before MPs next week but has now been removed from the agenda. There will not be time for it to return to the Commons before the autumn – and it could then be ditched entirely if the new prime minister chooses to prioritise other new laws.

Oh dear, how sad, never mind... 

Whitehall sources blamed Labour attempts to hold a confidence vote in the Government for the lack of time available for the Bill, which aims to introduce powers for tech giants to be hit with huge fines if they fail to keep users safe.

Ha ha ha ha! You couldn't make it up, could you? 

The right people are squealing like stuck pigs, of course: 

Campaigners were last night dismayed, with Andy Burrows, of child protection charity the NSPCC, saying: 'The Online Safety Bill is a crucial piece of legislation that is fundamentally about protecting children from harm and abuse that is taking place on an industrial scale on social media.
'Any delay will mean families continue to pay the price for the failure and inaction of tech firms who have allowed harm to fester rather than get their house in order.'

No, mostly, they'll pay the price for not doing any parenting.... 

My Sympathy Is Limited...

Nurses are being banned from drinking water because senior managers wrongly believe it poses an infection risk.
A survey of nurses found almost four in 10 had been forbidden by senior managers from drinking while working in areas like wards.

*shrugs* Crazy rules in hospitals? It's not the first time, is it? It's just the target this time isn't the patients... 

The main reason for nurses not being allowed water, or having their bottles thrown away in their station, is the age-old belief it is against 'infection control policies'.
But no such guidance exists, NHS bosses confirmed today, despite the same issues cropping up every heatwave.
There is no proof drinking water from bottles or cups poses an infection risk.

Well, there's often no proof for whatever the idiots in the NHS top ranks dream up, and I'm afraid it's pretty hard to have one iota of sympathy for people who happily enforce them against the people in their 'care' when it suits. 

One nurse told Nursing Notes, which carried out the poll: 'It seems a bit hypocritical. 'We are told to encourage our patients to stay hydrated, but matron comes around and throws away our water bottles from the nurses' station.'

Did you whine about the 'diet, you unhealthy proles!' advice the NHS dishes out while your colleagues waddled around the wards like ambulatory blimps? No? 

Then why should anyone listen to you now? 

Wednesday 13 July 2022

True Justice Would Look Rather Different, Claire...

Two teenagers who stabbed a rival to death after one of the killers was ‘belittled’ in a Snapchat video have both been jailed for least 25 and a half years.

No, we all know that's just what they've been sentenced to... 

Hussein Al-Saabri, 23, died after he was knifed in the stomach in front of horrified shoppers outside Debenhams in St Anns Shopping Centre in Harrow, northwest London. Rickarlo Williams and Jahni Menzie-Samuels, both 19, were armed with a Rambo knife and a machete when they hacked Mr Al-Saabri in front of horrified onlookers.

Anyone wondering if upbringing played a part, wonder no more: 

Menzie-Samuels’ mother, Karlene Joseph, 43, gave police a false alibi by claiming her son was with her at the time of the stabbings.

She got a paltry sentence, of course. 

Joseph, of Harrow, denied but was convicted of perverting the course of justice. She has already been jailed for two years.

Once again, that should no doubt read 'sentenced to' instead. 

The court heard Williams was ‘effectively a trafficked child’ as part of county lines drug dealing.

Yes, he's the victim here! Good grief! 

Detective chief inspector Claire Hine, Specialist Crime Command [Homicide], said: ‘The level of violence used against all three victims was savage, and tragically it cost Hussain his life. Above all today, my thoughts are with his family and friends.
‘No court result can bring Hussain back, but I hope that these convictions provide some measure of comfort in seeing justice done.’

They've seen nothing of the sort, have they? 

Wonders Will Never Cease!

It seems the heat has gone to everyone's heads:
Around 27 mobile homes parked up at Oakgrove School in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, on Friday evening. They broke open the gate locks and refused entreaties to move on.

So far, so ho hum... 

After a weekend of liaising with the local authority, the headteacher was forced to order the school's 2,000 pupils to study from home yesterday as the premises was deemed 'not safe'.
Then at around 4pm, a volley of police cars swooped on the site, with officers carrying helmets and batons to compel the illegal encampment to move on.
Although most caravans left without protest, two men were arrested by police - who attended the area with specially trained dogs, The Sun reports.


One man led away by police is alleged to have threatened a photographer hours earlier, saying: 'If you put my picture in the papers, I’ll find you. It’s a small world.'

Lovely people. Who wouldn't want them near them? 

TVP's spokesman added: 'Our operation to remove an illegal encampment has concluded with a number of arrests and vehicles seized.'
Conservative MP for Milton Keynes North, Ben Everitt said: 'This is completely unacceptable, children should not lose a school day because they can't access their site.
'It's disruptive to their education, but it's also disruptive to parents and local businesses.
'I'm pleased that the police took it really seriously.'

Me too, Ben, me too. But mostly I'm pleasantly surprised, and that doesn't happen often these days... 

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Did You Expect Your Son Would 'Go Like This' At The Hands Of Someone Of His Own Race, Then?

The mum of a schoolboy who was fatally stabbed has called for 'trial juries to be diverse to avoid racial bias.'
She told how she is 'still seeking justice' after her son's killer was jailed for manslaughter.

Hmmm...oh. This case. 

"I didn't get any justice. I feel so upset about it. It feels like Dea-John has been killed once more," Joan told BirminghamLive.
"Someone was chasing my son with a knife, stabbing and killing them. How can that be? Dea-John didn't do anything. He was running away for his life and how can he be a threat to him?
"I don't expect my son should go like this. I sat in the trial for six-weeks and thought I would get justice, but there was no justice."

Given he was - as almost always these days! - no angel, the only real surprise here is that he wasn't killed by someone of his own race: 

Dea-John was part of a group who tried to take a bag from a 16-year-old on parkland.

But of course, the usual suspects see an opportunity: 

A protest march is planned starting at Twickenham Park, on College Road, in Kingstanding, from 1pm, on Saturday, July 9.
Bishop Desmond Jaddoo:"That jury did not reflect Birmingham. The city is a black and Asian majority city."

And it's a byword for peace and brotherly love as a result, eh? 

Don't You Have Any Detectives, Essex Police?

Mr Chaplin, 80, lost one of his two Labradors last year and to cheer him up his daughter Anita Ayres had bought him a new puppy named Troy for his birthday. The two dogs were "his whole world" after his wife died 10 years ago and walked them on the beach at Grays regularly.

Oh, god, you know what's coming, don't you? 

George Chaplin was bitten on the arm as he tried to stop a stranger's dog from crushing his puppy's skull in its jaws at Grays Beach, Essex, at the weekend.
Unfortunately, he was unable to save the puppy, and it passed away by the time he was able to reach the vet.

Poor man...and of course, typical response from the irresponsible bitch on the other end of the killer's leash: 

He was approached by a woman who had a white English Bull Terrier on a lead. The woman initially chatted to him, before he opened the door to the car. Out jumped Troy and, according to Anita, the terrier immediately seized the puppy with its head in its jaws. The owner was allegedly struggling to control the dog and so Mr Chaplin went to intervene, only to be bitten on the arm.
When the dog finally let Troy go the owner apologised before walking off, leaving Mr Chaplin to get the bleeding puppy to a vet. Sadly, by the time they reached one Troy was already dead and Mr Chaplin needed hospital treatment for the bite on his arm.

His daughter has done what we pay the police to do, probably because if she didn't, they wouldn't: 

Anita has been appealing far and wide on social media for information about the attack and so far her post has been shared by over 2,700 people on Facebook. Thanks to this support she has been able to pass on some information to police.
Essex Police said: "We received a call reporting a puppy had died after being bitten by another dog on Grays Beach at around 7am on Saturday, June 18. We need anyone who saw anything or has any footage to contact us quoting incident 538 of June 18."

Utterly useless... 

Monday 11 July 2022

Newsflash, Chris: 'Down The Road' Is Out Of Range!

A police force using electric vehicles is struggling to respond to crime because the batteries keep going flat, a Police and Crime Commissioner said.

Oh, well, it's probably one or two show vehicles, so...


Gloucestershire Constabulary has the largest full electric fleet in the UK, making up 21% of their 435 vehicles.


PCC Chris Nelson said while "we've all got to go towards electric vehicles moving forwards," the force has the largest fleet by percentage size and "that has brought its problems".
"The design options available for electric vehicles for operational uses are not perhaps as advanced as I would like them to be."
He added that he was "cautious about going any further down that road at this stage".

Well, yes, if there's no charging station at the end of it, no wonder! 

H/T: Ian J via email

Ah, The Familiar Words...

In the video, a woman is seen pulling on her dog's leash in a desperate attempt to free it, but the other pet's jaws remain firmly locked around its eyes and nose area.
Passersby slowly come to a halt as they watch the horrifying scene unfolding in front of them.
The pet is abruptly released after around 15 seconds, while a woman affiliated with the other dog says: "He's never done that, ever."

Right, right.... 

Social media users reacted to the clip, with one posting: "I love dogs but it can't be coincidental that it's always pit bulls and dogs similar to that breed that are involved in these situations."
Another wrote: "Guess the dog breed", while a third questioned: "Why do people have these breed of dogs?"

Because they have a lower IQ than the mutt at the end of the lead. Mind you, they are usually geniuses compared to those empliyed to keep us safe from having our pets mauled as we walk down the street: 

There have been no arrests so far and enquiries continue, said the Metropolitan Police.

Utterly useless. 

Saturday 9 July 2022

A Worthless And Vicious Brute At Both Ends Of The Lead...

The judge jailed Armstrong for 20 months. He also made a destruction order for the dog, saying it was for the safety of the public.
He said: "An experienced dog handler has found that the dog cannot be socialised and remains unpredictable and aggressive. Mr Henderson says the dog cannot be rehomed."

Sadly, the justice system doesn't make the same judgement about the owner: 

When Armstrong was arrested, he told police that the woman had "provoked his dog by grabbing hold of his face and kissing him on the lips." (Ed: Unsurprisingly, Reader, that's a lie..,) A probation officer who spoke with Armstrong reported that he was "completely unrepentant" over what had happened.
The court heard that Bruce had got out of the garden and injured a 10-year-old girl six months earlier. The girl was left with a scratch to her elbow and Armstrong told police that his lodger had let the dog out.

So, once again, the ridiculous attitude that a dog is allowed 'one bite' is to blame for the subsequent victim's injury. If the beast had been destroyed then and there, this wouldn't have happened. 

Armstong, of Cornwall Street in Hartlepool, pleaded guilty to owning a dog dangerously out of control, at a hearing on May 26. The court heard that he had then failed to turn up for two further court hearings and had failed to surrender to custody on June 22. A warrant was issued for his arrest and he was remanded into custody at HMP Doncaster.

Why isn't his sentence increased on the basis he's a scofflaw? 

This Is The Sort Of 'Thought Policing' We Want!

Ademola Adedeji, 19, and three friends from Moston in north Manchester were each sentenced on Friday to eight years in prison for conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm.
They were jailed for taking part in a private group chat on the Telegram messaging app a few days after the murder of one of their friends.
Kids of Colour, a youth justice organisation which organised the march and the mentoring offer, said the case showed evidence of “thought policing”.

And for once, not the 'thought policing' we've become used to. This was actually the sort we want and need to see. Where they don't just think it, they actually commit to it in text messages!  

It said innocent young people had been criminalised for sending immature messages in the throes of grief, messages which were misinterpreted as proof of violent intent.

'They're good boys, they dint do nuffin'..!' 

Right, right. It's all a misinterpretation, then? They didn't have any intention of carrying ou...


Most of the 10 young men attended the same school in Moston. They were convicted of plotting violent revenge for the killing of their friend — a 16-year-old aspiring rapper called Alexander John Soyoye, who performed drill music under the name “MD”.
None of those named as targets in the Telegram chat were hurt, though three of the defendants went on to violently attack two other boys using machetes and a car as a weapon.

Ooops! So much for that, then...! 

The public gallery was packed with their friends and family members who sobbed as sentences of eight years were handed down, with one boy’s father shouting: “Racists!”

It's a strange sort of 'racist' justice system that expends so much time and effort and public money to provide justice to the family of a murdered black boy, don't you think?

And no, for once, this isn't the joint enterprise that the usual suspects are so keen on aboilishing. It's an older bit of legislation: 

The case was tried under conspiracy legislation, which came into law long before the age of mobile phones and social media. It has similarities with crimes prosecuted as “joint enterprise”, a common law doctrine where an individual can be jointly convicted of the crime of another, if the court decides they foresaw that the other party was likely to commit that crime.
But the judge stressed: “The defendants were not in a joint enterprise; they were each principal parties playing a full role in committing the offence of a criminal conspiracy either to kill others or to intentionally cause them grievous bodily harm.”

And now they are quite rightly facing the consequences. 

Friday 8 July 2022

See, Here's Where You're Going Wrong...

The Staffie was captured and taken away from the scene in the back of a police van.

Should have been in the boot of a police car in a body bag because armed officers (but preferably not a visiting Gloucestershire cop!)) despatched it at the scene... 

A spokesman for the force said: “We were called to Warbreck Drive in Blackpool at 11.41am yesterday (June 28) to reports of a dog attacking another dog.
“One woman was taken to hospital with minor injuries to her hand. The dog has been seized and enquiries are ongoing.”

'Minor'..? Far from it!

One of the women was taken to Royal Preston Hospital and will require surgery. Her daughter said: “It was a traumatic state of events for all. She has severe injuries to her hands and is currently being cared for at Royal Preston Hospital, but is in good spirits.
"She is being admitted to RPH and will be having surgery tonight or tomorrow.”
The dachshund, Daphne, was taken to the vets in a critical condition and underwent emergency surgery to save her life. She is expected to undergo further surgery today.

Why do the cops automatically lie?  

Better Go Back To The Range...

A driver was left "appalled" by the way that a wounded deer was put down by firearms officers on the M5 this morning.
The deer was reportedly shot by police on a motorway slip road at junction 11 in Gloucestershire today (Friday, June 10), after it had been hit by a vehicle.

Oh. Typical townie snowflake, I suppose..? 

According to a witness, police blocked off the junction at around 7am before a firearms officer fired his weapon five times over a period of several minutes to put down the animal.

Five times..?! 

 "Gloucestershire Police Fireams officer at your service, ma'am...."

A spokesperson for Gloucestershire Police said that the animal was "put down in the most humane way possible".

Here. Think you might need this:


Thursday 7 July 2022

Fool Me Once, Shame On You...

...fool me many many times, and you must call me 'Your honour':

...her lawyer persuaded a judge to free her by claiming she was ''sorry'' about her behaviour and had given up drinking.
Newall was arrested in March after having a homophobic rant against a police officer, while she was being taken to a police station. The mum then verbally abused every other officer when she was about to be placed in cells. During her rampage, Newall head butted the clear plastic Perspex of a police van and spat on the floor telling one PC: ''I am going to smash your head off, you f***ing grass, you f***ing grassing bastard. You are f***ing dead."


Inquiries revealed she had a string of previous convictions and had previously been to jail for assaulting a police officer.
At Sefton Magistrates Court, Newall faced up to six months in jail after she pleaded guilty to two charges of using threatening, abusive, insulting words or behaviour to cause harassment alarm, or distress.

Yeah, right... 

But she was given a 18-month community order including a six-month alcohol rehabilitation programme after saying she had a "multiplicity of problems” and was getting treatment for her heavy drinking.
District Judge James Clarke said: 'This is an opportunity. If you throw this away you only have yourself to blame.”

And you, James, for giving her the opportunity... 

It's Called 'Consequences', Vicky...

...and it's about time you and the rest of the eco-loons faced them:
A fuel price protester arrested after taking part in a 'go slow' demonstration which caused gridlock on the Severn Bridge has moaned about the state of her police cell.
Vicky Stamper - who was one of the 12 drivers arrested on Monday after slowing traffic on the M4 between England and Wales - claims she was kept in custody by Gwent Police for 11 hours. The former HGV driver, from Cwmbran, South Wales, claims the police cell was squalid 'with blood up the walls and sick over the toilet'. 

She also claims she was slapped with a £150 charge to get her car back after it was seized by officers during the protests.

Ha ha ha ha ha!  

Ms Stamper, who said she recently lost her job as a HGV driver due to the rising fuel costs, was told she must pay £150 to get her car back, rising by £21 each day she failed to pay, she claimed.
'If I paid that I wouldn't be able to do any shopping for two weeks - I would have to go without food so my 16-year-old son can eat,' Mrs Stamper said.

Looking at the state of you, I don't really think that's the bad idea that you seem to think it is...

But then, clearly, you aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer, eh? 

She later phoned Gwent Police on Tuesday morning to complain. She said: 'I said I'd like to report my car stolen. They said, "Right, do you have any idea who it was?" I told them, "Yeah I know exactly who it was". They said "who" and I said, "You lot."
'I told them they'd taken it off my partner who was more than capable and insured to drive it home. He ended up paying £16 for a taxi from Magor services.
Eventually the police hung up on me.'

The 'Daily Mail' will clearly lap up your sob story, though.  

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Rewatchable TV July: Life On Mars

TV doesn't get better than this - a show apparently meant by the creators to carry the message 'Look at how our modern progressive police force fares in comparision to these dinosaurs!' and the viewing public immediately took to...the dinosaurs! Big time.

Beautifully played by the leads, it spawned a sequel set in the 80s (Oh, the nostaligia!) and held its own against all comers, never outstaying its welcome. 

Here's to you, Gene, how we need you to fire up the Qauttro in these troubled times... 

Justice Has No Meaning Anymore...

Two teenage brothers who savagely beat a dad with logs as he tried to protect a schoolboy can be named for the first time after a judge lifted reporting restrictions.
Archie and George Tilley were jailed for 12 years for a remorseless, sustained, vicious and frenzied group attack which shattered the skull of former carer Alan Willson, 47.
Their attack following a row over a frisbee continued when Mr Willson was bloodied, incapacitated and on the ground, a judge said. Their identities can now be revealed following an application by journalists.

And what lovely specimens they are too... 


George Tilley was only 13-years-old and brother Archie 14 when they attacked Mr Willson with a force Her Honour Judge Christine Henson QC described as beyond the comprehension of most people.

Sadly, it's not. We see it so very often. 

Mr Willson was in hospital for three months. Asked about his recovery, wife Annie Willson said: “He has recovered as much as he’s going to.
“He will never speak again. He has no mental capacity although it fluctuates. He is continent but not always.
“He is the most frustrated person I’ve ever seen because on the days when he has capacity, he knows what he wants to say but he can’t say it.”

Even if they served every day of what they were sentenced to, and we know they won't, they'll still be young men when they come out. I ask you, is this justice? 

You're A Bit Late, Andover...

Plans for a ‘landmark’ sculpture and other artistic additions in Picket Twenty have been submitted for consideration. The application, put forward by Test Valley Borough Council’s own arts officer, Faye Perkins, is primarily for a 9.7 metre ‘torch’ sculpture inspired by the Olympic tradition.

I thought councils were strapped for cash? Clearly not, if they can afford Arts Officers! 

And did no one tell her the UK Olympics were in 2012? 

In addition, the authority is looking to install a series of ‘hoop’ sculptures in the Picket Twenty play area.The colourful hoop arches would range in height up to 2.8 metres and be installed in the green spaces, in particular Picket Twenty Play Park and Turnpike Road Play Park. They are said to represent the fun of children’s games, as well as sports where hoops are used for physical fitness and rhythmic gymnastics.

And how much is that going to cost the Andover ratepayers? 

H/T: Ian J via email

Tuesday 5 July 2022

Another Day, Another NHS Failure...

A doctor who killed a mother-of-three during a botched bone marrow biopsy left another patient permanently disabled three years earlier while carrying out the same treatment.

Ho hum, so run of the mill... 

Dr Isyaka Mamman, 85...

Wait. What? 

...previously left a patient disabled with mobility difficulties in another bone marrow biopsy. The NHS trust he worked for later admitted liability when the patient sued for damages. Dr Mamman was previously suspended by medical watchdogs for lying about his age.


He was sacked but then re-employed by the Royal Oldham Hospital, where he was responsible for a series of critical incidents before the fatal appointment, Manchester Crown Court was told. The doctor had also used various dates of birth and left his previous job because of 'poor performance'.

So what's the issue over his age? 

...his 'true age' is a matter of 'controversy', the court heard, as his birthplace in rural Nigeria had no system of birth registration.
During his medical training he gave a date of birth of September 16 1936, which meant that he was 21 years old when he began his medical training and 81 at the time of the fatal hospital incident.
But he knocked years off his age by adopting a birth date in 1941, provided to the NHS, suggesting he began his medical degree at the age of 16.
However, in about 2001 and approaching what was then the compulsory retirement age of 65, Dr Mamman adopted an even later birth date - October 1947 - which he relied upon in an application for naturalisation as a British citizen - suggesting he started his degree course at the age of 10.

It utterly beggars belief, doesn't it? Can no-one in the NHS count..? 

Dr Mamman had left his previous employment with the Medway Trust because of 'poor performance', and in 2015 a formal complaint was made to the Oldham hospital when a patient complained he used 'excessive force' during a bone marrow biopsy. The patient was told that Dr Mamman was in his 70s and his colleagues thought he should retire but they could not dismiss him purely because of his age. They were assured he would be put on light duties in future.

Can no one in the NHS tell the truth, either..? 

Michael Hayton, mitigating, said it was clear Dr Mamman was a 'failing' doctor and he should not have been allowed to continue treating patients. He added: 'He is not the only person at fault. He should not have been allowed to be in the position he was.
'There's a grotesque catalogue of failings by the trust from 2015.'

Keep clapping for them, people... 

Tell Us Again How It's 'Racism' That Makes You Persona Non Grata...

A site usually used for community events was left covered in rubbish following a seven-day unauthorised encampment by a group of travellers.
A group camped on Mosterton village green, just off the A3066 in the village centre.
They had all vacated the site by Wednesday, June 15 after being told to leave by police, leaving a trail of waste in their wake.

The accumulated rubbish filled two skips... 

One local, who wanted to remain anonymous, said:"After their arrival, the police visited on three occasions to reassure residents they were doing what they could."

Did they check all the vehicles were taxed and insured and had MoTs? Did they inspect the waste to see if there was any identifying information? Did they drive past on a regular basis, late ay night, to ensure the residents felt safer? 

I think we know the answer, don't we, Reader? 

Monday 4 July 2022

Well, Yes, And..?



... ok, who could possibly argue that this is wrong? 

I mean, you'd have to be an utter mouth-breating, room temperature IQ moron to not realise this. Or perhaps a deeply cynical opportunist who sees a chance for self-aggrandising publicity.

Yesterday, Labour MP Jess Phillips – who is campaigning for justice for the 21 killed in the 1974 Birmingham pub bombings, said it was ‘crass and insensitive’ to compare the seriousness of rape with murder.

Oh. Turns out it's 'both'. 

Signs And Portents...

I took my mother to her GP for a blood pressure check at the weekend - not that we saw a GP, the practice nurse did it - and this is one of the plethora of hectoring signs that greeted us as we sat waiting...

If I'd had a pen, I might have added 'If they stopped gossiping to each other while the surgery phone rings fruitlessly they might stand a better chance of overhearing something...' while we were waiting. 

But the utter arrogance of feeling entitled to put up a sign that basically says 'If you dare clue any new patients into what a lousy service we provide, home you go!' is breathtaking, isn't it?

Sunday 3 July 2022

'I', Not 'E'....


H/T: David Bain via email

Errrr, No.

I might take the 'Mail's' periodic fits of anti-hunting rhetoric more seriously....

...if they could at least correctly identify the wildlife they don't want people to shoot!

Sunday Funnies...

Let's go through, they might be better than this one...

Saturday 2 July 2022

See Where All Your Grovelling Gets You..?

Pride in London says uniformed officers should not march in the parade, following calls from LGBTQ+ campaigners to bar them due to Scotland Yard’s “homophobic” handling of the investigation into the serial killer Stephen Port.
Tatchell said: “While there are many good officers, and they are welcome to march in civilian clothes, Pride needs to challenge the police as an institution, otherwise they will never reform.”

Awww, but all those Pride flags flown from police HQs! All those multicoloured police cars! Was it all for nothing, then?

Yes. Of course it was. You can't appease fanatics. You should never try. Because if you give an inch, they then start eying up the mile: 

The Gay Liberation Front, which organised the first Pride march in 1972, has also signed an open letter calling for an end to not only police taking part in the parade but also patrolling the march.

Ha ha ha ha! Have you learned your lesson now, cops? 

A spokesperson for the National Police Chiefs’ Council said: “Taking part in Pride is important for LGBTQ+ colleagues within policing. It allows LGBTQ+ people to see that they are represented in the police service and it is an excellent public engagement opportunity where we can promote safety messages, understand community concerns and recruit from diverse communities.”

Guess not.